The latest reports related to Michael Oher are that he and one of his teammates have been fined a huge amount of 5000 $ each due to a foul made in a football match. According to the other teammates of Michael Oher and Tom Zbikowski they were coming to defend of their teammate Todd Heap but the management wasn't ready to listen to their appeals. Michael Oher said to the management that he went defend his teammate who was moving out of the line of Scrimmage.

It was said by Oher that he came to help his teammate who got a little injury inside the boundary of the field and his intentions were good. Oher and Tom Zbikowski came inside to help Todd Heap and they said that they would repeat this type of act if they see one of their teammates in danger.

These 2 footballers didn't think about anyone and immediately ran towards the help of their teammate which was the most important thing at that time according to them. These players have given their fines in the previous week of the Football series.

Michael Oher entered the National football League in the drafts on the year 2009 when he was taken by the Baltimore Ravens. After playing Football in his university Michael chose this sport to be his profession as well. Michael was also one of the subjects of the book of Michael Lewis which was written in the year 2006 on the topic of American Football sport.


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