Chicago Marathon 2010 Route 10/10/10 Race
October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) marks the day for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2010! 10/10/10 is just a very significant day because this happens only in like 1000 years.

A lot of people wanted to join this marathon because of the scenes and sites. Who would not love to see the Chicago Marathon Route passing 29 neighborhoods through the city as well as passing by lovely landmarks. The race starts and ends at the Grant Park.

The Chicago Marathon 2010 will hold runners and athletes all over the world with 4,200 participants. Runners love the Chicago Marathon Route because of the flat course and they take this advantage to beat their own personal records.
We'll be awaiting the results of the Chicago Marathon 2010 along with awesome and action-filled Chicago Marathon pictures shortly after the race. Stay tune and get updated at World Correspondents.


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