Jonathan Lipnicki Dissed by Family Guy: What’s The Jerry Maguire Child Actor Doing These Days?

Did you hear the reference to Jonathan Lipnicki on “Family Guy” last night and immediately run to Google Image? If so, you are probably wondering what this former child actor, who played Renee Zellweger’s precocious son in “Jerry Maguire,” is up to these days. Well, first of all, he is able to take a joke – he laughed off the “Guy” diss via his Twitter account.

“Hey guys thanks for the love, but I do not feel bad about what they said on family guy. It was all in good fun, I have worked on that show B4,” he tweeted last night to his 899 followers.

Lipnicki’s still acting all these years later. His most recent undertaking was understudying 2 roles for the play “The Lieutenant of Irishmore,” which starred “Star Trek’s” yummy Chris Pine. Besides, I imagine, having to put up with annoying people making “Jerry Maguire” references all the time, Lipnicki appeared as a guest on “Monk” last year. He has not made a lot of movies – just 7 since “Maguire” back in 1996, when he was 6 years old.

His most recent movie appearance was “The LA Riot Spectacular.” If you want to see more images of how this former so-adorable-you-could-die child star.


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