Dancing with the Stars Results: First Round Elimination America Voted [video]

Last night the results of the first elimination vote on Dancing with the Stars was a surprise! Everyone, by everyone I mean myself and my roommates, thought it was a no brainer, Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin would be in the final two, but no! America must love the mother of eight and one of the first men on the moon. This week on Dancing with the Stars we have found that America can really sway a vote and keep celebrities dancing, here are the results of last nights elimination.

Pam Anderson, who had the fifth highest judges' score, wound up in the bottom two. Buzz Aldrin who had to lowest judges' score was safe from elimination, all because America voted. This is what is so crazy about Dancing with the Stars results someone who is a talented dancer but un-liked by America can get the boot, but someone who is a horrific dancer but loved by America can stay on.

Niecy Nash, Erin Andrews, Nicole Scherzinger (obviously), Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek, and Jake Pavelka were all safe from being voted off Dancing with the Stars. Resulting in the two pairs left, one to be determined to meet Pam Anderson in the fears of being voted off were Kate Gosselin and Shannen Doherty. America voted and Kate was saved, ugh! Really America?! Did you not see her dance on Monday night?

Between Shannen Doherty and Pam Anderson, Shannen was voted off, leaving Pam on Dancing with the Stars for another week. This weeks Dancing with the Stars results were entirely unpredictable.

The highlight of last nights Dancing with the Stars was John Stamos and The Beach Boys.

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9 Tied to Militia Charged in Plot to Murder Officers

9 members of a Michigan-based Christian militia group have been indicted on sedition and weapons charges in connection with an alleged plot to murder law enforcement officers in hopes of setting off an anti-government uprising.

In court filings unsealed Monday, the Justice Department accused the nine people of planning to kill an unidentified law enforcement officer, then plant improvised explosive devices of a type used by insurgents in Iraq to attack the funeral procession.

Eight of the defendants were arrested over the weekend in raids in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. A ninth remained at large, the Justice Department said. The indictments against them were returned last Tuesday. The defendants were identified as members of Hutaree, described by federal prosecutors as an anti-government extremist organization based in Lenawee County, Michigan, and which advocates violence against local, state and federal law enforcement. The group saw local and state police as “foot soldiers” for the federal government, which it viewed as its enemy, along with participants in what they deemed to be a “New World Order,” according to the indictment.

“This is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society,” Andrew Arena, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge in Detroit, said in a statement. “The F.B.I. takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States.”

A law enforcement official said that the alleged plot was unconnected to recent threats against Democratic members of Congress who voted for legislation overhauling the nation’s health care system.

A Web site for the Hutaree group talks about a coming battle against the putative forces of the Anti-Christ and hosts an “evil Jews Forum,” but does not appear to focus explicitly on recent political events.

The Web site, which describes the group as “preparing for the end times,” featured video clips of people running through woods in camouflage gear and firing assault rifles, along with links to gun stores and far-right media. It also features an elaborate system of military ranks for its members. The site says it coined the term Hutaree, intended to mean Christian warrior.

“Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment,” the Web site says, adding, “The Hutaree will one day see its enemy and meet him on the battlefield if so God wills it.”

The indictment charged that between August 2008 and the present, the defendants — led by David Brian Stone, 45, who also used the name “Captain Hutaree” — developed a conspiracy that they hoped would result in a war against the United States government. They allegedly decided they would kill a local law enforcement officer, and then bomb the funeral caravan. The killings “would intimidate and demoralize law enforcement diminishing their ranks and rendering them ineffective,” it said.

Afterward, the indictment said, Hutaree members would retreat to several “rally points” and wage war against the government, using prepared fighting positions as well as “trip-wired and command-detonated” bombs.

“It is believed by the Hutaree that this engagement would then serve as a catalyst for a more wide-spread uprising against the government,” the indictment said.

Mr. Stone used the Internet to obtain diagrams of “explosively formed projectiles,” a particularly lethal form of roadside bombs responsible for many deaths of United States soldiers in Iraq, the indictment says.

It says that he e-mailed diagrams of such devices to a person he believed to be capable of manufacturing them, and then directed one of his sons to obtain the materials to make them. It also says he and his other son taught other Hutaree members how to make bombs in June 2009.

Barbara McQuade, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, said the government moved to arrest the members of the group this past weekend to short-circuit some operation it had planned to do next month, and which she did not explain detail.

“Because the Hutaree had planned a covert reconnaissance operation for April which had the potential of placing an unsuspecting member of the public at risk, the safety of the public and of the law enforcement community demanded intervention at this time.”

All nine people face the charges of seditious conspiracy, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, and carrying a firearm during a crime of violence. In addition, Mr. Stone and one of his sons, David Brian Stone Jr., has been charged with teaching the use of explosive materials.

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Screw NYS Unemployment; NBA Odds Great Economic News on Palm Sunday

The latest NYS unemployment stats are miserable. Then again, why is New York State Department of Labor different than the rest of America? Need good economic news? The sportsbooks are paying on-time and paying big time to pro bettors. It’s been fantastic for pro gamblers and horrid for squares in March Madness betting.

In the middle of March Madness NCAA Basketball Odds, one of the top sports handicapper experts OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Handicapper Matt Rivers says take the Detroit Pistons at home against Chicago.

There is no debating that the Pistons are an absolute debacle of a team right now. This franchise has gone from a great one to a pathetic one in pretty much no time at all but it’s not like these Bulls are much of anything themselves these days.

The Pistons are at home and should win this game. They are the fresher team as da Bulls just had to bang with the Nets on Saturday night and then travel here to MoTown for this back-to-back. Detroit also has a guy named Ben Gordon who would like nothing better than shoving it up his former team’s butts. Gordon has not had the kind of season that he would have liked but the guy is still very capable when motivated.

Chicago just had that 10 game losing streak and is flat out a terrible basketball team right now. Their talent level is just not that high with Luol Deng banged up and even though the Pistons stink Detroit still at least has guys that should be good in Hamilton, Prince, Stuckey, Maxiell, Villaneuva and a few others.

The Bulls have won all three meetings this season and I just can’t see four for four from a bad team.

This is far from the lock of my life but at home and being the fresher and more talented team I can’t help but make a small play on the Pistons. The Bulls stink, have stunk and will stink one more time.

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The HTC Evo 4g is a new wonder phone by HTC, which is working on the very operating system of Android. The HTC Evo 4g looks pretty overmuch identical to the previous offering of HTC named as the HD2, as well as it appears that most of its, very functions are totally based on the HD2 model as well.

People across the globe afterwards of coming to know about the HTC Evo 4g, are now looking up on the internet for the HTC Evo 4g price, as its affordability is still a question. So many features packed in a singlephone, seems like a lot will be at stake as far as the price of the phone is concerned.

Well, as up till now, no HTC Evo 4g price has yet been announced up by the Company but we reckon that the price would not go above the very mark of eight hundred US Dollars in total, but the various Mobile companies like Sprint and HTC itself would most probably announce the contract based HTC Evo 4g price packages that will be far more cheaper and more affordable at the very annunciation of them.

The HTC Evo 4g price, does not look like a big factor in the very decision of either to buy the very phone set or not, as the feature rich set, in its very first reviews have took hold of the hearts of millions of phone set buffs.

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Frontier Airlines Ticket Sale

Travel for just $39 round-trip, anywhere around the U.S. Frontier Airlines is giving out the best airline ticket price so far. Here is what Frontier Airlines says:

To find the best fares:

* Purchase by March 26, 2009
* Travel valid through June 9, 2010
* 14 day advance purchase required
* Choose off-peak travel days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday

Tickets must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. Eastern daylight time, March 26, 2010. Fares shown are for off-peak travel (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday); slightly higher fares apply to travel on other days. For Frontier flights, fares are each way; for Midwest flights, fares are each way based on roundtrip purchase. A minimum three-night stay may be required. Seats are limited at these fares and certain flights and/or days oftravel may be unavailable, especially during busy travel periods. Tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable, but may be reissued for up to a $100 change fee (depending on the fare type purchased) as well as a possible fare increase to a non-promotional fare type. Previously purchased tickets may not be exchanged for these special fare tickets. ForFrontier flights, flight segment(s) must be cancelled prior to scheduled departure time or the ticket(s) and all monies will be forfeited.

Milwaukee-St. Louis service begins March 1; Milwaukee-Raleigh/Durham service begins April 1; Louisville, KY service begins April 19; Denver-Anchorage, Denver-Fairbanks and Denver-Jackson Hole service begin May 14. Non-stop service Denver to/from Green Bay, WI; Branson, MO begins April 20; Non-stop service Denver to/from Newport News, VA and Madison, WI begins May 3; non-stop service Denver to/from Grand Rapids, MI; and Long Beach, CA begins May 14; non-stop service Denver to/from Santa Barbara, CA begins June 4. Denver-Fargo and Denver-Tulsa service ends April 5. Kansas City-Ft. Myers, Milwaukee-Ft. Lauderdale and Milwaukee-Ft. Myers service end April 18, Denver-San Jose CA service ends May 13.

Fares shown reflect purchase at frontierairlines.com or midwestairlines.com. A $25 per ticket service fee will be charged for tickets purchased through either airline’s reservations center and airport locations, or the Best Care Club. Tickets purchased on Frontier’s Web site must be paid for with a major credit card at the time the reservation is made. Depending on the fare type purchased, a $20 fee may be charged each way for the first piece of checked baggage and a $30 fee for the second piece of checked baggage. Fares do not include passenger facility fees of up to $9 each way, the September 11th Security Fee of up to $5 each way, or fees of $3.70 per segment (one takeoff/one landing). Fares to/from Alaska do not include arrival/departure tax of $8.10 each way.

Flights are operated by Frontier Airlines, Frontier Airlines dba Midwest Airlines, Republic Airlines, Republic Airlines dba Midwest Airlines, Lynx Aviation or Chautauqua Airlines dba Midwest Connect. Fares and schedules are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

US: Fares shown are each way for off peak travel through June 9, 2010. Off-peak travel is Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Fares slightly higher other days of the week. Blackout dates of May 27-28 and 31 apply.

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April Fools’ Day Woes Slovak President To Delay Anthem-Singing Bill

April Fools’ Day is a day when people play practical jokes on others.

And the Slovak President wants to make sure his country’s voters won’t confuse the proposed April 1 enactment of a new, supposedly patriotic law, with just another April Fools’ Day joke. So he’s stalling.

A new Slovak law that centers on requiring Slovak school children to sing the national anthem at the start of each school week and would require new clerks in state administration to take a pledge of allegience to Slovakia may not go into force Apr. 1 as earlier planned.

Last Friday, Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic returned the anthem bill back to the National Council, Slovakia’s parliament, requesting some minor amendments and demanding that it become effective from a later date than Apr. 1 to ensure that students at public elementary and high schools take the anthem-singing seriously.

“The date may make some people laugh and therefore it is inappropriate to make such a law effective as of this (Apr. 1) date,” Gasporovic said in a statement Friday.

Inadvertently Mr. Gasparovic, who otherwise supports the patriotic symbolism of the government-sponsored bill, showed that he was aware of how the public views the mandatory weekly anthem singing at Slovak public schools.

“This anthem law is stupid and laughable,” a 35-year-old man living in Bratislava and father of a teenage son who asked to remain anonymous said. “Kids will only make fun of it,” he added.

It will remain to be seen if Slovak lawmakers will have enough courage to pass the laughing-stock bill on the anthem-singing at a later date.

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Congressional Democrats released a final version of the President Barack Obama's health care overhaul bill in advance of passage Sunday by the House. Some features of the legislation, which makes changes to the bill the Senate passed on Christmas Eve:
What You Can Expect

-- If you have employer-sponsored coverage: Any lifetime caps on how much your health plan will cover, often set between $1 million and $5 million, will be eliminated in both group and individual health plans starting later this year. Employers will have to disclose the cost of workers' health coverage on their W-2 tax forms starting in 2011.

-- If you have a small business: Small firms starting this year may be eligible for new tax credits that would cover up to 35% of health-insurance premiums for businesses that have fewer than 25 employees. Workers at small businesses eventually will be able to buy policies on new health-insurance exchanges, where health benefits will have to meet a new minimum standard.

-- If you're uninsured: Over the next 10 years, the bill will extend coverage to an estimated 32 million people who would otherwise lack coverage. It does this by expanding the government safety net and providing subsidies for low- and moderate-income people without employer health benefits to buy private plans on health-insurance exchanges, which are due to start in 2014. For the first time, all citizens and legal residents will have to buy health insurance--with financial aid from the government if they can't afford it, on a sliding scale up to 400% of the poverty line--or face a penalty starting in 2014, with some exceptions for low-income people. The amounts are set to rise annually, beginning with a fine of $95 or 1% of income, whichever is greater, and growing to as much as $695 or 2.5% of taxable income by 2016.

COST: $940 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

HOW MANY COVERED: 32 million uninsured. Major coverage expansion begins in 2014. When fully phased in, 95 percent of eligible Americans would have coverage, compared with 83 percent today.

INSURANCE MANDATE: Almost everyone is required to be insured or else pay a fine. There is an exemption for low-income people. Mandate takes effect in 2014.

INSURANCE MARKET REFORMS: Starting this year, insurers would be forbidden from placing lifetime dollar limits on policies, from denying coverage to children because of pre-existing conditions, and from canceling policies because someone gets sick. Parents would be able to keep older kids on their coverage up to age 26. A new high-risk pool would offer coverage to uninsured people with medical problems until 2014, when the coverage expansion goes into high gear. Major consumer safeguards would also take effect in 2014. Insurers would be prohibited from denying coverage to people with medical problems or charging them more. Insurers could not charge women more.

MEDICAID: Expands the federal-state Medicaid insurance program for the poor to cover people with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, $29,327 a year for a family of four. Childless adults would be covered for the first time, starting in 2014. The federal government would pay 100 percent of costs for covering newly eligible individuals through 2016. A special deal that would have given Nebraska 100 percent federal financing for newly eligible Medicaid recipients in perpetuity is eliminated. A different, one-time deal negotiated by Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu for her state, Louisiana, worth as much as $300 million, remains.

TAXES: Dramatically scales back a Senate-passed tax on high-cost insurance plans that was opposed by House Democrats and labor unions. The tax would be delayed until 2018, and the thresholds at which it is imposed would be $10,200 for individuals and $27,500 for families. To make up for the lost revenue, the bill applies an increased Medicare payroll tax to the investment income and to the wages of individuals making more than $200,000, or married couples above $250,000. The tax on investment income would be 3.8 percent.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Gradually closes the "doughnut hole" coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefit that seniors fall into once they have spent $2,830. Seniors who hit the gap this year will receive a $250 rebate. Beginning in 2011, seniors in the gap receive a discount on brand name drugs, initially 50 percent off. When the gap is completely eliminated in 2020, seniors will still be responsible for 25 percent of the cost of their medications until Medicare's catastrophic coverage kicks in.

EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITY: As in the Senate bill, businesses are not required to offer coverage. Instead, employers are hit with a fee if the government subsidizes their workers' coverage. The $2,000-per-employee fee would be assessed on the company's entire work force, minus an allowance. Companies with 50 or fewer workers are exempt from the requirement. Part-time workers are included.

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NCAA basketball tournament schedule, NCAA bracket update 2010 & results

All eyes were on this crucial match. Many were betting for the West Virginia. But as luck would have it at the end of the match Morgan State jetted out to a 10-0 lead over West Virginia.

The result was not a big surprise. But it forced many teams to sit and take notice of the development. Instantly this was something for the 2-seed Mountaineers. They were compelled to think of Georgetown, their Big East rivals who failed to register victory over their rival.

But this is not an end for the team. They must have learnt some important lessons from the match, which they certainly will take with themselves. Besides, this will help the coach prepare the team better for further clashes.

Is it so? No was the answer of Kevin Jones and Devin Ebanks. Insiders say what were on their minds was not this match but their Dayton loss last season. In the first-round of the NCAA tournament last year they were whacked by their rival.

"I definitely didn't want it to end off like that," Jones said. "I'm just glad we got our minds right."

There was nothing for them as West Virginia sailed through to a 77-50 victory.

"Started off 10 points to our zero," Ebanks said. "Just trying to get it going with my teammates. Let's go. Can't have another close game. We have to step on the --- "

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Graco Harmony High Chair Recall: List of model numbers

Graco Children’s Products Inc., have been working closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a safety recall of the Harmony High Chair. 1.2 million Graco high chairs from 2003 to 2009 are affected by this recall – we can tell you that the Harmony models are no longer in production.

The reason behind this voluntary recall is because the screws that hold the legs on the high chair can become loose and fall out, the plastic bracket on the rear legs can also crack. Both these faults can cause the chair to tip over; this is very dangerous if a child is sitting in the chair at the time.

There have now been 464 reports of loose screws falling out, as well as that plastic bracket issue. According to MSNBC there have been 24 reports of injuries, these include a hairline fracture to the arm, bumps and bruises, scratches and cuts.

The chairs affected by this recall are those sold by Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Sears, Wal-Mart, Sears, Burlington Coat Factory, amongst others.

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World Of Wheels Boston 2010 , Iowa, Texas & future event dates
The World of Wheels Boston 2010 event has started as of Friday March 12, 2010. Auto enthusiasts in the Boston, Massachusetts area can head over to the Bayside Exposition and Conference Center on 200 Mount Vernon Street in Boston. General admission prices at the gate are $15 for adults, $5 for kids age 6-12 years, and free for those under 5 years of age. Participating Town Fair Tire stores also offer $2 discount couples for children or adults, with one per customer handed out.

Visitors of the World of Wheels show can expect to see some special guest appearances including WWE Diva Melina Perez, former Happy Days star Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, and Debbie Ryan from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. Fighter Rich Franklin, the Comic Bots, Swamp Rat 3 and the Bounty Hunter Dragster will also be on hand for fans to check out or meet.

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Instant Uplift Bra – More Perkiness Without Surgery

Women looking for more volume and perkiness without having to pay a fortune on implants and other types of cosmetic procedures can now achieve it with the help of the Instant Uplift Bra, which retails for just £19, as the Mirror can confirm. Shaped in the back as a sports bra, the new product is actually a combination of bands that support the breast and create the impression of volume.

The Instant Uplift actually works like a corset of sorts, though minus the decrease in comfort. One band goes under the breasts pushing them upwards, while the straps over the shoulders do the same. This way, the wearer achieves an instant lift without going under the knife and, even better, while still remaining perfectly comfortable. The makers assure women they will not feel any different than from wearing a regular bra, which, of course, they must still wear.

There’s even more good news with this new product, since its unique design in the back also offers proper support, which means it will also improve posture by simply preventing the wearer from hunching. “It will give a great deal of confidence to an awful lot of women. It also helps with posture and support due to its innovative design and is a much less invasive way of increasing bust size than surgery,” Edward Chary, designer and retail director of shopping channel and website New Image TV, says for the aforementioned publication.

“In a Mirror test, we found the bra was a little bulky and adding an extra layer to an already structured bra was visible through a flimsy T-shirt or a thin jersey dress. But the effect was amazing and no one really noticed the double bra outline at the back – all the attention was up front,” the Mirror writes after trying out the recently launched so-called innovative “under bra.”

The Instant Uplift Bra is now available at Tesco for only £19, as also noted above. Initial reactions to the product are good but, as expected, there still are many people asking the obvious questions of what happens when the bra comes off and of really how good are this type of “tricks” for a woman’s self-esteem. In the end, perhaps it’s up to the women buying it to decide.

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Intelius, a directing internet information commerce retail merchant, now declared that they’re connecting, as a founding member, an absolute working party, conducted by the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), to produce best practices for net retail merchants, when providing extra subscription products and services. The fresh working party will convene industry leaders and consumer urges to build a set of guidelines for specified offers. Intelius has committed $250,000 to the working party.

J. Adler, Chief Privacy Officer of Intelius told that: Intelius is committed to offering the good shopping experience for our clients. Presently, there are no consistent, domestic guidelines on how retail merchant should introduce extra offers to consumers during their internet check out process. This group will arrange clear-cut guidelines that balance consumer security and industry obligation, filling up the void that now survives so consumers can be better attended.

Net commerce is comparatively young and standards are still coming forth. Through this working party, industry and consumer advocacy groups will close to produce reasonable guidelines for internet marketing to consumers.

A. Schwartz, V.P. and CEO of CDT told that: Consumer advocates, retail merchants, consumers and governors can all take benefit from consistent criteria for marketing on the net. One of the challenges that must be speaking is how to distinctly specify standards for purchases made by third-party advertisers that the consumer has no former relationship and may ne’er even have detected before. This working party will be an aim to address consumer interests and offer clear-cut guidelines to the industry. We’re happy that Intelius has acquired a leading role in building up this significant initiative.

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When you visit of this country the reaching destination will be the Sunan International Airport. The attractive city of Pyongyang has experienced big changes after the Korean War within the 1950s. Big monolithic buildings, impressive monuments as well as boulevards are found over and above the streets. Pyongyang is situated on the Taedong River.

Sunan International Airport is one of the important Airports in Korea assisting Pyongyang. It is situated 24 kms outside from the middle of the city. It has 2 runaways and the longest of them is utilized for foreign flights.

The longest one of the 2 measuring 13241 ft and the other one about 11480ft. The smallest runaway is utilized for national flights and civil aircrafts. The Airport code is FNJ, world domain code is 757, longitude is 125º40′12.54″E and latitude is 39º13′26.62″N and the GMT starting from 9.0.

Sunan International Airport has a business sector, parking area, a duty free store, cabstand, passenger sitting room, Korea Trade bank and stores. The luggage store facility in the airport provides service hrs from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Even the carfares to Pyongyang and to the airport are provided by Air Koryo.

Korean Foreign Bank and the eating place and bar in the airport work from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm. The airport has the adeptness to cater 4 aircrafts at one time. For extra aircrafts there are about 17 parking bays are open. The upkeep area in the airport comprises of 2 hangars. The facilities at the airport are really amazing.

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KL-Detector Free Download Software

Is someone spying on your every move online? Know who is following you by using free software KL-Detector.

KL-Detector is designed to provide a way to find out whether your activity is being recorded with a keylogger application. It uses the fact that most keyloggers create a hidden log file on your hard drive and therefore scans for any suspiciousactivity during a test period that you have to initiate.

Basically, it asks you to use the keyboard for several minutes, type some text or do similar activities, while it is monitoring your system to check if it can detect any suspicious loggingactivity. KL-Detector is intended for occasional use and not as a permanently running program, as normal PC activity may cause false positives. During our test, it did detect changes in a keylogger log file (that we installed), but it did not find theactivity suspicious enough to warn us. Advanced users may get value by inspecting the logged items, however novice users should not rely on the results.

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‘Fulton County Schools’ Make #4 in Google Trends

Google Trends list is a representation of the what people are searching for the most right now on the Google. It’s sort of like a barometer that measures what the world is interested in at any given moment. Last night, Fulton County Schools made it all the way up to #4 on the list. This is a pretty big feat since Fulton County would be considered a more local search phrase in metro Atlanta.

Fulton County Schools had canceled all of their events after 6pm last night due to the inclement weather in Atlanta. The entire north east of Georgia experienced winter weather with snow, ice, and sleet.

After 6pm, the temperatures were expected to drop below freezing which prompted the Fulton County Schools to cancel all of the events.

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Nissan Recall: Brake, Fuel Gauge Problems on 540,000 Vehicles

Another day, another huge recall from a major manufacturer. Today’s bad news comes from Nissan, who is recalling 540,000 vehicles for issues related to a faulty brake pedal pin assembly and fuel gauge accuracy concerns. In three cases, the brake pedal pin worked loose, causing loss of braking ability.

The fuel gauge issue is unrelated to the brake pedal recall, and effects “high mileage” vehicles only. Over time, the accuracy of the fuel gauge declines, which may cause drivers to run out of fuel unexpectedly. Details on the models included after the jump.

Vehicles impacted by today’s brake recall are:

2008 to 2010 Nissan Titan
2008 to 2010 Nissan Armada
2008 to 2010 Infiniti QX56
2008 to 2010 Nissan Quest

Vehicles impacted by today’s fuel gauge recall are:
2005 to 2008 Nissan Armada
2005 to 2008 Nissan Titan
2005 to 2008 Infiniti QX56

Nissan Frontier produced between 1/06 and 3/06 or 10/07 and 1/08
Nissan Pathfinder produced between 1/06 and 3/06 or 10/07 and 1/08
Nissan Xterra produced between 1/06 and 3/06 or 10/07 and 1/08

Both problems have been reported in some 2008 Titan, Armada and QX56 models

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GM to Recall 1.3 Million Cars Due to Steering Issue

General Motors Co. is expected to recall approximately 1.3 million small vehicles in North America to repair a power-steering problem that may have caused 14 craches and 1 injury, the company said on Tuesday.

The problem affects 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2007-2010 Pontiac G5s, Pontiac Pursuits sold in Canada, and Pontiac G4s sold in Mexico, reports said. GM began the voluntary recall after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received more than 1,100 complaints related to the issue.

GM’s recall follows in the footsteps of Toyota’s highly publicized global recall of more than 8 million vehicles due to issues including brakes, unintended acceleration, and floor mats. Toyota—which was known for its quality—has seen its reputation tank among potential auto buyers due to the massive recalls.

“They want to avoid the negative press that Toyota has received,” said Fitch Ratings director Jeong Min Pak in an interview with Bloomberg. “A lot of carmakers are coming out with recalls as they want to show that they are being strict about quality.”

GM’s last recall affected 857,735 vehicles in August 2008, involving faulty gearshift assembly that could cause the car to shift out of the “park” position.

“Recalling these vehicles is the right thing to do for our customers’ peace of mind,” said GM Vice President of Quality Jamie Hresko in a company statement.

GM Triples Opel Investment

On Tuesday, GM announced that it would triple funding to its European Opel / Vauxhall division, hoping to persuade European governments to grant loans and financial guarantees to the automaker.

In a revised plan released on Mar. 2, GM will contribute 1.9 billion euros (US$2.6 billion), more than tripling its previous commitment, to its Opel operations in Germany and Vauxhall brand in the U.K.

The commitment “is the right course of action for Opel/Vauxhall and should clearly signal our determination to fix our business,” said GM Europe CEO Nick Reilly. “We have shared this decision with the European Commission as well as the national and state governments involved.”

GM Chairman Ed Whitacre said in a statement that it is vital that GM’s headquarters “demonstrate our commitment” for the European operations to instill “renewed trust and confidence” in Opel/Vauxhall.

GM almost sold its European operations to Canada’s Magna International, but pulled out of an agreed-upon deal after the company decided that its European operations were central to the company’s core business.

The Russelsheim, Germany-based Opel employs 48,000 people in Europe, with half of the workers in Germany.

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Age Calculator

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