Do NOT Let Your Kids Watch This Gumby Video: What In the World Were They Thinking?

If you notice a link to a video that purports to be about Gumby on Twitter, don't, repeat, don't click on it while your kids are in the room. Instead of a sweet romp with Pokey and the other not-so-cutting-edge Claymation characters you remember from your youth, the viral video features a guy providing a foul-mouthed commentary on what appears to be a John Madden game.

He’s narrating one of the Packers players running in to score as he grabs his leg in apparent pain. When the player gets there, the unseen narrator yells out, “[Bleep] you Gumby!” The nonsense of it all has led the video to get more than 240,000 hits on YouTube, and this morning a Ray William Johnson video that references the Gumby video is No. 2 in the YouTube comedy category.

My question is: What did Gumby ever do to this guy and why is he screaming about him? Perhaps there’s an NFL player nicknamed Gumby that I am unaware of? Perhaps this is afresh expression that will become common?

I’m just glad Pokey wasn't harmed in the making of this video – I always had a soft spot for him.

How about you – have you watched the video? What do you think?


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