Clinton Greets Rhinebeck Crowd

If the public needed any further proof that Chelsea Clinton's wedding ceremony is to take place Saturday in Rhinebeck, New York, they got it on Friday: Bill Clinton made an appearance in the upstate village, and took a few questions from the crowd.

How are you?, people shouted, according to the AP. Do you like your son-in-law?

He — and the family — are all doing well, Clinton said. As for Chelsea's fiancé Mark Mezvinsky? "I like him very much," he said. "I really do. I admire him. Hillary feels the same way."

Crowds swarmed the ex-pres as he strolled with security detail through the town.

"He emerged [from lunch] to an enthusiastic crowd of 100 of peoples who shouted, 'We love you!' and 'Congratulations!'," the AP reports. "He took a moment to comfort a little girl who got jostled by the huge crowd but broke into a huge grin after the former president asked her name and whether she was all right."

The AP also has a nugget about the wedding party pricetag. While some wedding planners had quoted the estimated price for Chelsea's wedding to be in the $2-3 or even $5 millions range, a longtime Clinton family friend told the AP that the cost would not exceed $1 million.

Despite the hassle of road closures and crowds, residents of Rhinebeck seem thrilled to be close to the event.

"We thought it was great that he walked down here," Carol Chestney, of Rhinebeck, told the AP. "He could have parked right outside. He looks great."

Marybeth Cale, also of Rhinebeck, said: "It's amazing, all this excitement. We're thrilled that he's here."

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Obama on 'The View': Blames media in racial firing

President Barack Obama blames the media for creating a "phony controversy" over racial remarks by a black Agriculture Department official that were posted on the net. His administration ousted the employee, but then apologized and offered to rehire her.

In an interview on ABC's daytime talk show "The View," Obama says the media often seek controversy, not the facts. But he acknowledged that the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod could also be blamed on those in his administration who overreacted.

Obama said the incident shows that while progress has been made, racial tensions still exist in the United States.

The wide-ranging interview also covered lighthearted topics, from Obama's knowledge of pop culture to his Blackberry use.

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2 US citizens killed in plane crash in Pakistan

Capital of Pakistan – The United States. Embassy says 2 American citizens were among the 152 people killed in a plane crash in the hills surrounding Pakistan's capital.

Embassy spokesman Richard Snelsire didn't provide further details about the two Americans.

The cause of Wednesday's Airblue crash was not immediately clear. It attempted to land in rainy and cloudy conditions.

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A passenger jet crashed into the hills surrounding Pakistan's capital amid poor weather Wed, killing all 152 people on board and blazing a path of devastation strewn with body pieces and twisted metal wreckage.

Initial Interior Ministry reports that five people survived the Airblue crash were wrong, said Imtiaz Elahi, chairman of the Capital Development Authority, which deals with emergencies and reports to the ministry.

"The situation at the site of the crash is heartbreaking," Elahi told The Associated Press. "It is a great tragedy, and I confirm it with pain that there are no survivors." Local television footage showed twisted metal wreckage hanging from trees and scattered across the ground on a bed of broken branches. Fire was visible and smoke rose from the scene as a helicopter hovered above. The army said it was sending special troops to aid the search.

"I'm seeing only body parts," Dawar Adnan, a rescue worker with the Pakistan Red Crescent, told the AP by ring from the crash site. "This is a very horrible scene. We have scanned almost all the area, but there is no chance of any survivors."

The search effort was hampered by muddy conditions and smoldering wreckage that authorities were having trouble extinguishing by helicopter, Adnan said. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said the government does not suspect terrorism.

The plane left the southern city of Karachi at 7:45 a.m. for a two-hour scheduled flight to Islamabad and was trying to land during cloudy and rainy weather, said Pervez George, a civil aviation official. Airblue is a private service based in Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city, and Wednesday's flight was believed to be carrying mostly Pakistanis.

Rescue workers scouring the heavily forested hills recovered fifty bodies from the wreckage, said Ramzan Sajid, spokesman for the Capital Development Authority. "The plane was about to land at the Islamabad airport when it lost contact with the control tower, and later we learned that the plane had crashed," said George, adding the model was an Airbus 321 and the flight number was ED202.

The crash site covered a large area on both sides of the hills, including a section behind Faisal Mosque, one of Islamabad's most prominent landmarks, and not far from the Daman-e-Koh resort.

At the Islamabad airport, 100s of friends and relatives of those on board the flight swarmed ticket counters desperately seeking information. A large cluster of people also surrounded a passenger list posted near the Airblue ticket counter. Saqlain Altaf told Pakistan's ARY news channel he was on a family outing in the hills when he saw the plane looking unsteady in the air. "The plane had lost balance, and then we saw it going down," he said, adding he heardthe crash.

Officials at first thought it was a small plane, but later revised that. George said 146 passengers were on the flight along with six crew members.

The Pakistan Airline Pilot Association said the plane appeared to have strayed off course, possibly because of the poor weather. Raheel Ahmed, a spokesman for the airline, said an investigation would be launched into the cause of the crash. The plane had no known technical foul issues, and the pilots did not send any emergency signals, Ahmed said.

Airbus said it would provide technical assistance to Pakistani authorities responsible for the investigation. The aircraft was initially delivered in 2000, and was leased to Airblue in January 2006. It accumulated about 34,000 flight hours during some 13,500 flights, it said.

The last major plane crash in Pakistan was in July 2006 when a Fokker F-27 twin-engine aircraft operated by Pakistan International Airlines slammed into a wheat field on the outskirts of the central Pakistani city of Multan, killing all 45 people on board. Airblue flies within Pakistan as well as internationally to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and the UK.

The only previous recorded accident for Airblue, a carrier that began flying in 2004, was a tail-strike in May 2008 at Quetta airport by one of the airline's Airbus 321 jets. There were no casualties and damage was minimal, according tothe United States.-based Aviation Safety Network.

The Airbus 320 family of medium-range jets, which includes the 321 model that crashed Wed, is one of the most popular in the world, with about 4,000 jets delivered since deliveries began in 1988.

21 of the aircraft have been lost in accidents since then, according to the Aviation Safety Network's database. The deadliest was a 2007 crash at landing in Sao Paolo by Brazil's TAM airline, in which all 187 people on board perished, along with 12 others on the ground.

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Ansel Adams pictures Bought for $45 Worth $200M

A Beverly Hills, Calif., Artistry appraiser has estimated that sixty-five glass negatives a painter bought at a garage sale a decade ago for $45 were taken by famous photographerAnsel Adams and are worth around $200 millions.

The photographs depict such California sights as Yosemite National Park, San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf and the scenic city of Carmel, CBS News affiliate KGPE-TV in Fresno, Calif., reported last fall. Adams' black-and-white photography ofYosemite helped him become an icon of American photography.

"It truly is a missing link of Ansel Adams and history and his career," David W. Streets, the appraiser whose Beverly Hills gallery will show the photographs Tuesday, told CNN about the photographs once thought to have been lost to a darktoom fire in 1937.

Painter Rick Norsigian of Fresno, who bought the negatives, went to great lengths to authenticate them, even going so far as to enlist a former curator of the Boston Museum of Art, he told KGPE-TV in 2009.

"I have estimated that his $45 investment easily could be worth up to $200 million," Streets told the network.

Norsigian told CNN the person who sold him the negatives bought them from a Los Angeles warehouse in the 1940s. Patrick Alt, a photography expert who helped authenticate the negatives, told the network that Adams likely brought them to a photography class he taught in Pasadena, Calif.

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2011 Ford Explorer's secret: puny yet powerful engine

Here's a bold claim: The newly Ford Explorer with the Eco boost turbocharged 2-liter engine will have fuel efficiency on par with a Toyota Camry V-6.

Although Ford hasn't disclosed yet its predicted fuel mileage figures for the 2011 Explorer, a V-6 Camry gets 20 miles a gallon in the city, twenty-nine on the main road, the Environmental Protection Agency says.

That's quite a claim considering what a chunk of metal that the Explorer has all of the time been -- and will continue to be. Ford is counting on this wonder engine to power a lot of its bigger next-generation engines around the world. Just last Friday, Ford CEO Alan Mulally, appearing on Fox News Business, discounted the idea that the automaker would turn to hybrid engines to power its F-150 pickup trucks:

We're betting he said that because of the automaker's overwhelming belief in turbocharging as a smarter, cheaper alternative. It expects to put its advance turbochargers in 1.3 million vehicles from 2013.

Even though its a four-cylinder, the Eco boost 2-liter would be one powerful engine. It is designed to produce 237 horsepower with a 30% increase in fuel mileage over the current V-6 engine in an Explorer.

To get the most out of every ounce of fuel, the engine breathes better and has a relatively high compression ratio. It is designed to last 10 years or 150,000 miles, which sounds a little low side to us in terms how how tough a hand truck engine should be. The recommended oil change interval is 10,000 miles.

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2010 San Francisco Marathon

The thirty-second annual San Francisco Marathon is kicking off on July 25, 2010. It is expected to draw in over 24,000 runners on the other races taking place as well.

The 26.2 mile marathon is expected to disrupt traffic, but word from officials say that the routes will be open by 12:20 pm.

The fully marathon will start at 5:30 am, followed by the 1st half marathon at 6:32 am. The 5k/Progressive Marathon is starting at 7:45 am, and the second half marathon kicks off at 8:15 am.

The San Francisco Marathon is full of story since it’s start in 1977. On July 10, 1977, Athol Barton won the 1st San Francisco Marathon, and won a t-shirt for his feat. Now all participants are given a race t-shirt. The San Francisco Marathon is known for being one of the best marathons in the country. It is a Boston Marathon qualifier, and will take runners through many famous and historic areas.

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Alphonse Mucha: Google's Doodle of the Day

Alphonse Maria Mucha (24 July 1860 – 14 July 1939), an Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist was known for his distinct style and his pictures of women. His work has widely influenced modern art in a wide range of fields.

His designings were later influential to Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, designers who, in the 1960s, created posters for rockbands like Pink Floyd (below).

His work also influenced artist Paul Harvey whose subjects have included Madonna and Charles Saatchi amongst others.

Even Nipponese Manga , fantasy artist Quinton Hoover, and comic book artists were influenced by his Art Nouveau style.

In addition to being an artist, he also credited with re-establishing Czech Masonry.

Czech out the Alphonse Mucha foundation gallery for much more of his work.

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Milwaukee airport closes down as torrential rain floods airfield

Milwaukee's General Mitchell International remained closed down to flights through noon CT today after a deluge of rain left some of the airport's runways under standing water. More than a half ft of rain fell in the Milwaukee area on Th, causing widespread flooding throughout the city.

On its website, the airport tied the closure to "flooding on the airfield and roadways leading to the airport," according to Reuters. The airport advised "travelers should contact their airlines before heading to the airport to determine the status of their flights and make alternative arrangements if needed."

AirTran, one of the top carriers in Milwaukee, issued a flexible travel policy this morning for customers affected by floods and disrupted flight schedules.

The carrier says passengers schedule for travel to, from or through Milwaukee today "may change their reservation without penalty as long as travel is completed within five days from the date of the original scheduled departure date, based on space availability, without fees or fare adjustments."

The Associated Press says the airport first "closed around 9:30 p.m. [CT] when floodwaters began covering parts of the runways, airport spokeswoman Pat Rowe said. At one point, flooding also blocked outdoor ticketing and baggage claim areas."

Additionally, AP says "air traffic controllers were evacuated from their tower because of a tornado warning earlier in the evening. They were allowed back about an hour later, and a few planes were allowed to land and take off before flooding forced officials to close the airport, [Rowe] said. The airport remained closed Friday morning."

On the possibility of resuming flights, Milwaukee's FOX 6 TV reports "the airport will remain closed until at least noon [CT] when airport administration will re-evaluate the situation."

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World's biggest captive jellyfish given to aquarium

A giant Lion's Mane jellyfish found by a fisherman is claimed to be the biggest captive jellyfish in the Earth.

The jellyfish has a fourteen inch diameter bell and pink tentacles.

It was given to The Deep aquarium in Hull after it was found off the East Yorkshire coast.

Deep aquarist Tom Rowe said: ''We were delighted to receive this wonderful animal. It's the first time I've seen a Lion's Mane in the region and it is by far the largest jellyfish ever displayed at The Deep. As far we know its the largest jellyfish in captivity.''

The largest Lion's Mane ever recorded was washed up in Massachusetts Bay in 1870, with a bell over 7ft in diameter and tentacles longer than 120ft.

These jellyfish are the largest known species in the world and are usually found in cold waters such as the Arctic, North Atlantic and North Pacific. They are cannibals and feed on other jellyfish such as moon jellies.

Mr Rowe said that despite a small tear in its bell, which the team will keep an eye on, the jellyfish is very active and thriving in its new home.

The sea creature will be on public display by the weekend.

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Washington reacts to 'Top Secret America' revelations

Acting as Director of National Intelligence David C. Gompert issued a statement Monday morning time (PDF) reacting to The Washington Post series "Top Secret America," by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin.

"The reporting does not reflect the Intelligence Community we know," he said.

"We accept that we operate in an environment that limits the amount of information we can share," he said. "However, the fact is, the men and women of the Intelligence Community have improved our operations, thwarted attacks, and are achieving untold successes every day.

"In recent years, we have reformed the IC in ways that have improved the quality, quantity, regularity, and speed of our support to policymakers, warfighters, and homeland defenders, and we will continue our reform efforts. We provide oversight, while also encouraging initiative. We work constantly to reduce inefficiencies and redundancies, while preserving a degree of intentional overlap among agencies to strengthen analysis, challenge conventional thinking, and eliminate single points of failure. We are mindful of the size of our contractor ranks, but greatly value the critical flexibility and specialized skills they contribute to our mission.

"The challenges that lie ahead are difficult and complex. We will continue to scrutinize our own operations, seek ways to improve and adapt, and work with Congress on its crucial oversight and reform efforts. We can always do better, and we will. And the importance of our mission and our commitment to keeping America safe will remain steadfast, whether they are reflected in the day's news or not."

His statement followed a message last week from the ODNI to its contractors (PDF), warning them that "Early next week, the Washington Post is expected to publish articles and an interactive website that will likely contain a compendium of government agencies and contractors allegedly conductingTop Secret work. ...We request that all ODNI contractors remind all cleared employees of their responsibility to protect classified information and relationships, and to abide by contractual agreements regarding non-publicity."

The State Department's Diplomatic Security Bureau on Thursday also warned all employees in the Washington area -- 14, 574 people -- to "remain aware of their responsibility to protect classified and other sensitive information, such as the Department's relationships with contract firms, other U.S. Government agencies, and foreign governments" in light of the upcoming Post report, according to a report in Foreign Policy's The Cable.

Foreign policy and national security bloggers have begun chewing over "Top Secret America."

The series is "bound to provoke all sorts of questions -- both from taxpayers wondering where their money goes, and from U.S. adversaries looking to penetrate America's spy complex," write Spencer Ackerman and Noah Shachtman on Wired's Danger Room blog.

"But this piece is about much more than dollars," they continue. "It's about what used to be called the Garrison State -- the impact on society of a Praetorian class of war-focused elites....With too many analysts and too many capabilities documenting too much, with too few filters in place to sort out the useful stuff or discover hidden connections, the information overload is its own information blackout."

In Racine, Wis., the Racine Post notes that named local outfit Perceptral "isn't much of a secret." Its owner, Jonathon Pearl -- "a trained opera singer who moved with his family from California to Racine to start a business" -- won RAMAC's 2010 Apollo Award for new and innovative businesses and has become well-known within the area business community for his work on sound technologies.

Conservative and liberal bloggers alike are pointing to the Priest-Arkin story as providing an example of government spending run amok. "If the Washington Post's investigative report 'Top Secret America' by Dana Priest doesn't exemplify how the federal government is an out of control leviathan, I don't know what does," writes The Lonely Conservative.

Meanwhile, liberal Robert Dreyfuss notes in The Nation: "The core problem... is that Al Qaeda and its affiliates, its sympathizers, and even self-starting terrorist actors who aren't part of Al Qaeda itself, are a tiny and manageable problem. Yet the apparatus that has been created is designed to meet nothing less than an existential threat. Even at the height of the Cold War ... there was nothing like the post-9/11 behemoth in existence. A thousand smart intelligence analysts, a thousand smart FBI and law enforcement officers, and a few hundred Special Operations military folk are all that's needed to deal with the terrorism threat."

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Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 93, was rushed to the hospital after she fell out of bed, break her hip and several other bones. She's reported to be in dangerous condition.

"She was watching her favorite show, Jeopardy, when the phone rang," her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt says. "She reached over to pick it up and fell." He called an ambulance and she was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

The actress is partially paralyzed from a 2002 car accident, which forced her to use a wheelchair. She also had a stroke in 2005.

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DC Earthquake Doesn't Shake President Obama

A minor earthquake in the nation's capital did not shake the president.

After talking to reporters on the Gulf oil spill, President Barack Obama was asked whether he felt the 3.6-magnitude quake that hit near Washington early Friday morning.

A smiling Obama said he didn't feel it.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it was the strongest quake to hit within 30 miles of D.C. since the agency began keeping records in 1974. No injuries were reported. Many in the area slept through it while others were jolted awake.

On the federal agency's website, by midmorning more than 11,000 people had reported feeling the quake, some from as far away as Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

But at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, at least one person wasn't rattled.

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Alexa Ray Joel To Appear On The Howard Stern Show On July 15th!

Singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel will stop by The Howard Stern Show on the Thursday to discuss her new single “Notice Me”.

If the name sounds familiar that is because this lovely and talented artist is the daughter of music icon Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley!

Be sure to tune in at 7:00AM on July 15th to catch Alexa’s interview! Check out her single below!

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Lindsay Lohan dead rumors untrue

Yet another vicious rumor of a celebrity death was circulating the internet in the wee hours of Wednesday morning but it appears that the troubled starLindsay Lohan is not dead.

An online publication Earsucker posted that Lohan had died due to an overdose of crack cocaine and of course Twitter was a buzz with questions trying to figure out if the rumor was true.

Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Omg!! Is @lindsaylohan dead?! I keep hearing these rumors from my friends n stuff!! Is it true?!

In the last number of days some ridiculous rumors have been going around such as Justin Bieber being pregnant and some really very strange claims and about Oprah Winfrey and her toes.

As no one has verified that this horrible news about Lindsay Lohan are true we’ll just have to presume that like past rumors of Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom Cruise’s death this one is just a mean and terrible hoax.

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Michigan mom, Aimee L. Sword, sent to prison after having sex with teen son she gave up for adoption

A Michigan mom who pleaded guilty to having sex with her 14-year-old biological son she gave up for adoption and later found on the Internet, will face at least nine years behind bars, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Aimee L. Sword, 36, of Waterford, apologized at her sentencing on Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court on Monday. The former Macy's makeup clerk could face up to 30 years in jail.

Sword tracked her teenage son, who is now 16, on Facebook in 2008 after she didn't receive an annual update from the boy's adoptive family in Grand Rapids.

"When she saw this boy, something just touched off in her—and it wasn't a mother-son relationship, it was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship," Sword's attorney, Mitchell Ribitwer, said to the newspaper.

Sword said she only has sex with her son once. But authorities said there were several incidents, including at a Grand Rapids hotel and at her home.

At the time, Sword was married and lived with her husband and five children who ranged from toddlers to teens.

The boy's adoptive parents—not knowing about any sexual misconduct-- gave him permission to stay with Sword. He later alerted a counselor to the incident.

"Aimee's searching for a reason why this happened. She can't understand it," Ribitwer said.

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Spain Tops Netherlands in Extra Time

Spain is the World Cup champion. The European champions scored a goal in extra time to beat the Netherlands 1-0 in the final, claiming their nation's 1st World Cup trophy.

It's the third time the Dutch have lost in the finale, leaving them still searching for their first World Cup crown.

It was a physical test of attrition that sometimes turned dirty. A finals-record 13 yellow cards were handed out and the Dutch finished with 10 men.

The Netherlands now has more victories in World Cup games without a title than any nation: 19. Spain held that dubious record with 24.

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Bernese Mountain Dog:For pet owners, competition in various contests are furious. For owners of dogs, professional dog shows across the country are hot topics. Imagine the surprise of all dog owners and lovers out there when they learned that a new race is being added to the sample. The Bernese Mountain Dog is not the type of dog you’ll find in your average family home.

The problem most people have with this latest added is simply the fact that nobody wants to teach an old dog new tricks. Pet owners who have been doing for years shows not want to accept the addition of another race. These dogs have particular needs that average households simply do not try to increase. But if you have a Bernese Mountain Dog, you know the process of managing and maintaining them out of their natural environment.

The owners of these beautiful dogs are among some of the proudest dog shows to enter. Moreover, for this dog to be added to the list of show dogs has been a big hit with dog lovers everywhere. Many dog lovers say the dog is much like the Irish Terrier, but a glance shows the dog to be a little bigger. Several people who have a Bernese Mountain have commented in several places online and seem very happy with this new breed.

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2010 FIFA World Cup Final Netherlands vs Spain Live Streaming Sources Online

2010 FIFA World Cup Final Netherlands vs Spain Live Streaming Sources Online - The World Cup final between Netherlands and Spain will take place at Soccer City stadium, Johannesburg on Sunday, July 11th. Kickoff is 8:30pm local time, 7:30pm UK time, 2:30pm US eastern time.

Spain are in the final of a World Cup for the first time in their storied history while the Netherlands have have lost on both occasions in the big game. Spain defeated high-flying Germany 1-0 while the Netherlands won 3-2 against South American side Uruguay to set up a mouthwatering final.

The Dutch therefore will need to get their tactics spot on. Dropping off as the Germans did would surely be the wrong move for them unless they get their spacing right between the lines of defenders, midfielders, and forwards – think of Inter Milan against Barcelona in the all important Champions League game at the Nou Camp this season.

Spain have been consistently good. Even though they dished out a shocker early in the tournament by falling to Swiss in the group stage, the fiery team proved too hot for any one else to handle since then.

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Yankees in Talks to Acquire Cliff Lee

All along, Cliff Lee has seemed destined to go to the Yankees. Lee, the All-Star left-hander, is eligible for free agency after this season, and the Yankees’ deep budget would give them a major advantage in signing him. But Lee, it turns out, might be joining the Yankees much sooner.

The Yankees and the Mariners have made progress toward a Lee trade, according to an official involved in the talks, who added that the final decision is now up to the Mariners. The official was granted anonymity because the deal has not been completed. Joel Sherman of the New York Post broke the story, reporting that the Yankees’ trade package would include catcher Jesus Montero and infielder David Adams.

Lee is scheduled to pitch against the Yankees at Safeco Field on Friday night, so a deal could be finalized quickly. Lee would give the Yankees four All-Stars in their starting rotation, joining C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes. It would also free the Yankees to trade another starter – presumably Javier Vazquez – for offense or bullpen help before the July 31 nonwaiver trading deadline.

Lee, who won the 2008 A.L. Cy Young Award for Cleveland, beat the Yankees twice in the 2009 World Series, when he pitched for Philadelphia, and also won the first game at the new Yankee Stadium last season. He is 8-3 with a 2.34 earned run average this season, with 89 strikeouts and just six walks.

For now, the Yankees are leaning toward keeping Vazquez, which would allow them to slide Hughes to the bullpen as he approaches his innings limit and protect them against an injury to another starter. But trading for Lee gives them options. Vazquez can be a free agent after the season, and he would be an attractive rental, especially for a team in the National League, where he pitched so well last season for Atlanta.

The Yankees have been averse to trading young talent for soon-to-be free agents in recent seasons, passing on a trade for Johan Santana in Dec. 2007 and for Sabathia during the 2008 season. But the circumstances are different now, because of the Yankees’ depth at catcher and second base.

Even without Montero, the Yankees have a stable of highly regarded young catchers including Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez. They also have Robinson Cano to play second base for years.

The Yankees would also hope to have Lee around for years. Lee, who turns 32 next month, is unlikely to sign a contract extension before the off-season. But he is friends with Sabathia and Burnett and has seemed very comfortable at Yankee Stadium. And, of course, the Yankees will probably make him an overwhelming contract offer to stay.

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Emmy Nominations 2010 List; Surprises and Snubs

The Emmy nominations 2010 list contain a lot of notable names. Some on the Emmy nominations 2010 list are welcome, while other Emmy nominations are not so appreciated. A few cult favorites were snubbed again, although a few others finally broke through at last. On the flip side, some old favorites fell off, although others stayed on, despite complaints.

There are always debatable choices and puzzling decisions every year, but there have been worse in past years. However, the Emmy nominations 2010 list is still sparking debate over the snubs and nominees.

The Best Comedy series category welcomed Glee and Modern Family, which few complained about. Yet aside from that, it was the same old-same old list of 30 Rock, The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Some complained that 30 Rock and The Office didn't do enough to earn nods this year, while new favorites like The Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, Community and Parks and Recreation were passed by.

The Emmy nominations 2010 list for Best Drama was less controversial. Although old standbys like Mad Men, Lost, Breaking Bad and Dexter were there, there weren't many objections. However, fans of Sons of Anarchy, Men of a Certain Age, Justified and Treme had reason to complain.

As for the actors on the Emmy nominations 2010 list, the casts of Glee, Modern Family, Mad Men, Lost, The Good Wife, Damages and 30 Rock seemed to make up half the field. For Glee, Jane Lynch, Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison were expected nominees, yet fans were surprised to see Chris Colfer make the Supporting Actor cut.

Still, that was nothing compared to the pleasant surprise for critics, when Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton finally made the cut. However, they still carped about the show missingthe Best Drama field again.

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There are a lot of people writing about Ebaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks, but we have the real story here. As usual, SuperTrender leads the pack. No, you’re not drunk. This really did happen. So really, why does everyone care aboutEbaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks? Our source at the local police department says, “this one’s the real deal. Ebaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks. Uh-huh.”

If you’d asked me a week ago if I though I’d be seeing Ebaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks in the headlines, I’d have told you you’re a lunatic, then I would have punched you in the head. I still want to, but am going to save it for an inopportune time, like when you’re in the bathroom. Someday, I’ll be telling my grandkids, “You think you’ve got problems, at least you didn’t have to deal with Ebaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks”. Yes, we’ve figured it out and you are not going to like it. Feast your eyes on this: Ebaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks!

Instead, this is the work of the pranksters who gather at the 4chan image boards, whose previous targets include the Church of Scientology and AT&T’s DSL service.

The 4chan hive-mind would evidently love to send the 16-year-old crooner to North Korea, from whence he might not return — or could even cause the country’s infrastructure to deteriorate further, as his voice could be considered a bio-weapon where some older ears are concerned. Many hearts would be crushed by losing Bieber to North Korea forever, while others would fill with joy, given his polarizing effect on music fans.

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Bleach Episode 278 Watch Complete Online ln HD Hot And Exclusive

Bleach episode 278 of the Bleach anime series are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu, and Studio Pierrot.Bleach 278 episodes is airing on july 6 2010 on TV Tokyo in Japan and up until now there are many Bleach anime fans that are waiting for the upcoming episode of Bleach anime series.

Bleach is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he accidentally obtains the power of a Soul Reaper—a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper—from Rukia Kuchiki. Gaining these abilities forces him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife.

Watch Bleach Epsiode 278 Complete Online In HD Below

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Google Doodle: Frida Kahlo Homage

Google is bringing a homage to 1 of the most famous Mexican artists of all time, painter Frida Kahlo who was born on July 6th 1907. The special Doodle depicts one of her self portraits.

Frida Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón was born in 1907 and died in 1954. She painted more than 140 paintings during her lifetime, many of them self portraits.

She said many times that she creates self portraits because they represent the person she knows best. Her work, vibrant , intense, inspired by folk art had a major influence on Surrealism, Symbolism and European Realism.

She was also known for being a communist and for marrying fellow Mexican painter Diego Rivera, who shared her political views. Their relationship was a very tumultuous one, both of them having numerous extramarital affairs.

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Post Office Holidays 2010, July 5 2010 Holiday!

Today many people are wondering if there are post office holidays 2010. Well, according to the information we’ve garnered, postal offices will be closed today in observance of the 4rth of July. No regular mail is being delivered, only Express mail.

Self service kiosks seem to available in certain postal offices.

But not only postal offices are affected by the July 5 holiday. Banks and liquor stores will not be open today, and driver’s license and photo centers also will be closed.

All Government offices today are closed also in observance of the Fourth of July.

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Nadal beats Berdych for 2nd Wimbledon title

Rafael Nadal swept Tomas Berdych in straight sets Sunday to win his second Wimbledon title and eighth Grand Slam championship. The top-ranked Spaniard beat the 12th-seeded Czech 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 in 2 hours, 13 minutes to reinforce his current status as the No. 1 player in the game.

Nadal broke Berdych four times and never lost serve in 15 service games, extending his record to 5-0 in his last five Grand Slam finals. It's the second time Nadal has won the French Open and Wimbledon back-to-back, making the tough transition from clay to grass.

With eight Grand Slam titles, Nadal joins a list of greats that includes Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, Fred Perry and Ken Rosewall. He also has five French Open championships and one Australian Open title.

After ripping a crosscourt forehand passing shot on match point, Nadal collapsed on his back on the turf at the baseline and covered his face with his hands. After congratulating Berdych, Nadal leaped out of his chair and did a front somersault on the grass, rising to his feet with both fists clenched.

Nadal won his first Wimbledon title in 2008, beating Roger Federer in an epic five-set final after losing to the Swiss star in the previous two finals.

But Nadal was unable to defend his crown last year because of tendinitis in his knees, watching on television at home as Federer took advantage of the Spaniard's absence to win his sixth Wimbledon.

"It was probably one of the toughest moments in my career," Nadal said after accepting the winner's trophy Sunday from the Duke of Kent. "A win here was always my dream. I did it two years ago."

Nadal has now won 14 straight matches at the All England Club and "defended" the title he won in his last appearance here two years ago.

"It was amazing for me after a difficult year last year that I can be here," he said.

Nadal posed with the trophy in the clubhouse next to the green board with his name already etched as the 2010 winner. He cradled the trophy under his left arm as he signed autographs outside the members' entrance, where hundreds of fans gathered to see him.

Nadal is the first Spanish man to win Wimbledon twice. Manolo Santana took the title in 1966.

"For the Spanish players for the last 40 years it was very difficult to play here," Nadal said. "We are doing better right now. We are very satisfied for that."

Nadal beat Berdych for the seventh straight time, a span covering 17 consecutive sets.

Berdych was playing in his first Grand Slam final and was the first Czech to reach the Wimbledon final since Ivan Lendl in 1987. He had beaten top-seeded Federer and No. 3 Novak Djokovic en route to the final, but couldn't find a way to take out the second-seeded Nadal as well.

"It was a great two weeks for me," Berdych said. "He was really strong today. He's showing in the last few months that he's really the champion and he just deserves to win today." In a match short on drama and spectacular points, played in windy conditions, Nadal capitalized on a few weak service games by Berdych to seize control.

It was typical grass-court Wimbledon tennis, with play dominated by serves and only a few break points here and there making the difference. Nadal lost only 24 points on serve.

Nadal played his usual grinding baseline game featuring whippet forehands. Yet it wasn't a vintage performance from Nadal, who had 21 unforced errors compared to 17 for Berdych. Nadal had 29 winners, two more than the Czech. But Nadal won all the big points against the 24-year-old Czech, who was playing in his first Grand Slam final and failed to convert any of his four break points.

Nadal broke twice in the first set, dropping only four points in his own four service games. Nadal won five games in a row from 3-2 down in the first set to go up 1-0 in the second.

Berdych's chances may have evaporated in the first game of the second set, when he failed to convert on three break points. In a game that lasted about 10 minutes, Nadal overcame two double faults and four forehand errors. Berdych will rue his chance on the second break point, when Nadal hit a relatively weak approach shot and the Czech had plenty of time to line up a forehand passing shot but slapped the ball into the net.

Nadal broke Berdych at love in the 12th game to go up two sets to love. Nadal saved another break point at 1-1 in the third set, then broke Berdych again in the last game to close out the match.

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Abengoa Solar Gets $1.45 Billion Loan from the U.S!

Spanish company Abengoa Solar has been granted a $1.45 billion dollar loan guarantee form the U.S. Department of Energy. The renewable energy company seeks to build a 250-megawatt solar plant in Arizona.

This new solar plant will be located 70 miles from Phoenix and will benefit and approximated of 70,000 households. Now that they have been granted the loan, they will begin construction this year and expected to start running in 2013’s mid-year. The energy will be sold to APS in a 30-year-deal.

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Brazil, Netherlands 1-1 after 60 minutes

The Netherlands and Brazil are 1-1 after 60 minutes of a World Cup quarterfinal after an own goal by Brazil Felipe Melo in the 53rd minutes.

An attempted cross by Netherlands' Wesley Sneijder from about 35 yards struck Felipe Melo in a crowd in front of Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar and went into the net.

Earlier, Robinho took Felipe Melo's low pass up the middle of the field and finished with a low shot to put the five-time champions ahead in the 10th minute.

Gregory Van der Wiel of the Netherlands received a yellow card in the 48th minute for diving.

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