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If this happens, our refrigerator mold can develop and you become an unhealthy place for storing food.

It's a basic editor. The copy must be fundamental and not too difficult. Don't use a rich vocabulary or set too many technical terms in your copy. Never be too complicated for follow.From this important railway junction, trains come and go regularly to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mthatha, Kimberley, Johannesburg, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

paving the way for a three-way battle with Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and Ali Azmina. The former president of a group of Muslim students, PKPIM, is considered the leader of a faction within the party formed by former leaders The new version of iTunes, 10, arrived. Think Apple sells its products as Christmas gifts and back to school supplies, many are likely to be sold.

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The Monster Mash Song, Plus 3 Video Mash-Ups Your Kids Will Love

The Monster Mash Song is one of my absolute favorite things about Halloween (followed closely by nonstop playings of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and of course the candy). The song by Bobby “Boris” Pickett was released in 1962 (listen closely, and you hear him say at one point, “Tell them Bobby sent you”), and it's become one of the world’s most beloved Halloween songs for kids.

Pickett was actually an aspiring actor who improvised the “Mash” bit at a performance while doing a Boris Karloff impression. It was such a hit that he developed it into its own song.

Read on for links to the song plus 3 fun “Monster Mash” videos.

Listen to a preview of the song on Last.fm, where you can also buy an MP3, and check out the lyrics here – but for the best Halloween fun, check out these 3 videos. The 1st one is great for little kids. The second one is a bit scarier, perhaps for tweens. And the third is probably best for teens.

Happy Halloween!

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Obama On The Daily Show

When a sitting president of the US comes on your show, you've arrived. What was perhaps the most surprising part of President Obama's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, was how comfortable it all seemed.

The interview was fairly standard, polite, a couple of jokes. Obama seemed more relaxed than Stewart at times, but there was no sense of anyone being that surprised that a President would appear on a comedy show. It's a tribute to how our times have changed, and a tribute to the growing influence on Mr. Stewart himself.

As if to illustrate that, at one point Stewart said that the President's health care reform seemed, "timid." Obama replied this way:

Obama: And this is — Jon, I love your show, but —

Stewart: Very kind of you!

Obama: — but this is something where, you know, I've a profound disagreement with you and — I do not want to lump you in with a lot of other pundits — but —

And then Obama goes on to defend his health care reform as anything but timid. But it's that remark, "I don't want to lump you in with a lot of other pundits," that shows just how much the landscape has changed when a comedian is taken just as seriously as other pundits. And with Stewart's rally this weekend an obvious echo of Glen Beck's rally last month, it seems that the difference between pundit and entertainer is trending towards zero.

Perhaps the funniest moment of the interview was when pressed on why he had brought in former Clinton economic adviser Larry Summers, Obama defended his performance saying, "In fairness, Larry Summers did a heckuva job."

Stewart quickly jumped in, "You do not want to use that phrase, dude." Referring to President George W. Bush saying that to the head of FEMA during Katrina. And possible the 1st time a sitting president has been called "dude" during an interview.

And Obama looked back, "Pun intended."

The only possible news that came out of it, if it's news, was certainly a signal from Obama that he's in favor of the "nuclear option." Saying at one point "I'll tell you that there are a couple of things that have changed in our politics that are gonna have to be fixed. One is the way the filibuster operates. As I said, that's just not in the Constitution." That seems a pretty clear telegraph that there may be some rules changes in the Senate after the election, or at least Obama would like some.

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Lakers 112, Rockets 110: Shannon Brown, Steve Blake Key Furious Laker Comeback

Reserve guards Shannon Brown and Steve Blake keyed a second-half run by the Los Angeles Lakers, leading them to a 112-110 victory over the Houston Rockets on opening night at Staples Center. There were 4 lead changes in the final min, with the final lead coming courtesy of a three-pointer by Blake with 18.8 seconds remaining. The Lakers are 17-2 in their last nineteen opening nights.

The Lakers trailed for most of the nighttime, and the Houston lead swelled to 15 midway through the 3rd quarter. That's when the Laker bench mounted a comeback.

The Lakers trailed 82-71 with 1:47 remaining in the 3rd quarter, but Steve Blake hit two three-pointers to end the 3rd quarter with the Lakers only down by 5 points. Brown hit four three-pointers in the final period, scoring 14 points in the 4th, as the Lakers went on a 28-9 run over a nearly nine-minute stretch to build an eight-point lead with 5 and a half minutes remaining.

However, the Rockets mounted a comeback of their own, retaking the lead at 108-107 on 2 Brad Miller free throws with 53.9 seconds left. Pau Gasol and Luis Scola traded buckets, giving the Rockets the lead before Blake's three-pointer. Aaron Brooks missed a heavily-contested reverse layup attempt with under a second remaining, preserving the Lakers' victory.

The Lakers made 2 of their 1st 12 three pointers, but beginning with the final 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter the Lakers made seven of their final nine attempts from beyond the arc, all by Brown and Blake. Gasol and Lamar Odom each had double-doubles for the Lakers, Gasol with 29 points and 11 boards, and Odom with 14 points and 10 points.

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We’d heard the HP Slate lastly had a date with destiny (and corporate pocketbooks) sometime this fall , and it is looking like the device is nigh — a number of boutique online retailers are taking orders for an HP Slate 500, which purportedly comes with an Intel Atom Z540 CPU, 8.9-inch WSVGA LED-backlit screen, 2GB of DDR2 storage, a 64GB solid state drive, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, a webcam, a two-cell battery and Windows 7 Professional installed, all for somewhere around the vicinity of $800 to $900.

What’s more, CNET ‘s just stumbled upon a document that apparently details the same, plus an HP Slate Digital Pen (no doubt for those who abhor sausages ) and a rear-facing 3 megapixel camera. We’d chalk up the CNET leaks to old prototype documentation and the e-tailer product listings to wishful thinking if either appeared on their own, but together we have to imagine there is some sort of wind a’ blowing.

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Wild dolphins in Australia are by nature learning to "walk" on water.

Six dolphins have now been seen mastering the process - furiously paddling their tail fluke, forcing their body out and across the water.

The dolphins seem to walk on water for fun, as it's no other obvious benefit, say scientists working for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. That makes the behaviour a rare example of animals "culturally transmitting" a playful rather than foraging behaviour.

Only a few species are known to create their own culture - defined as the sharing or transmitting of specific novel behaviours or traditions between a community of animals.

The discovery was made by Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) scientist Dr Mike Bossley, who's spent 24 years studying dolphins living in the Port River in Adelaide, Australia. In past years, Dr Bossley has witnessed 2 wild adult female dolphins, named Billie and Wave for research purposes, attempting to walk on water.

Now 4 other dolphins, including yougn infants, have been recorded trying to learn the trick from the 2 adults, and have been seen practising, less successfully, in the river.

The behaviour, when a dolphin beats its tail fluke repeatedly, so it lifts its body vertically out of the water and then along the surface, is more commonly seen among captive dolphins trained to perform tricks.

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Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage join The Hobbit cast

MARTIN Freeman and Richard Armitage are set to join the cast of Peter Jackson’s two-part film adaptation of The Hobbit.

After days of rumours, New Line confirmed that Sherlock star Freeman will play Bilbo Baggins in the project, while Armitage, who stars in hit series Spooks as well as Captain America: The 1st Avenger, is set to play Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the Company of Dwarves.

New Line has also confirmed several other casting names in a bid to dispel further rumours surrounding who will or will not appear – many of whom will play key roles of as part of the Company of Dwarves.

Aidan Turner (of Being Human) and Rob Kazinsky (EastEnders) will play Kili and Fili, respectively, while Graham McTavish (Secretariat, 24), stars as Dwalin, John Callen is Oin, Stephen Hunter is Bombur, Mark Hadlow is Dori and Peter Hambleton is Gloin.

As yet, there's no official word on who will play Elrond the sage, Beorn and Bard the Bowman, or who will voice the dragon. But both Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis are expected to return as, respectively, Gandalf and Gollum.

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‘Blue Mountain State’s’ Darin Brooks on various sex scenes

Another parade of real-life famous sports personalities will be appearing on Spike’s “Blue Mountain State” raunch fest in Season 2, which gets underway tonight – including players from “the Bengals, the Jets, the Broncos…We have Brian Bosworth, Bill Parcells…” reports the series’ Darin Brooks. Also, from the wrestling world, “We have Stacy Keibler and Chuck Liddell. We’re reaching out to the women a little bit.”

Brooks acknowledges, “By the time you are done filming, you should probably be ashamed of yourself. I should be ashamed of myself. My mother is a little bit. To be honest, a lot of my friends Facebook me and say: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’ Some of the scenes from last year are just obscene.”

However, he adds with a laugh, “It’s fun, it’s TV, you have got half-naked guys and girls running around.”

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‘Blue Mountain State’s’ Darin Brooks on various sex scenes

Another parade of real-life famous sports personalities will be appearing on Spike’s “Blue Mountain State” raunch fest in Season 2, which gets underway tonight – including players from “the Bengals, the Jets, the Broncos…We have Brian Bosworth, Bill Parcells…” reports the series’ Darin Brooks. Also, from the wrestling world, “We have Stacy Keibler and Chuck Liddell. We’re reaching out to the women a little bit.”

Brooks acknowledges, “By the time you are done filming, you should probably be ashamed of yourself. I should be ashamed of myself. My mother is a little bit. To be honest, a lot of my friends Facebook me and say: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’ Some of the scenes from last year are just obscene.”

However, he adds with a laugh, “It’s fun, it’s TV, you have got half-naked guys and girls running around.”

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Anna Chapman on Maxim magazine cover - Is Playboy Next for Sexy Spy? (Photo)

From Russian with love! The super sexy spy Anna Chapman Maxim magazine cover and photo shoot is turning heads everywhere. Chapman is the infamous Russian spy who was apprehended and deported with 9 other spies in the United States' New York City back in July.

Now Chapman is continuing to cash in on her fame as a spy and sexy celebrity. Earlier this month she released the "Poker with Anna Chapman" app for iPods, iPhones and iPads. Now, she's posing for Russian Maxim, which gets her one step closer to Playboy. In the Russian Anna Chapman Maxim magazine, Chapman poses on the front cover in James Bond style, only she's wearing lingerie while holding a gun up.

A photo shoot video over at Maxim Russia website advertises the Oct 2010 issue by showing off Chapman's "assets" as a promotion while playing up the whole espionage theme. The sexy redhead has also been placed among the hundreds sexiest women in Russian Maxim's upcoming issue. Chapman, while in the U.S. as a spy, was unable to get any significant info or intelligence, making her mission a failure. It seems Russia has found other reasons to be proud of Anna Chapman now.

It also does not seem far-fetched to speculate that Chapman could receive a hefty offer from men's magazine Playboy (US or Russian) in exchange for appearing nude in their pages. She's controversial yet sexy. Hugh Heffner and company know that sells magazines, subscriptions to their VIP website and DVD's. How long before Playboy has Anna Chapman on the phone? Would they be charged with treason for putting a spy inside their American magazine pages?

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MacBook Air Hands On: First Impressions

Although the latest updates to the iLife suite were pretty impressive (I'm definitely using that new movie trailer feature), and the forthcoming Lion OS sounds exciting, Steve Jobs' "one more thing," the 2 new MacBook Airs, kind of stole the Back to the Mac show. Who does not love new hardware!? And having voted for new MacBook Airs in our recent event poll, I left Cupertino satisfied.

Being there in person was worth the trip, as I got to play around with both the 13.3- and 11.6-inch models. Find out my thoughts on the new MacBook Airs after the break.

The LED backlit screens on both models are crisp and clear and are said to come with more pixels than even the newer MacBook Pros. That's pretty amazing.

Both Airs come in at less than 3 pounds, but that does not mean that they're flimsy. The new MBA is sturdy, feeling much like the MacBook Pro in touch, but looking like a thin wedge of cheese. Mmm, cheese.

The keyboards are comfy to type on, with the 13.3-inch model coming with a full-sized keyboard, and the 11.6-inch model being slightly smaller. It feels like you're typing on a MacBook Pro, but the only downside is that the keyboard Is not backlit, so you're pretty much out of luck if you're stuck typing in the dark. Get a lamp!

FaceTime was a breeze to use, firing up right away, letting me chit chat with a friendly iPhone 4 owner. It's like iChat, but mobile!

Both MacBook Airs come with a MagSafe power connector, 2 USB ports, headphone jack, and a Mini DisplayPort, while the larger 13.3-inch model also comes with a SD card slot to easily upload your pics. There's still no Ethernet port, or optical drive, but you can buy connectors for an additional price if you need them. Best part, both models come with Wireless-N, which ensures you are getting super fast wireless connections.

Final Thoughts
I will admit it — I'm pretty infatuated with the new MacBook Air. A few years ago, Steve Jobs nixed the possibility of an Apple netbook, but the smaller Air comes pretty close — the compact design ensures I can take this baby anywhere and not strain from the weight of it. But the heart of the MacBook Air beats for the traveler. It's definitely not meant to be a workhorse where you are heavily editing photos and video and the like, but is perfect for someone who's willing to pay for a lightweight machine to tote in their carry-on, or just needs a smooth and sleek computer to have around for daily computing, blogging, word processing, or writing up term papers.

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Do NOT Let Your Kids Watch This Gumby Video: What In the World Were They Thinking?

If you notice a link to a video that purports to be about Gumby on Twitter, don't, repeat, don't click on it while your kids are in the room. Instead of a sweet romp with Pokey and the other not-so-cutting-edge Claymation characters you remember from your youth, the viral video features a guy providing a foul-mouthed commentary on what appears to be a John Madden game.

He’s narrating one of the Packers players running in to score as he grabs his leg in apparent pain. When the player gets there, the unseen narrator yells out, “[Bleep] you Gumby!” The nonsense of it all has led the video to get more than 240,000 hits on YouTube, and this morning a Ray William Johnson video that references the Gumby video is No. 2 in the YouTube comedy category.

My question is: What did Gumby ever do to this guy and why is he screaming about him? Perhaps there’s an NFL player nicknamed Gumby that I am unaware of? Perhaps this is afresh expression that will become common?

I’m just glad Pokey wasn't harmed in the making of this video – I always had a soft spot for him.

How about you – have you watched the video? What do you think?

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Verizon Wireless Follows AT&T with Tiered Data Plans

Earlier this year AT&T announced that they'll be offering tiered data plans to their customers. It was only a matter of time before their largest competitor,Verizon Wireless , would do something similar. With a ever increasing number of smart phones on the market, the wireless companies, like Verizon, need to do something to ensure that data usage isn't abused by some while barely used by others who are paying the same prices.

Verizon’s plans for tiered data usage will likely be more appealing to consumers than AT&T’s was. Already, Verizon Wireless subscribers who have an unlimited data plan are likely paying $29.95 per month for unlimited usage. This plan will not change. Verizon customers can still get unlimited data on their 3G smartphones for the same price, however, they'll now be offered lower data usage plans as well. Below is a run down of all the data plans that the company will offer:

- 3G Smartphones Plans – $15 monthly access for 150 MB ($15/150 MB overage) or $29.99 for unlimited monthly access.
- 3G Feature Phones — $1.99 pay as you go or $15 monthly access for 150 or 150 MB ($15/150 MB overage) or $29.99 for unlimited monthly access.
- 3G Netbooks/Notebooks Built-In Plans – $50 monthly access for 5 GB ($10/1 GB overage) or $80 monthly access for 10 GB ($10/1 GB overage).
- MiFi 2200 and Five Spot Mobile – $50 monthly access for 5 GB ($10 /1 GB overage), $80 for 10 GB ($10/1G overage) or as part of a 90-day promotion $35 monthly access for 3 GB ($10/1 GB overage)
- 3G Tablet Plans – $20 monthly access for 1 GB ($20/1 GB overage), $35 monthly access for 3 GB ($10/ 1 GB overage); $50 monthly access for 5 GB ($10/1 GB overage) and $80 for 10 GB ($10/1G overage).

The new data plan rates will launch on Oct 28, which is much earlier than most analysts had expected. This move is expected to be seen as a good one for consumers, who now have the option of paying less for data if they only use it intermittently.Verizon Wireless has yet to announce these details officially.

The company which employs over 222,000 people, headquartered in Lower Manhattan, had $107 billion in revenue last year alone. Other competitors like Sprint, and T-Mobile have yet to announce a tiered structure to their data plans. Industry insiders expect them to soon follow suit.

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Newcomer Drew Van Acker Takes On Mysteries Of Cartoon Network's 'Tower Prep'

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: The character Drew Van Acker plays in Cartoon Network’s “Tower Prep” doesn't have super powers.

But Ian Archer, the character who finds himself waking up one morning in a mysterious school, does have special abilities. And so does every other student.

“It’s not quite X-men,” Van Acker said. “It does not have that super-power aspect to it. Each student that goes to Tower Prep, they've more heightened abilities, if you'll. They are kind of like 6th senses that each student there has.”

Van Acker’s character is always one step ahead of his opponent, whether it be mentally or physically. It’s a power -- pardon -- ability that makes him great in a fight.

It makes for a challenging role, too, but Van Acker said his athletic background helped a lot.

“When I got to Vancouver, I realized just how physically demanding it was going to be,” he said. “I did martial arts growing up, which I think really helped out a lot. I was very athletic my whole life.”

In the pilot of “Tower Prep,” Van Acker’s Archer passes out one night and wakes up in the school. He doesn’t know how he got there, and furthermore, does not even know where the school is. The faculty and teachers have no names. They only go by their titles, such as “Headmaster,” “Coach” and “Science.”

Archer eventually makes friends with 3 other students, and they vow to find out where they are and how to escape.

The mystery of the story is what intrigued Van Acker about the part of Archer.

“The fact that in any given episode you can be talking about one thing and thinking about one thing as a viewer, and then in the very next episode there’s something completely different than what you had thought before,” he said. “There’s so many twists and turns and mystery involved with the show; I just love that aspect of it.”

This is the 1st leading role for the 24-year-old Van Acker, who’s only been acting for about a year and a half. He's had a few guest-starring parts on “Castle,” “Greek” and The WB.com’s “The Lake.” He’s also recently completed an indie film called “Fortress,” that he hopes will be released soon. But he said he became really passionate about the role of Archer.

“I thought that from the moment I read the pilot that I was meant to do this role,” Van Acker said. “It was something that I was interested in the moment I got it, the moment I read it.”

And Van Acker said he's no problem being in his mid-20s and playing a teenager.

“I look pretty young, so I might as well take advantage of it while I still can,” he said. “It kind of takes you back to when you were that age. You feel like you were in school again.” Van Acker said that the 1st thirteen episodes of “Tower Prep” are ended, and now he is just waiting to see how well it’s received.

“I think, honestly, when people see the show, they are going to love it,” he said. “I thought it was special from day one. I’m excited to see how people are going to react to it. It’s an amazing show.”

OK, so according to Van Acker, his character does not technically have a super power. But if Van Acker the actor could have one, what would it be? “Mine has been the same since I was a kid. Mine would always be to fly. And that hasn’t changed,” he said. “I mean, how cool would it be to be able to fly?”

“Tower Prep” premieres Oct. 19 in its regular time slot at 7 p.m CDT on Cartoon Network.

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Josh Dammers Joins Ladies’ Home Journal

Earlier today, Meredith Corporation announced that Josh Dammers has been named associate publisher for the Ladies' Home Journal sales team. Dammers will manage the magazine’s sales department and strengthen the brand’s creative marketing capabilities.

Before joining Ladies’ Home Journal, Dammers worked as the National Ad Director for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media. He also served as Eastern sales manager for Better Homes and Gardens and Northwest advertising director for Ladies’ Home Journal. Dammers will work under Julie Pinkwater, VP/publisher of Ladies’ Home Journal in Meredith’s NY offices.

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Kim Richards and Paris Hilton

The famous former child star Kim Richards who's currently getting ready to make a try in the reality television, before going to the show she had a small chat with her niece who's a very famous actress namely Paris Hilton.

She was going to the reality show in order to describe her life to the whole world and her niece suggested that she just actually needs to be her self and the things would continue to be really good for her. KimRichards really looked pretty fear less on the show and actually she didn't worry about the real reaction of the public and said everything that was present in her heart. Well as we actually have seen in the past on Real House Wives, people who come on it do not have much to say but as they come on the show they speak everything out.

Kim Richards stated that in the start she had actually thought that she wouldn't care about the things the people would actually say about her and she would continue speaking but later on in the show when she shared some emotional and embarrassing moments she asked her self that what she's done.

When this thing came to her head she thought that only if she could rewind things she would undo the things that she said. The episode of this reality series that has got this lady in it's become a lot popular among the people and they want to actually see the whole video for themselves.

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Chile Miners Rescue: 10 men now saved – All going well

We have been keeping our readers informed about the trapped Chilean miners since it was 1st found they were alive, through to their recent imminent rescue and earlier today brought you the news of the very 1st miner to be brought safely to the surface, Florencio Avalos Silva.

Now another important milestone has been reached as the tenth miner to be rescued has just been brought to the surface. Of course nothing will be taken for granted until every last man has been saved but the scenes of elation and jubilation surrounding the scenes from Chile so far today have been heartrending, moving and touching in every way as one-by-one we have seen scenes of joyful reunion.

The men to have been saved so far then are Florencio Avalos Silva and secondly Mario Sepulveda who showed powerful emotion as he even greeted his rescuers with presents of rocks from the mine below.

Then 3rd came Juan Illanes, aged 52 followed by Carlos Mamani of Bolivia, and next 19-year-old Jimmy Sanchez, according to Carole Erskine over on Sky News. There had been particular concerns over Sanchez as it was said he suffered from claustrophobia but the ascent to the surface went smoothly until he too was safe and emerged from the metal cage looking remarkably fit and composed.

Then came the turn of Osman Araya, followed by Jose Ojeda met by his stepdaughter, and then 34-year-old Claudio Yanez, a father of 2 girls, whose girlfriend proposed to him while he was still underground.

The ninth man to emerge was Mario Gomez, the oldest of the miners aged 63, and said to be suffering from respiratory problems. He was met by his wife for a reunion where he also knelt on the ground to pray. He was to be flown directly to hospital because of his underlying health concerns although he looked very well after such an ordeal.

Then came the turn of the tenth man to be saved and it was 32-year-old Alex Vega Salazar who suffers from hypertension and kidney problems but attempted to keep fit underground by running every day. We have just seen a very emotional greeting from his wife who embraced him as he stepped from the cage.

For more on this go to sky.com. So that’s 10 men safe so far but still 23 to come along with their brave rescuers. We will continue to hold those men and their families in our thoughts until they're all rescued. We’d welcome your thoughts about the Chile mine rescue and the saved miners so please do send in your comments.

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Chile miners rescue: oldest miner freed

The oldest of the thirty-three miners, Mario Gomez, has been freed, dropping to his knees and bowing his head in prayer, while clutching the Chilean flag.

Mr Gomez, 63, the 9th miner hoisted to safety, was pulled up rom the ground and embraced by his wife, Lilianet Ramirez.

The most experienced of the group, he 1st entered a mine shaft to work at the age of 12. He's silicosis, a lung disease common to miners. After more than 2 months deep underground, the miners were cheering, punching the air and hugging their families.

"This is a miracle from God," said Alberto Avalos, the 1st rescued miner's elated uncle, who rushed to the rescue capsule as it arrived on the surface. As the sun rose over the gold and copper mine in Chile's northern Atacama Desert, nine men had been liberated from the abyss in a methodical rescue operation in which the 1st miner was brought to the surface shortly after midnight.

Rescuers, relatives and friends broke into jubilant cheers as the miners, one by one, emerged from the mine. Florencio Avalos, a father of two, was the 1st to emerge to breathe his 1st fresh air in 69 days after a claustrophobic ascent of around 2,050 feet (625 metres) through rock.

Hugged and kissed by relatives, the 31-year-old Avalos looked very healthy following a nearly 16-minute journey to safety. He was then embraced by President Sebastian Pinera as the surrounding crowd chanted "Chile! Viva Chile!" Next up was fellow miner Mario Sepulveda, whose whoops of joy resounded on the surface even before he arrived to the laughs of waiting relatives. He stepped out of the capsule with a yellow bag, reached in and pulled out souvenir rocks from below, and slapped one in Pinera's hand.

"I'm so happy!" Sepulveda yelled, grinning, punching his fist in the air and hugging everyone in sight. However, he also sounded a darkly serious note. "I've been with God and I've been with the devil," he later said in an interview, calling for deep change to protect workers rights.

Then came Juan Illanes, who called the trip to the surface a "cruise." Each of the men wore dark glasses to protect their eyes after spending so long in the dimly lit tunnel below.

Like wives on the surface who had their hair and nails done for the occasion, the men looked groomed and clean-shaven.

The miners have spent a record 69 days in the hot, humid bowels of the gold and copper mine in Chile's northern Atacama Desert since it caved in on August. 5. Rescuers expect to bring all the remaining men to safety over the next 2 days.

For the 1st 17 days of their ordeal, the miners were all believed to be dead. Their story of survival and the extraordinary rescue operation have captured the world's attention. After weeks of drilling a narrow shaft down to the miners and preparing the special capsules, the final stage began when a rescuer descended the shaft on Tues night. He was hugged by the waiting miners when he reached their tunnel deep in the mine, and he then took just minutes to buckle Avalos into the capsule and send him to the surface.

The men, who set a new record for the length of time workers have survived underground after a mining accident, have been exercising to keep their weight down for their ascent. Nervous wives, children, parents and friends waited on an arid, rocky hillside above the San Jose mine waiting for the men to be evacuated.

The specially made steel cages are equipped with oxygen masks and escape hatches in case they get stuck.

Rescuers were finally able to deploy the capsule, dubbed "Phoenix" after the mythical bird that rose from the ashes, after reinforcing part of the narrow escape shaft with metal casing to prevent rocks from falling and blocking the exit.

Engineers said the final stage of the rescue still has its risks but that the capsule was handling well in the shaft, and they expected a smooth extraction. Each man's journey to safety should take about 15 minutes. The capsule travels at about 3 feet (1 metre) per second, or a casual walking pace, and can speed to 10 feet (3 metres) per second if the miner being carried gets into trouble.

The miners can communicate with rescue teams using an intercom in the capsule. They'll then be under observation at a nearby hospital for two days.

Rescuers originally found the men, miraculously all alive, 17 days after the mine's collapse with a bore hole the width of grapefruit. It then served as an umbilical cord used to pass hydration gels, water and food, as well as letters from their families and soccer videos to keep their spirits up.

Medics say some of the men are psychologically fragile and may struggle with stress for a long time after their rescue.

Pinera ordered an overhaul of Chile's mine safety regulations after the accident.

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Gap's logo back to blue after fans gripe about new

The casualwear chain will keep its decades-old white-on-navy blue logo after all. The move comes just one week after the company swapped it online for a new logo without saying a word. The new logo irritated lovers, spurring them to complain about it online.

Gap North America president Marka Hansen said in a statement late Monday that the San Francisco-based company realized how much people liked the old logo after they put up the new one, a white background with black letters and a little blue box. She also says Gap did not handle the change correctly and missed a chance to have shoppers offer input until it was too late.

"There may be a time to evolve our logo, but if and when that time comes, we'll handle it in a different way," Hansen said, adding that the project was not the right one to offer up to "crowd sourcing."

Crowd sourcing the new logo, or allowing fans to help design a new one, was the company's original solution to the issue of quelling consumer confusion. Marketers are increasingly letting lovers help or fully make decisions, including PepsiCo Inc.'s Doritos brand having fans create and voting on Super Bowl commercials. But a logo change left up to the crowd is much more rare.

The new logo was still live on the internet site Monday, one week after the company swapped it in on gap.com. Confused fans took to Twitter, Facebook and tech blogs to complain. The company stood by the new logo, saying it would roll it out in stores and advertising next month.

The company plans to return the original logo to the website on Tues and is moving as quickly as it can, spokeswoman Louise Callagy said.

Gap announced the change on its Facebook page, where it's more than 700,000 fans. The old blue logo was never removed from the page.

"We have heard loud and clear that you don't like the new logo. We've learned a lot from the feedback. We only want what's best for the brand and our customers," the company said.

Fans reacted quickly and seemed relieved. One responded: "Thanks for listening. The blue box logo is truly classic. We love it as it is." Others wondered why it was even swapped out in the 1st place.

Originally the company had wanted the new logo to coincide with what it says was its updated image, including having more modern designs of jeans, pants and other clothing.

The company got itself into a jam by putting out the new logo without explaining the change, said Tony Spaeth, president of Identityworks, a consulting firm in Rye, New York. It had a reason for the change, but missed a key chance to share it with fans until it was too late.

Spaeth said he was surprised the company decided so quickly to return to the blue logo, but said it was right to admit it made a mistake both in putting up the logo and then reacting by suggesting fans help with the decision.

Logos are key to brands because they convey meaning and are something fans feel connected to. Spaeth said fans might be appeased now, but investors, competitors, and even potential employees may still be scratching their head that the company made such a mistake with something so important.

There probably will not be much long-term damage to the brand.

"They really were in big trouble," he said. "And now they've some breathing space."

Although fans be warned: The blue box will turn red for the holidays, as it's done for years.

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Hurricane Paula 2010 Forms, Heads Toward Mexico

Hurricane Paula smashed homes and forced schools to close in Honduras on Tues as it headed toward Mexico's resort-dotted Yucatan Peninsula.

Paula formed Monday off the coast of Honduras and quickly intensified into a hurricane early Tues, said the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Heavy rains and high winds destroyed nineteen homes in northeastern Honduras, said Lisandro Rosales, head of Honduras' emergency agency. Officials closed schools along the country's Atlantic coast and some airports were reported closed.

Around dawn Tues, it had winds of 75 mph (120 kph) and was centered about 190 miles (310 kilometers) south-southeast of the resort island of Cozumel in Mexico.

Paula was moving toward the northwest at nearly 10 mph (17 kph), bringing it near the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula Tues night. The forecast track would have the storm a little offshore of Cancun, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres near the tip of the Peninsula late Wednesday night.

The Hurricane Center said the storm was likely to gain force, though it wasn't expected to become a major hurricane.

Paula was expected to dump from 3 to 6 inches (8 to 15 centimeters) of Honduras, northern Belize, eastern portions of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and parts of western and central Cuba.

The government of Mexico issued a hurricane warning for the country's Caribbean coast from Punta Gruesa north to Cabo Catoche, including the island of Cozumel. Warnings are issued when hurricane conditions are almost certain to occur.

Forecasters warned of possible flooding and landslides and suggested residents avoid fishing trips or water sports.

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Jonathan Lipnicki Dissed by Family Guy: What’s The Jerry Maguire Child Actor Doing These Days?

Did you hear the reference to Jonathan Lipnicki on “Family Guy” last night and immediately run to Google Image? If so, you are probably wondering what this former child actor, who played Renee Zellweger’s precocious son in “Jerry Maguire,” is up to these days. Well, first of all, he is able to take a joke – he laughed off the “Guy” diss via his Twitter account.

“Hey guys thanks for the love, but I do not feel bad about what they said on family guy. It was all in good fun, I have worked on that show B4,” he tweeted last night to his 899 followers.

Lipnicki’s still acting all these years later. His most recent undertaking was understudying 2 roles for the play “The Lieutenant of Irishmore,” which starred “Star Trek’s” yummy Chris Pine. Besides, I imagine, having to put up with annoying people making “Jerry Maguire” references all the time, Lipnicki appeared as a guest on “Monk” last year. He has not made a lot of movies – just 7 since “Maguire” back in 1996, when he was 6 years old.

His most recent movie appearance was “The LA Riot Spectacular.” If you want to see more images of how this former so-adorable-you-could-die child star.

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Chicago Marathon 2010 Route 10/10/10 Race
October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) marks the day for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2010! 10/10/10 is just a very significant day because this happens only in like 1000 years.

A lot of people wanted to join this marathon because of the scenes and sites. Who would not love to see the Chicago Marathon Route passing 29 neighborhoods through the city as well as passing by lovely landmarks. The race starts and ends at the Grant Park.

The Chicago Marathon 2010 will hold runners and athletes all over the world with 4,200 participants. Runners love the Chicago Marathon Route because of the flat course and they take this advantage to beat their own personal records.
We'll be awaiting the results of the Chicago Marathon 2010 along with awesome and action-filled Chicago Marathon pictures shortly after the race. Stay tune and get updated at World Correspondents.

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Limera1n: Further iOS 1.4 untethered announced Jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPod touch, 4G and older devices Geohot

should iOS 2 Jailbreaks for the 4.1 version of Apple's operating system hit the market almost simultaneously. The hackers around the Cronic Dev Team announced for tomorrow, 10:10:10 at 10:00 a clock Jailbreak called green poison to which crack the iPhone iPod Touch 4 and the newest generation. Now also reports the hacker known Geohot of afresh jailbreak itself. Just a day later, on Monday, the hacker wants a iOS 1.4 Jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPod touch, 4G and Co. publish.

Just as green poison the jailbreak is untethered, it must not always be re-installed by personal computer when rebooting their mobile device. Limera1n how Geohot called his latest jailbreak is all IOS devices - even older generations of iPhone and iPod Touch - operate. This would make this jailbreak longer than the latest hack of Cronic.

Surprisingly, comes this news that Geohot via Twitter announced, therefore, above all, as it was announced only a few months to fully withdraw from the scene.

Many hackers, but also the community have with this news but not overly pleased. MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev Team said that the decision Geohot he can't understand, since Apple now has the opportunity to make both equal Jailbreaks via software update ineffective. This should, however, prove difficult, as green poison exploits a vulnerability of IOS with the newly A4-processors, which (according to current knowledge) can only be closed for hardware replacement.

iOS 4.1 isn't supposed to be geunlocked. All the hackers seem to wait for the release of IOS 4.2, before they'll submit an unlock is available. We'll keep this matter to date!

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A Lot of ’80s TV Stars Named Larry Making Financial News

1st there was the news that Larry Wilcox — the half of the motorcycle duo on CHiPs that was not Erik Estrada — was charged with securities fraud. Now there’s this:

An arbitration panel ruled in favor of actor Larry Hagman in a securities case against a unit of Citigroup Inc., which was ordered to pay $1.1 million to the former star of the television show “Dallas,” and another $10 millions to charities of his choosing.

Mr. Hagman, along with various trusts and IRA accounts titled in his name, filed a claim in May 2009 against Citigroup Global Markets alleging breach of fiduciary duty, civil fraud, misrepresentation and other charges. The case was related to unspecified securities in accounts held with Citigroup and with the purchase of a life-insurance policy, according to the ruling.

As occurs in most securities-arbitration awards, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority panel did not spell out details of the case or of the reasoning behind its decision. However, the $10 millions awarded in punitive damages suggests a conclusion of serious wrongdoing.

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John Lennon Quotes and Trivia: Android and iPhone Apps

Google are celebrating John Lennon’s 70th birthday with a special Google Doodle, which after clicking the play button an animation plays while the classic track Imagine plays. We have some apps to tell you about which will test your knowledge of the star or give you quotes from the man himself.

First up is John Lennon Trivia, which is an app that contains five quizzes as is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Each individual quiz contains 10 questions and will let you show your friends how much you know about the great man. The app is available free via the App Store and requires iOS 2.2.1 or later.

Recently released for Android users is the app John Lennon Quotes. This application contains over 100 quotes from the former Beatles member. Users can save favorite quotes, or send them via Facebook, Twitter, Email and text, and is available free from the Android Market.

We have another source for our readers where you can read some of John Lennon’s quotes via the website Brainy Quote.com. Here you'll find 3 pages of quotes to enjoy.

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Chinese official calls Nobel Prize award 'blasphemy'

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo was "blasphemy against the peace prize" that could harm relations between China and Norway, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Fri.

The spokesman said the award is supposed to be given to "promote national harmony, international friendship" and those who work to pursue peace. "Liu Xiaobo is a convicted criminal sentenced to jail by Chinese justice. His acts are in complete contradiction to the purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize," spokesman Mao Zhaoxu said.

The strongly-worded response is a stark contrast to glowing reaction from around the world to Friday's pick of Liu for the prize.

Liu is serving an 11-year prison term and was sentenced in 2009 for inciting subversion of state power.

He's the co-author of Charter 08, a call for political reform and human rights, and was an adviser to the student protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Awarding of the prize to Liu will harm future dealings between the nations, the spokesman said.

"Recently, China-Norway have had good relations," the statement said. "The Nobel Prize committee giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo went against the purpose of the prize, and will also harm China-Norwayrelations."

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Krystal Ball, congressional candidate in Virginia, calls raunchy photos leaked online 'sexist'

Politics is a dirty business, as one candidate for Congress in Virginia has learned after raunchy photos of her were leaked on the Internet on Tues.

Krystal Ball, an accountant running against incumbent GOP Rep. Rob Wittman, called the leak "outrageous" and "incredibly sexist."

"Of course, I'm embarrassed by these photos; that was the whole point of these political operatives when they put them up," she said in a statement. "But more than just embarrassed, I am angry!"

Ball said the photos, showing her wearing a Santa hat and simulating sex acts with her ex-husband, were taken at a costume party 6 years ago.

"This isn't a way to conduct a political campaign, and the people of the 1st District of Virginia and of the U.S. are disgusted by these kinds of tactics," she said. "It is sexist and it is wrong, regardless of political party."

The 28-year-old mother pointed fingers at her Republican rival.

"Yesterday, we started our 1st radio advertisements calling my opponent out for not debating the issues," she said in the statement. "A few hours later, this smear campaign started against me, posted by a blogger with close ties to my opponent's campaign and the local Republican party."

Wittman's campaign, however, has denied being involved in the leak of the racy photos.

"Rob is adamantly opposed to their display, and we have asked that they be removed so that we can continue to discuss the issues," his campaign manager, Casey Werderman, said in a statement.

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Nobel Prize Literature 2010 Winner – Mario Vargas Llosa

Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa, who once ran for president in his homeland, won the 2010 Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday. Vargas Llosa is the 1st South American winner of the prestigious ten millions kronor ($1.5 million) Nobel Prize in literature since it was awarded to Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1982.

The Swedish Academy said it honored the 74-year-old author “for his cartography of structures of power and his trenchant images of the individual’s resistance, revolt and defeat.”

Vargas Llosa has written more than 30 novels, plays and essays, including “Conversation in the Cathedral” and “The Green House.” In 1995, he was awarded the Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking world’s most distinguished literary honor.

The academy’s permanent secretary, Peter Englund, said Vargas Llosa “is a divinely gifted story-teller,” whose writing touches the reader. “He's one of the big authors in the Spanish-speaking world,” Englund said.

His international breakthrough came with the 1960s novel “The Time of The Hero,” which builds on his experiences from the Peruvian military academy Leoncio Prado. The book was considered controversial in his homeland and a thousand copies were burnt publicly by officers from the academy.

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2010 Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry From Purdue University, Delaware & Japan

In 2010, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three individuals. One of the winners happens to be a professor from Purdue University.

Ei-Ichi Negishi is one of the 3 winners for the 2010 Nobel Prize. He won the award niversity of Delaware Professor Richard Healong with former Uck, and Japan’s Hokkaido University’s Akira Suzuki.

The 3 men came up with several ways to link carbon atoms together. The research and discoveries made by these professors were actually made back in the 1960?s and 1970?s. Today, we’re able to create chains of carbon atoms in an efficient way because of the work done by these men. Their work allowed for advancements in technology that allows us to advance in pharmaceuticals, and find new coatings for electronic components.

The men used a precious metal called palladium to help catalyse reactions between carbon atoms. These reactions didn’t create any unwanted by-products like those previous known to man.

Purdue University Professor, Ei-Ichi Negishi recalled getting the good news, by saying, “It was around 5am here and I went to bed last night well past midnight. I was extremely happy to receive the call. I would be telling a lie if I was not thinking about this. I began dreaming about this prize half a century ago, when I came to America and when I encountered several Nobel laureates coming to the University of Pennsylvania.”

Negishi plans to use the money awarded to him for the Nobel Prize to further propel his research.

All three men are over the age of 74-years-old. Heck, seventy-nine is a former professor at the University of Delaware, who now lives in the Philippines. Suzuki, who’s now 80-years-old is a former professor at Hokkaido University in Japan.

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Meaning of 'I Like It On' Facebook Status

There have been a ton of statuses on Facebook lately starting with "I like it on". They all seem to be women, as well. Well this isn't a coinsidence.

You may remember the game, a little while back, where woman were creating Facebook statuses of a specific color and it turned out it was the color of the bra they were wearing. This game even made it into the news.

These new Facebook statuses that begin with "I like it on" have spread widely. The meaning of these "I like it on" stautuses are about where the woman like to put their handbag when they get home.

I put this on my Facebook status..."I like it on the front seat of my car and on the floor" and within two minutes I already had 2 people commenting on it wondering what I was talking about.

This is the message that woman throughout facebook have been receiving "Ok ladies here's another game, like the bra color game which was a total success and we'd men wondering for days what was with the colors and it made it to the News. Well this game has to do with your handbag, where we put our handbag the moment we get home for example "I like it on the couch", "I like it on the kitchen counter", "I like it on the dresser" well u get the idea. Just put your answer as your Status with nothing more than that and cut n paste this message and forward to all your FB female friends to their inbox.

The bra game made it to the news. Let's see how powerful we women really are!!! Remember- don't put your Answer as a reply to this message, simply put your Answer as your status, Then forward this message to your friends!"

So there you've it. You now know the meaning of the "I like it on" Facebook statuses. They may not be quite as dirty as you thought they were, but it is still a fun game for Facebook members to play!

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First test tube baby's joy at Nobel for IVF pioneer

The world's 1st test tube baby said on Monday she was "delighted" that Robert Edwards, the pioneering scientist who made her birth possible, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Louise Brown, in a joint statement with her mother Lesley, said: "it is fantastic news, me and mum are so glad that one of the pioneers of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) has been given the recognition he deserves.

"We hold Bob in great affection and are delighted to send our personal congratulations to him and his family at this time."

Louise's birth in 1978 was the 1st to stem from the groundbreaking work of Edwards and Patrick Steptoe, a gynaecologic surgeon.
She's now a mother herself, having given birth by natural means.

Although Edwards, now 85, is too frail to give interviews, his wife Ruth said the family was "thrilled and delighted" at the honour.

"The success of this research has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide," she said.

"His dedication and single-minded determination despite opposition from many quarters has led to successful application of his pioneering research." Edwards and Steptoe, who died in 1988, developed IVF technology in which egg cells are fertilised outside the body and implanted in the womb.

Congratulations poured in from across Britain's scientific community and from colleagues of Edwards -- although some wondered why it had taken so long for the Nobel committee to recognise his work. Mike Macnamee, chief executive of Bourn Hall, near Cambridge, the IVF clinic which Edwards founded, said: "Bob Edwards is one of our greatest scientists.

"His inspirational work in the early sixties led to a breakthrough that's enhanced the lives of millions of people worldwide."

Tom Matthews, the clinic's medical director, said that on 1st meeting Edwards in 1983 he had been "immediately impressed with his passion and enthusiasm" for his work, as well as his insistence on high standards. "Even in those early days he was thinking ahead of his time, talking about freezing embryos, blastocyst culture, long before people had thought these scientific techniques could be a reality," Matthews said.

"As a person he always found time to talk to the patients about what was happening in the laboratory and rejoiced when each IVF baby was born. He took great personal pleasure in the news of each birth."

Martin Johnson, Professor of Reproductive Sciences at the prestigious Cambridge University, where Edwards carried out his pioneering research, said: "I'm absolutely delighted. This is long overdue."

He added: "Bob's work has always been controversial but he has never shrunk from confronting that controversy. "He was a real visionary, and always ahead of his time on so many issues. He's also an amazing human being -- warm and generous."

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Howard Arenstein, CBS News correspondent, arrested for pot possession

Veteran CBS Radio News correspondent Howard Arenstein, sixty, and his wife Orly Katz, fifty-seven, were arrested at their home Saturday (October. 2) in Washington D.C. after police searched the couple's home and found marijuana plants growing in the yard, reports the Washington Post.

The couple was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. The search came on an executed warrant that was issued after a tip from an area resident. The police reported said they found eleven mature marijuana plants and six 2-ounce bags of marijuana. Apparently each full-grown plant is considered equal to a pound of marijuana.

According to the CBS News Web site, Arenstein has supervised coverage and reported on such major Washington stories as the disputed 2000 presidential election, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the war in Iraq.

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HORSE RACING Zenyatta wins her record 19th straight

Zenyatta and Blind Luck employ the same crowd-pleasing, come-from-last-place style with one major difference: Zenyatta always gets to the wire first.

In the Grade 1, $250,000 Lady's Secret Stakes on Saturday at Hollywood Park, unbeaten Zenyatta became the 1st thoroughbred ever to win 19 consecutive races and became the sport's richest female when she ran down Switch in the final yards for a victory by a half-length. The 1-to-10 favorite, Zenyatta finished 1 1/16 miles in 1:42.97 and earned $150,000 to increase her total to $6,404,580.

In the Grade 2, $750,000 Fitz Dixon Cotillion at Parx Racing in Bensalem, Pa., Havre de Grace got a big enough jump on Blind Luck to hold her off by a short neck.

Both the 6-year-old mare Zenyatta and the 3-year-old filly Blind Luck will run next in the Breeders' Cup on Nov. 5-6 at Churchill Downs. Zenyatta likely will try to win the Nov. 6 Classic against male opponents for the second straight year, while Blind Luck will point for the Nov. 5 Ladies' Classic.

Blind Luck has won 9 of 14 starts with 3 seconds and two thirds, and her 5 losses have been by a total of 3 3/4 lengths. She carried 124 pounds in Saturday's 1 1/16 -mile race - 10 more than Havre de Grace and 9 more than her other 3 opponents.

The Fitz Dixon Cotillion marked the 3rd meeting between Blind Luck and Havre de Grace, with Blind Luck winning by a neck in the 1 1/4-mile Alabama Stakes at equal weights and by a nose in the 1 1/16 -mile Delaware Oaks when conceding 6 pounds.

"I knew we were taking a chance coming here and giving Havre de Grace 10 pounds at a shorter distance," Hollendorfer said when reached by cell phone after the race. "This was a prep for the Breeders' Cup, but we wanted to win it badly. We didn't, and that's just the way it goes."

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The latest reports related to Michael Oher are that he and one of his teammates have been fined a huge amount of 5000 $ each due to a foul made in a football match. According to the other teammates of Michael Oher and Tom Zbikowski they were coming to defend of their teammate Todd Heap but the management wasn't ready to listen to their appeals. Michael Oher said to the management that he went defend his teammate who was moving out of the line of Scrimmage.

It was said by Oher that he came to help his teammate who got a little injury inside the boundary of the field and his intentions were good. Oher and Tom Zbikowski came inside to help Todd Heap and they said that they would repeat this type of act if they see one of their teammates in danger.

These 2 footballers didn't think about anyone and immediately ran towards the help of their teammate which was the most important thing at that time according to them. These players have given their fines in the previous week of the Football series.

Michael Oher entered the National football League in the drafts on the year 2009 when he was taken by the Baltimore Ravens. After playing Football in his university Michael chose this sport to be his profession as well. Michael was also one of the subjects of the book of Michael Lewis which was written in the year 2006 on the topic of American Football sport.

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