Kim Richards and Paris Hilton

The famous former child star Kim Richards who's currently getting ready to make a try in the reality television, before going to the show she had a small chat with her niece who's a very famous actress namely Paris Hilton.

She was going to the reality show in order to describe her life to the whole world and her niece suggested that she just actually needs to be her self and the things would continue to be really good for her. KimRichards really looked pretty fear less on the show and actually she didn't worry about the real reaction of the public and said everything that was present in her heart. Well as we actually have seen in the past on Real House Wives, people who come on it do not have much to say but as they come on the show they speak everything out.

Kim Richards stated that in the start she had actually thought that she wouldn't care about the things the people would actually say about her and she would continue speaking but later on in the show when she shared some emotional and embarrassing moments she asked her self that what she's done.

When this thing came to her head she thought that only if she could rewind things she would undo the things that she said. The episode of this reality series that has got this lady in it's become a lot popular among the people and they want to actually see the whole video for themselves.


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