Police Search for Killer of Porn Actor Found Stabbed to Death in California Hotel

Detectives are looking for the killer of a porn actor found stabbed to death in the California hotel.

Damien Michaels, 53, was found murdered Tuesday in a room at the Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills, Calif., MyFoxLA.com reported. His body was riddled with puncture wounds, police said.

Michaels did about 50 adult movies, according to MyFoxLA.com.

He'd also gotten involved in drugs, said adult film producer Rob Spallone, who told MyFoxLa.com that he wasn't surprised by Michaels' murder.

"He got hooked on the crystal meth and crack and that was the end of it," Spallone said.

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Joseph ( Joe ) Gilliam, Jr. born on Dec 29, 1950, in Charleston, West Virginiawas an African-American professional football player. Gilliam was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1972 in the 11th round after a college football career at Tennessee State University where he was a two-time All-American.

He became the Steelers’ starting Quarterback in 1974 but lost the job when Terry Bradshaw was chosen to lead the team after the first six games of the season. Gilliam was out of the National Football League at the end of 1975 He battled cocaine and alcohol addiction on and off over the next few years.

In 1981 Gilliam returned to football, playing quarterback for the semi-pro New Orleans Blue Knights of the Dixie Football League. In 1983, Gilliam attempted a comeback to pro football in the United States Football League with the Washington Federals. He did not have much success and retired from the sport for good after that season.

Gilliam ran a football camp in Nashville at times. He earned the nickname “Jefferson Street Joe” for the boulevard that runs by Tennessee State University in Nashville.

Gilliam died of a heart attack on December 25, 2000 shortly after watching the NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys at the Tennessee Titans.

He had been sober for four years prior to his death and was able to attend the final Steelers game at Three Rivers Stadium.

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It is Halloween time this weekend and the ghosts, goblins and spooks will be out in force in the Scenic City. It’s a fun time and there are lots of events planned for Chattanooga music lovers.

Thursday night, Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) kicks off the Halloween weekend at Rhythm & Brews. This is one of the best shows of the year, with the boys in bandages from Nashville coming to town with their unique brand of funk.

If you like horns, percussion, and an incredibly tight band, then this is the show for you. A highly successful group of studio musicians, HCTM will leave their Grammy awards at home, but bring the talent it took to win the coveted awards. This will be a special event, as their new, super high quality DVD should be available at the show.

Saturday night, Buds has their huge annual Halloween show, with Bud Lightning performing before a packed house of costumed revelers. This is a big show, with a $1000 in prizes for the best costumes.

T-Bones always has a great costumed crowd for Halloween, and this year they have the reunion concert of The Honky Dogs. I’ve been to several Halloween parties at T-Bones and always get a kick out of the patrons’ costumes.

The Mudpie has their open mic challenge contest Saturday night, and the contestants get extra points for wearing costumes. There is a lot of talent at this event and it is always fun, but I bet this one will be memorable. If you go, hoot and holler for my brother, Bill E. Payne, in town from Roanoke, VA.

Midtown Music Hall has Sloppy Roast Beef for Halloween. That’s the band, not the sandwich.

The Riverhouse Pub will host Eris and The Tammys at their Halloween event. This is a fun place and I bet Halloween will be a blast there.

My pick-o-the week is a double! Catch The Pool today at Miller Plaza for the Chattanooga Market Party, then head over to Rhythm & Brews and see Here Come The Mummies!

Bob’s pick-o-the-weekend is Crossfire, playing Friday & Saturday at the old Governor’s Lounge on Highway 58, now called the Lower Level.

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Wjla Breast Exam, In a groundbreaking news event designed to help save lives, ABC 7 News is sharing critical, need-to-know information about breast self exams. Breast cancer is one of the leading and most feared killers of women. But you can win the battle against breast cancer if you have the knowledge to fight it.

A team of journalists at ABC 7 News has been working together to bring you a first-of-a-kind report on Washington television: “Touch of Life: The Guide to Self-breast Examination.”

In its reporting, the team was amazed to find the majority of women have no idea how to do a breast exam, and when and how often to do it. Self breast-examinations are especially critical for young women, since insurance does not pay for routine mammograms until the age of 40.Breast cancer patient Lauren Albright is a case in point. The 28-year-old was doing her monthly self breast exam when her fingertips discovered something she hoped she’d never find — a lump.

“it was a pea-size lump under my nipple,” Albright recalled. “That’s when I decided to go to my primary care physician.”

She is facing the fight of her life, and wants to help show other women how to do this critical exam. So she bravely volunteered to go unclothed so a doctor can show both her and you the proper way to detectbreast cancer.

“I know enough to save my own life, and that was very important to me,” she said.

Surgical oncologist Shannon Lehr with the Inova Breast Care Institute helped Albright demonstrate the proper life-saving techniques:

“So the first part of the exam is looking at both your breasts in a mirror, looking for any changes in the appearance of the breasts, and that way you can look at all of the breast contour. And again, what you’re looking for is just changes — anything that looks different month to month.

“And what you want to do is take the pads of three fingers and then just gently, in a circular motion, feel all of the breast tissue. And you have to remember that the breast tissue extends from the collarbone, down to the top of the abdomen, to the breast bone, out to the armpit.

“The other important thing is to remember that you do have a lot of breast tissue behind the nipple so you want to include the nipple, behind the nipple, on all four sides.

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This morning, rumors surfaced in the UK that a Michael Jackson autopsy picture has been leaked and is being shopped. The "owner" is allegedly seeking $1 one million. Reports say the photo shows the deceased music icon with a shaved head, eyes open, ashy skin, lips flat, makeup removed, eyebrows tattooed, lying on his back.

The autopsy pic supposedly originated from "a high ranking police official" and was passed on via phone to another individual who is now seeking to profit from it.

A British celebrity gossip tabloid editor claims the photo could fetch a $1 million price tag. If it were real, that is, and we're quite skeptical that such a thing exists. So far, no actual autopsy pic has surfaced. But people are obsessed with the late King of Pop, perhaps more now than at any point in the last 10 years of his life.

They will therefore believe what they want to believe, and clamor for every scandalous piece of information - real or fabricated - that they can get their hands on.

In that sense, it's not hard to see why such a rumor would surface and gain traction, even though it is likely untrue, and that people would actually be interested.

Still, do you really want to see a death photo or autopsy photo of Michael Jackson? What's the appeal? Why not just attend a This Is It premiere in your area?

That way, you can get your MJ fix and actually see real footage!

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A stay-at-home mom who worked part-time at her daughter’s school, Kris Blum never anticipated that art would become such a passion – let alone, a career. But taking a McHenry County College art class in 2001, at age 50, changed all that.

“I took a class at MCC with Diane Wlezien in beginning watercolors. I thought ‘This would be really cool,” Blum said. “But I got to the point, since I was painting so much, (that I said) w0hat am I going to do with this?”

One art show led to another, which begot a studio at her home, The Inspired Studio, just west of the Fox River off Route 14, at 1316 Spring Beach Way. Now she is opening her doors to the public, providing other artists a venue for displaying their work.

Artist Lois DiPerna of Johnsburg will exhibit her work – colored-pencil drawings of elephants, big cats, bears and koalas – at Blum’s house Nov. 14-29. An opening reception is planned 1 to 5 p.m. Nov. 14-15. Call 847-516-2384 for studio hours.

DiPerna will be offering prints and note cards, as well as her original drawings and paintings. Also on display will be a limited number of paintings by Blum. Her repertoire includes oil landscapes and “intuitive” watercolors.

“It’s using your intuition and using your feelings to let yourself go and let the paint kind of lead you,” Blum said. “There are no constraints. I might start with something, but as you get into it just takes you somewhere else.”

Blum teaches classes and hosts shows, including an exhibition by Wlezien in December. She also remains an enthusiastic student.

“It has kind of been a whole different area for my life to go to,” she said. “I often said to myself, the next time I come back I’m going to come back to do art from the very beginning. I’m not waiting so long.”

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Lindsay Mac is well known singer, songwriter and cellist. Raised in Iowa City, she now lives and works out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lindsay began playing cello at a very young age and by the time she attended Dartmouth College, she was already an accomplished classical cellist.

The story goes that Lindsay started to play in the church choir at the age of 6 and had formal piano training soon after. After going to a local public high school, Lindsay later enrolled at Dartmouth College to study not music but medicine.

Because of her talents, she quickly got an opportunity to go abroad and moved to London and studied at the Royal College of Music and then returned briefly for a short stint at and then left again to study at The San Francisco Conservatory. By this time Lindsay had also become a decent skier and bike rider. It is in Dartmouth where she found her calling to be a cellist. Lindsay thrived in this environment and soon offers to appear as a cello player started to come.

Though Lindsay had wanted to be a singer or writer, her first love has always been the cello and she has done well. Over the years, she has performed many times as a solo act and also been a back up for artists like Catie Curtis, Michelle Shocked, KD Lang, Glen Phillips and Girlyman to name a few.

Lindsay does have a website where more news about her concerts and tours can be viewed. Linda Mac latest shows are to be performed at the Living Room on Oct 29, in New York city, on the Oct 30th at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlem, PA, on Nov 7, at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Ma, on 12th Nov at AS220 in Providence, Rhode island and Nov 21 at Driftwood café, Plymouth, Ma

Lindsay Mac continues to grace the covers of many newspapers and music magazines. She is most well known in the North East.

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Adams 12 Five Star Schools chose a new superintendent to take over for outgoing district head Mike Paskewicz . Christopher Gdowski, who currently works as general counsel for the Adams 12 district, was the sole finalist in a field of six candidates for the superintendent position. A starting date for Gdowski has not yet been announced, though he'll unofficially begin assuming duties this week.

"We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work," Gdowski said. "We know there are good things ahead."

Gdowski has a long history with the district. He is a graduate of Adams 12 Five Star Schools, having attended Leroy Drive Elementary, Northglenn Junior High and Thornton High School.

"It's pretty amazing and overwhelming at times to think back on where I've come from," he said.

Looking ahead, Gdowski said he has three objectives he'll look to tackle as superintendent. The first, he said, will be to substitute the district's long-standing goal of having 95 percent of all students performing at or above grade level in reading, writing and math by 2012. He hopes to implement a new model that focuses instead on high, but achievable annual goals of growth.

Gdowski also wants to improve the graduation rates and develop more magnet programs that focus on areas such as science, teaching and engineering.

Paskewicz, who has served as the Adams 12 superintendent since 2003, is leaving Oct. 15 for a position in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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A handout picture made available on 27 Oct 2009 by Fred Marcus Photography shows Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner posing for photographs during their wedding at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, USA on 25 Oct 2009.

You wanted to see Ivanka Trump's wedding dress? OK, fine. Here it is. If this were Project Runway, we'd call it "matronly." But because she has more money than you, she gets to call it "Grace Kelly-inspired."

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Business is a game – lots of competition and a minimum of rules. KFC was first to take the step into this competition of offering attractive promotions to its customers. Boston Market just entered the race of discounted meals, their offer, $1 value meals inclusive of a quarter white-meats, cornbread and some mashed potatoes is somewhat acceptable for the customers.

Boston Market sent high-class and exclusive coupons on Google and on company’s website for its VIP members allowing them to get a $1 chicken meal. This fabulous and splendid offer is valid from 26th October up to 1st November 2009.

This cut-price chicken meal offered by Boston Market is in response to KFC’s “Unfry day” to promote its free grilled chicken day today. Boston Market started their campaign of 1$ deal by e-mail, they have e-mailed their privileged or VIP Club members, but now any consumer can get a coupon print off Boston Market’s website.

You can get a full meal for $1 by showing your Boston Market’s coupon and without the coupon there is no discounted meal for any one no matter if you are a VIP member of just a regular consumer.

Boston Market is a large chain of US fast food restaurants, which was established in 1985 in Newton, Massachusetts, the chain rapidly keeps a good and strong position in the market but in late 1990s, company lost its repute because of bankruptcy and latterly purchased by McDonald’s but afterward sold by McDonald’s in the late 2007. Now the chain has approximately 500 company-owned restaurants situated in 30 different states, with more than 1500 employees.

So rush to avail this delicious offer if you are a fast food lover.

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Baseball analyst Steve Phillips was fired by ESPN on the Sunday night, less than a week after he admitted having an affair with a production assistant at the cable network.

A representative for Phillips also announced the former Mets general manager was entering a treatment facility "to address his personal issues."

Phillips' acknowledgment Wednesday of his relationship with 22-year-old Brooke Hundley was splashed across the New York tabloids for days, embarrassing the Bristol, Conn.-based sports giant.

"Steve Phillips is no longer working for ESPN," network spokesman Josh Krulewitz said in a statement. "His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, and it became evident it was time to part ways."

Phillips had taken a leave of absence after the affair became public. Krulewitz declined comment when asked Sunday night about Hundley's status with the company.

Steve Lefkowitz, Phillips' representative, said in an e-mail that his client "is voluntarily admitting himself to an inpatient treatment facility to address his personal issues, and informed ESPN of his plans Friday."

According to a police report filed in Wilton, Conn., Hundley began calling Phillips' wife, Marni, on Aug. 5 after he broke off the affair and sent her a letter graphically describing their relationship and the 46-year-old Phillips' birthmarks.

Marni Phillips called police Aug. 19 when she came home to find Hundley in her driveway. "I knew instinctively that this was the woman Steve was involved with and I was terrified," she wrote in a statement to police.

Hundley also contacted Phillips' 16-year-old son through his Facebook account, according to the police report.

"This woman has clearly displayed erratic behavior and delusional tendencies," Steve Phillips said in a statement to police.

Phillips signed a statement to police that he would not press charges. The status of the police investigation was unclear Sunday. The report indicated a detective planned to interview Hundley this week when she returned from vacation.

Marni Phillips filed for divorce Sept. 14, according to court records.

In 1998, Steve Phillips admitted having sex with a Mets employee, who sued for sexual harassment. That case was settled out of court. Phillips was fired by the Mets in 2003.

Messages seeking comment were left Sunday for Phillips and Hundley.

ESPN has been troubled by a series of workplace issues involving alleged misconduct by its television personalities.

In 2006, baseball analyst Harold Reynolds was fired after a female intern complained about what he called a "brief and innocuous hug." Reynolds sued and settled with the network last year.

Last year, a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a makeup artist who accused hosts Jay Crawford and sports writer Woody Paige of groping and propositioning her on the set of the now-defunct show "Cold Pizza."

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Brooke Hundley facilitates viewers through her Myspace and Facebook to learn who caused Steve Phillips a double blow, Commentator and analyst Steve Phillips lost the dream job with ESPN as well as his family.

16-year-old Brooke Hundley was a production assistant with the same network.

In the first place if you are living a happy married life at the age of 46 years, you should have been away from ‘troubles’ Steve! Secondly, had you had learnt from the past experiences, you should have foresighted that your acts are going to put your career on the stake.

The ESPN authorities sent Steve on a leave of absence as soon as the senior campaigner considered it appropriate to open up about a dirty-secret before his superiors. Whereas the network considered it appropriate to ‘determine his future in the light of facts he revealed.

In other words we can say that neither poor Steve avoided ‘neither troubles’ nor he has learnt from the past. Being sent on leave was a visible sign or an indication that something is coming up.

Steve has been fired from ESPN and deprived off a dream-job, Steve’s physical relations with many more ‘friends revealed, Steve’s wife Marni Phillips has filed divorce, courtesy; “One admitted love affair with 22-year-old ESPN production assistant Brooke Huldley.”

Though Brooke Hundley retaliated in a furious manner and made the lives of both Steve Phillips and Marni Phillips upon being dumped by Steve, yet the blame is on Steve Phillips. Had Mets not backed their general manager well in 1998 when another mistress of Steve named ‘Rosa Rodriguez’ sued him for sexual harassment, he would never be able to win the suite and save his job alone.

Here again he puts his job on the stake by foreseeing some ‘threat’ from his dumped lover. The angry lady Brooke in retaliation, used to stalk his son, wrote letters to Marni about her joyous sexy moments with her husband and threatened her in many ways but would someone please Steve Phillips as to why did he cheat anyway?

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Results are coming for the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon 2009, you can watch the route map for the Marine Corps Marathon in 3rd.

“Runners can read a course description, view the turn by turn directions of the course and check out the new 3-D Video Course Map from Harris Corp” says Marathon organizers.

The Marathon started at 8 AM Sunday. Marine Corps reps describe the course route as no different than previous years.

“The MCM will utilize the same course in consecutive years. The 2009 course showcases the best of Arlington, VA and the nation’s capital.

“The USATF certified route starts in Arlington, VA, and winds its way through Rosslyn along Lee Highway before turning on Spout Run and the George Washington Parkway. Runners will experience a climb on Lee Highway in the first few miles of the course, but are rewarded with a descent along Spout Run and the Parkway.

“After crossing Key Bridge into Georgetown, runners turn toward the Palisades Community when the course follows Canal Road, up to the reservoir and down MacArthur Boulevard. The course guides runners down popular M Street in Georgetown.”

At that point, runners begin to pass some of Washington’s best sites, from the Jefferson Memorial to the Kennedy Center.

“Runners will turn on Wisconsin Avenue and then K Street. The course passes the Kennedy Center and takes runners into Hains Point at approximately the halfway point of the race.

“Outside Potomac Park, runners pass the Jefferson Memorial before entering the National Mall and running by landmarks like the Lincoln, FDR, Korean War and Vietnam Veteran’s memorials, Washington Monument, and the U.S. Capitol. Runners continue along Jefferson Drive and turn onto 14th Street to “Beat the Bridge” at Mile 20 before returning to Virginia.”

The race eventually ends at the Marine Corps War Memorial, earning the title of Marathon of the Monuments.

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Iowa High School Football Playoff, When the Iowa High School Athletic Association has decided to create a substate game at the football playoffs last season, the organization is doubling the number of teams who will make the playoffs – and also doubled the interest in the high school football for the last week of the regular season. Several area teams have qualified for the postseason, but several others have a shot at a substate game heading into tonight’s action. Most teams need to win, needs to win and get some help, and still others need to see how the point system work – win or lose. The first and second teams in each district qualify will substate game and the first round when they host game win. The third and fourth qualifying teams will travel to compete in the substate.

In Class 3A, District 5, Fair (4-2, 6-2) will be in the substate with a victory at home over Mount Pleasant (4-2, 5-3). With a loss, the Trojans will continue as Washington (3-3, 4-4) fell to Fort Madison (1-5, 3-5). Even as Washington and Fairfield loses wins, the Trojans may still be able to in the substate on points.

In District 6, Center (6-0, 8-0) is in the substate and will host next Wed Grinnell and Carl is also the district, with fourth place in the game between Charition (3-3, 3-5) and Pella (3-3, 5-3). Pella travel to Norwalk (2-4, 3-5) tonight, while Chariton Center will be left at home any hope of making the substate having.

In Class 2A, District 6, Davis County (6-0, 7-1) is in the substate, and host a game Wed Mid-Prairie (5-1, 6-2) and West Burlington (5-1, 6-2) also has the posteason. The fourth is between Sigourney-Keota (3-3, 4-4) and Mediapolis (3-3, 5-3). SK hosts Davis County tonight, while traveling to Mediapolis Louisa Muscatine (1-5, 2-6).

In District 7, Albia (3-3, 3-5) still have a chance at the fourth position. The Blue Demons need to win at PCM (2-4, 3-5) tonight and then see what happens between North Polk (3-3, 4-4) and CMB (5-1, 7-1).

In Class 1A, District 5, Eddy-Blakesburg (5-1, 6-2) is in the substate, and can host the game with a win at Belle Plaine (4-2, 6-2) tonight. Pekin (3-3, 4-4) is dead, even for the fourth spot in the substate district in Wapello (3-3, 5-3). Pekin hosts Durant (2-4, 3-5) tonight, while traveling to Wapello Iowa Valley (1-5, 1-7).

In Class A, District 5, Cardinal (2-3, 4-4) hosts Highland (2-3, 2-6) tonight. With a win, the Comets earned a postseason berth. With a loss, Cardinal is probably done.

North Mahaska (4-1, 7-1) takes on North Tama (5-0, 8-0) tonight in District 6. The Warhawks are in the substate, but will need a win to secure a home game. In Eight-Player, District 5, Tri-County (4-0, 8-0) has a substate area and a home game clinched. The Trojans travel to Moravia (2-2, 3-5) tonight.

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Microsoft’s Q3 Profit Falls 18%, Beats View, Shares Rise (MSFT)
Software behemoth Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) on Friday posted 3rd quarter earnings that fell 18% from last year, but its shares rose as results were enough to easily beat analyst forecasts.

The Redmond, Washington-based company reported third quarter net income of $3.6 billion, or 40 cents per share, compared with $4.4 billion, or 48 cents per share, in the year-ago period. On average, Wall Street analysts expected a lower profit of 32 cents per share.

Revenue fell 14% from last year, to $12.9 billion, largely due to deferred revenue stemming from free Windows 7 upgrades the company gave to new PC buyers in the summer. The new Windows 7 operating system launched on Wednesday, and aims to be a more successful follow-up to the company’s Vista operating system.

Microsoft shares rose $1.99, or +7.4%, in morning trading Friday.

We have been recommending shares of MSFT since Aug.28, when the stock was trading at $24.69. The company has a 1.96% dividend yield, based on last night’s closing stock price of $24.69.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is a “recommended” dividend stock, holding a Dividend.com DARS™ Rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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This fall, Daylight Saving Time (DST) occurs on November 1.

Most systems on campus have been updated for Daylight Saving Time, but you should still check to make sure your computer or mobile devices have the latest operating system and application updates. Also, be sure to check appointments on calendars since you may encounter scheduling problems.

Windows users should be aware that if their system does not have a DST patch, their computer will move back one hour this Sunday, October 25, because Windows was originally programmed to end DST on the last Sunday in October. Windows users should make sure that they have the latest DST patch, which is available at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/970653. Mac users should make sure they have the latest software update installed.

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Soupy Sales, the rubber-faced comedian whose anything for a chuckle career was built on 20,000 pies to the face and 5,000 live TV appearances across a half-century of laughs, he died Thursday. He was 83.

Sales, who had health problems and entered Calvary Hospice last week, died in the Bronx, New York, said his former manager and longtime friend, Dave Usher.

At the peak of his fame in the 1950s and '60s, Sales was one of the best-known faces in the nation, Usher said.

At the same time, Sales retained an openness to fans that turned every restaurant meal into an endless autograph-signing session, Usher said.

Sales began his TV career in Cincinnati and Cleveland, then moved to Detroit, where he drew a large audience on WXYZ-TV. He moved to Los Angeles in 1961.

The comic's pie-throwing schtick became his trademark, and celebrities lined up to take one on the chin alongside Sales. During the early 1960s, stars such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Shirley MacLaine received their just desserts side-by-side with the comedian on his television show.

Sales was born Milton Supman on Jan. 8, 1926, in Franklinton, N.C., where his was the only Jewish family in town. His parents, owners of a dry-goods store, sold sheets to the Ku Klux Klan. The family later moved to Huntington, W.Va.

His greatest success came in New York with "The Soupy Sales Show" — an ostensible children's show that had little to do with Captain Kangaroo and other kiddie fare. Sales' manic, improvisational style also attracted an older audience that responded to his envelope-pushing antics.

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Sheriff: Somer Thompson's body found in landfill
Authorities have tentatively identified a body found in a landfill as that of 7th year old Somer Thompson, a north Florida girl who disappeared on her walk home from school, the sheriff in charge of the case said Thursday.

Sheriff Rick Beseler said Thursday that the identification was
based on clothing on the body and a birthmark that matched the girl’s.

The partially covered body of the child was found in a Georgia landfill near the Florida state line, after investigators followed garbage trucks leaving the neighborhood where the child disappeared Monday.

Beseler said at a news conference he still fears for the community until a suspect is apprehended. He wouldn’t talk about what evidence police have recovered, or whether investigators believe the crime was committed by one or more people.

An FBI forensic unit is helping process evidence from the landfill.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation planned an autopsy Thursday.

The landfill is in Folkston, Ga., about 48 miles from where the girl disappeared.

Somer vanished on her mile-long walk home from school in Orange Park. She was squabbling with another child, and her sister told her to stop. The girl got upset, walked ahead of the group and wasn’t seen again.

Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville just south of Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The area where the girl disappeared is a heavily populated residential area with homes, apartment complexes and condominiums.

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Timex iControl Ironman Watch with iPod, iPhone 3G/3GS Control
Timex iControl Ironman Watch with iPod Control is attractive much a standard work out watch with main difference of its iPod Control.

The iControl watch from Timex will transmit a seamless signal to your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and iPod, with a chronograph training log which stores workouts by date, total segment time, average lap and best lap. The Timex iControl Ironman Watch features a 100 hour chronograph with lap or split in large digits, 50 lay memory recall, total run timer, lap management, 24 hour countdown timer, three customisable alarms, auto-interval repetition counter, and 3 times zones.

The Timex iControl Ironman Watch is durable and lightweight with a resin strap and water resistant up to 100 metres, INDIGLO night light, comes in a range of colours and is compatible with the iPod, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and is available via Woot for a price of $24.99

Share a comment or problems with phones and networks.

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Steve Phillips - Brooke Hundley Affair - Marni Phillips Files For Divorce
Steve Phillips scandal is now breaking news! The 47 year old ESPN sportscaster and former Mets manager is reportedly having an aggair with 22 year old Brooke Hundley, who works for ESPN as production assistant. Hmmm, are you trying to follow David Letterman's route then, when Steve Phillips decided to end this relationship.

Brooke Hundley went to write a letter to Marni Phillips exposing their scandalous trysts.

The Brooke Hundley saga also included contacting the ESPN sports analysts 2 sons via Facebook. Because of the alleged scandal, wife Marni Phillips filed for divorce and Steve Phillips is now suspended in ESPN for one week. Wow, Brooke Hundley can really mess up with Steve Phillips life just like that! We hope this affair will serve as a lesson to all men out there.

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Phillips affair story has baseball world buzzing

I'm mentioning Steve Phillips because I do not want to be the one blog that doesn't. A report in Wednesday's New York Post details the messy end of an affair between ESPN analyst and former Mets general manager Steve Phillips and a 22-year-old production assistant and has quickly become the hot topic of the day.

It's a nice juicy story about a good Mets villain and you can read about it in the Post. For whatever reason I just do not
want to dish personal dirt. The goal of this site has always been to encourage the Mets to treat their fans with respect, dress nicely, and
maybe win a World Series. I wish the franchise nothing but success.

As for Steve, my biggest problem with him is that he can't be bothered to get off speakerphone when calling 1050. It sounds like crap on
every interview he does. What he does in his spare time is for other sites to discuss.

More importantly, can we start these playoff games at 7? I gave up after 5 and a half. It was 10:30. A typical regular season game ends
around 9:45 so even accounting for the playoff starting 49 minutes later We shouldn't have to stay up until midnight. Half the population of the US lives in the eastern time zone.

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Leah Ignagni (photo) Steve McNair's other, other woman with him after Sahel Kazemi's DUI arrest
According to Nashville, Tenn., police, Leah Ignagni was dating the late NFL star Steve McNair at the time of his fourth July murder at the hands of lover Sahel Kazemi. The other other woman recalled seeing a woman in a black Cadillac Escalade parked outside his condo 2-3 weeks before his murder.

It is not clear who owns it. However, Leah Ignagni also said the woman followed her and that she later saw the Escalade circling her block or parked outside her apartment 1-2 weeks later. A 2007 black Escalad...

So Steve McNair went to Leah Ignagni's house after he got Sahel Kazemi out of jail - which seems to have set off the bells in Sahel Kazemi, who wound up murdering McNair then turning the gun on herself in a story that's just plain hard to blog about.

As for Leah Ignagni, she's still living in Nashville and started a new but not yet launched magazine called 61Five.

It's hard to think that Steve McNair went out this way, which is why we prefer to remember his deeds on the field and for those in need.

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Fifth Third Joins with Revolution Money to Issue RevolutionCard
Revolution Money today announced that 5th Third Bank has joined the Revolution Money network as an issuing bank. The combination of Fifth Third Bank`s card-issuing capabilities with Revolution Money`s marketing and customer servicing and communication capabilities will provide a robust platform for expanded adoption of RevolutionCard.

"With Fifth Third as an issuing bank we have our largest opportunity yet to
significantly grow the RevolutionCard business," said Jason Hogg, founder and
CEO of Revolution Money. "Our partnership coincides with a time when consumers
are looking for the type of embedded value in every purchase that Revolution
Card provides."

With no interchange fees, RevolutionCard creates substantial cost savings for
merchants - savings they today are passing back to consumers in the form of
loyalty programs and incentives. As the first PIN-based credit card,
RevolutionCard provides cardholders peace-of-mind knowing that if they lose
their card an unauthorized person cannot use it without their PIN. Additionally,
RevolutionCard reduces the chance of identity theft as the card does not display
a cardholder`s name or signature. These consumer-oriented security features
benefit merchants by helping to reduce chargeback and fraud risk.

"We are excited to join the Revolution Money network and about the opportunity
it creates by providing Fifth Third with a new card distribution channel to
supplement our existing distribution channels," said Jon Groch, Fifth Third Bank
director of Bankcard Services. "We are confident that the value proposition the
Revolution Card provides will attract loyal customers seeking everyday value,
and enhanced security from their credit card."

About Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bancorp is a diversified financial services company headquartered in
Cincinnati, Ohio. The Company has $116 billion in assets, operates 16 affiliates
with 1,306 full-service Banking Centers, including 100 Bank Mart locations open
seven days a week inside select grocery stores and 2,362 ATMs in Ohio, Kentucky,
Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,
Missouri, Georgia and North Carolina. Fifth Third operates four main businesses:
Commercial Banking, Branch Banking, Consumer Lending, and Investment Advisors.
Fifth Third also has a 49% interest in Fifth Third Processing Solutions, LLC.
Fifth Third is among the largest money managers in the Midwest and, as of June
30, 2009, has $180 billion in assets under care, of which it managed $24 billion
for individuals, corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Investor
information and press releases can be viewed at www.53.com. Fifth Third's common
stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Global Select Market under the symbol
"FITB." Member FDIC.

About Revolution Money

Revolution Money, a secure, interchange-free payment platform, was created to
deliver significant value to both consumers and merchants through two products,
RevolutionCard and Revolution MoneyExchange. The RevolutionCard eliminates
costly interchange fees for merchants while simultaneously providing consumers
with enhanced PIN-based security, identity protection and numerous merchant
discounts and incentives. MoneyExchange is an online payment service that offers
its accountholders an easy, secure and free way to instantly send and receive
money online to other accountholders. These products are leading the
transformation of the payment industry by providing secure, easy, and instant
payment solutions for everyone. St. Petersburg, Florida-based Revolution Money
is part of the family of companies within Revolution LLC, which was founded by
AOL co-founder Steve Case to drive transformative change by shifting power to

More information: http://hotarmisticenews.blogspot.com/2009/10/revolution-money.html

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There’s no doubt that currently, vampires are in, and it is not hard to see why: They are often fashionable, beautiful and mysteriously attractive at least, in the movies.For a look at the real thing, Comcast On Demand’s new series VAMPIRES REVEALED documents the lives of three practicioners of the lifestyle, and how the mainstream frequently misunderstands their beliefs, behavior and daily lives. The series plays through November 2 (find it in the Paranormal folder), and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

One of its subjects is actress Seregon O’Dassey, who has appeared in a number of horror features (see previous interview here) and tells Fango, “It’s about modern vampires. The majority of it is myself, Patrick from Dracula’s Ball and someone who goes by the name Sin. We each document ourselves and give the world a glimpse into our lives—into the modern-day Dracula. We show people that sometimes it’s a little bit like think it is, but mostly we’re just regular people who have fun, and this is our world, as opposed to what people are used to hearing and seeing.”

O’Dassey believes this in-depth exploration will open viewers’ eyes, and that they may be surprised by what they learn. “The Hollywood stereotype is very strong,” she says, “and a lot of people do get fangs made and yeah, we mostly wear black. But we don’t go around attacking people and biting their necks, and we don’t sleep in coffins. We might have them in our houses—I know people who do—but they’re just for decoration, and we don’t live the way people think we do. I believe they’ll be interested to find out that despite how they view us, they really just have no idea.”

Also interviewed in VAMPIRES REVEALED are those surrounding the subjects, including family and friends who, in O’Dassey’s case, have accepted her lifestyle. “There’s nobody at this point who doesn’t know, unless they’ve never met me before,” she says. “I act and model full time, so I have to keep a very mainstream and ‘normal’ look. There’s a really good interview with my mom, which will probably make you chuckle a little because she says she always thought I was a little weird. But my mom’s my best friend, she always has been.”

O’Dassey is right: If you weren’t aware of her lifestyle, her sweet, bubbly demeanor would never give it away, and the manner in which she discusses her life isn’t very unusual either. She even talks about horror and vampire movies the way most of us do: “Just stop remaking things, is my general attitude,” she says, though she doesn’t seem entirely miffed by the way Hollywood represents bloodsuckers. “As long as they keep the stereotype in the movies, that’s one thing. That’s why we’re all doing this show, to give people a little glimpse into the life.

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McDonalds Monopoly Online was introduced by McDonalds in 2004 as an online compliment to the traditional McDonalds game. Here the McDonald’s given the participants an opportunity to play online in addition to the traditional game of McDonald’s through sticker.

There are different codes on the list in each piece of this game and these pieces are entered online.

There may be 10 maximum entries in a full day i.e. in 24 hours. Every code that is entered by the participant gives the participant 1 roll on the virtual board of the Monopoly game, similar to the game board. As in the case of real board’s game, it also enables the participant to repeat its move by rolling the doubles, i.e. the two dice which share same number.

In this case landing on the Income Tax, Electric Company, Just Visiting/Jail, Water Works, Go to the Jail as well as the Luxury Taxes do not conclude any prize. In case the player landed on the property un-owned by him, the participant will be able to collect the property. After all the properties of a set of color are being collected, the participant wins the prize and the prize value is similar to the prize value in case of “sticker game”. Apart from collection of property sets, the users or participants may win through landing on the various certain spaces called “instant win” which include, Chance, Go, Free Parking and Community Chest.

These categories enable the user to win various worthy and interesting items against each category or landing on these various categories. The value of prizes has been increasing with subsequent years making more attractive in recent years.

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Need for speed, call for safety: Strip offers racers a legal place to drag The lure of street racing can be irresistible for many teenagers.

Vividly portrayed in movies such as "The Fast and the Furious" series and "Biker Boyz," street racing is as engaging and addictive as it is dangerous.

In March, street racing claimed the life of an El Pasoan when he died inside his burning Nissan 350Z on Interstate 10 between Lee Treviño Drive and Zaragoza Road.

He was racing a man in a Nissan Maxima when both drivers lost control and hit two other cars, causing the Nissan 350Z to burst into flames, according to police reports.

As a safe alternative to illegal street racing, Lino Barragan has opened the El Paso Motorplex to licensed drivers who would like to put the pedal to the metal every Sunday night.

"We do this on Sunday so the kids won't be on the streets," Barragan said. "It's better if they race here because it's a safe environment and it's legal."

Anyone can bring out their car, and for $15, they get a crack at the quarter-mile track.

El Paso Motorplex has been open since April 2008 and has sponsored many major races. The speedway is on Gateway West near the Clint Interstate 10 entrance.

"The track gets better and better," Barragan said. "Along with what we do with the locals on Sundays, we bring in some big events. We brought in jet cars, and the Southwest Supercharges have already been here three times."

But on Sunday nights, it's all bout the locals.

Barragan estimates about 125 drivers have turned out each Sunday to race in everything from classic Volkswagens to Ninja motorcycles.

"This is the only track in El Paso and people love to run their cars here," he said. "They are happy when they leave the park and they are safe, and that's all that matters."

The car owners organize themselves and decide who races who.

"It's just a rush," said Steven Villanueva, who brought his souped-up Chevy Cobalt to race. "There is a lot of adrenaline going through you body. It's fun."

Drivers such as Villanueva don't have to worry about getting busted by police, or worse, injuring themselves or others in a street wreck.

If something does happen, the Clint Fire Department is standing by the sides of the racetrack, but so far, there have been no problems.

"I love coming out here," said Sandra Lujan, as she watched the races along with other spectators in the stands. "My boyfriend races so I come out and support him. I enjoy the different types of cars that race and appreciate what the owners put in them."

The atmosphere is festive at the El Paso Motorplex.

You know something special is about to happen when you hear big beefy engines revving as the racers watch for the light pole to signal the start of the race.

As the lights change from white to yellow and finally to green, the cars scream down the track, spinning their tires and spewing white smoke until your throat is choking and your eyes are tearing up.

The smell of burning rubber fills the air.

A quarter of a mile and 10 to 13 seconds later, just past two computerized timers overlooking the track, the same light pole that started the race flashes on the side of the winner's lane.

Juan Romero, 38, has felt the rush of speed and adrenaline run through his veins for 22 years.

"I've seen this track evolve so much," said Romero, who races a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 motorcycle. "The individuals you see out there on the track have the discipline to make the right choices about where to race."

Romero has a unique perspective when it comes to street racing.

"I work on an ambulance with the El Paso Fire Department, so I've seen first hand a lot of the stupid stuff the kids are getting themselves into," he said bluntly. "The majority of the stuff happening out there is kids not having the discipline, not having the motorcycle endorsement, not taking a safety class, and they are out there on the streets doing all kinds of crazy things. That's what gives them the adrenaline high."

Randy Garcia, another racer and owner of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, said he is glad there is an alternative venue for street racers.

"This keeps the kids off the streets," he said. "Plus, they don't have to worry about the old lady in the van."

James Medina, sporting slick spiked hair, acknowledges is weakness for street racing.

"I still get an itch to race down some of the city's streets," said Medina, a 24-year-old UTEP student.

"I have a friend who got busted for street racing. He got his license revoked and he had to do some community service. It wasn't fun for him."

According to the Texas Transportation code, racing on the highway is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by a one-year suspension of your driver's license with at least 10 hours of community service.

"We get our thrills whenever they have legal races here," Medina said. "I'll drive all my aggression out and then drive home safely."

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LAHORE : Hindus in Pakistan celebrated the colourful festival of Diwali on Saturday with great zeal and enthusiasm. Every year, Hindus around the world celebrate this ‘festival of lights’ to remember return of Rama from the woods where, the legend has it, he spent 14 years in exile.

Deepawali, or Diwali (Markiscarali) is a major religious festival, which is also celebrated by Sikhs. Like other parts of the country, the Hindus in the capital city made all arrangements to celebrate the festival.

Most of them painted and washed their houses. Several temporary makeshift markets were also set up in a local temple where community members bought earthen pots, statues of their gods and goddesses and firecrackers to set them off at night. Late evening, they worshiped goddess of Laxmi or Lakhshmi as part of the rituals specific to the festival and decorated their homes with lights and lamps. “It is an occasion of sheer happiness for us,” said a devotee visiting Swami Narayan Mandir. “People celebrate this festival by lighting up Diyas (earthen lamps) which are kept outside their homes. They wear new clothes, meet relatives and distribute sweets.

The young and the old both participate in setting off firecrackers and making vibrant Rangoli,” he said. The festival signals the start of the new year, the end of harvest season and a celebration of life and renewal.

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Family of boy in balloon incident to hold news conference

A crowd of reporters and others is gathering in front of the house of the Fort Collins couple in the media spotlight after it was feared their 6 years old drifted off in a home made helium balloon.

Richard Heene announced to reporters early this morning that he would have a news conference at 10 a.m. to make a big announcement.

The family has been in the news since Thursday when the balloon Richard Heene had in his backyard broke free of its tethers. Richard and Mayumi Heene reported their son, 6-year-old Falcon, was on board.

That set off a frantic search that included law enforcement agencies, the Colorado Air National Guard and TV helicopters. The balloon landed in a field about 50 miles from Fort Collins and no one was on board.

Sheriff's investigators found the boy in the rafters of his family's garage where he said he hid because he thought he was in trouble.

The family has faced questions about whether the whole incident was a hoax. The Larimer County sheriff's department has said there's no indication of that, but wants to talk to the family again.

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One of country music's greatest stars, Tanya Tucker, arrives in N Y today to promote her critically acclaimed new Time Life CD, "MY TURN," which was produced by the great Pete Anderson.

Recently called the "Taylor Swift of her day," by People Magazine, you can catch Tanya all this week on the following programs: Hannity & The Strategy Room on Thursday, October 15th, Imus In The Morning on Friday, October 16th, Fox & Friends and The Fox Business Network on Saturday, October 17th. Tanya will also be performing this evening at BB Kings in New York to a sell out crowd and VIP audience and is currently on tour in support of "MY TURN." DON'T MISS IT!!

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Tomorrow is Sweetest Day. Look, I will be the first to say that I hate this "Special Day". It is a sugary, man-made (business-driven) day.

Isn't it really just a cheap (although not in this economy) imitation of Valentine's Day?
I have also learned over the years when to back off of a fight. This is one that I can't win. Sweetest Day is here to stay. With that in mind, I want to highlight 3 sweeties in my life.
I have known Jake for several years. The first time I met him, I dropped off some folders at Laurie's (his mom and my coworker) home. Within minutes, Jake had wrapped himself around my leg in an attempt to wrestle me.
This behavior has repeated itself many times over the years. I will admit that I am not sure how many more years I will be able to outmuscle him, as he is growing to be a big boy. (He doesn't read this, though...so I am not giving him any edge.)
This kid is destined for something big. He is genuinely sweet and kind, but definitely not soft. He's a great kid.
The pooch in my lap is Mandy and her brother Max is in front. Although Laurie got them to save them from an uncertain future, I was very unsure of it all. The dogs were energetic beyond my comprehension. They drove me crazy.
Years later, I have to admit that they have grown into fun dogs, each with a special personality. Make no mistake though, both demand loving (and well, I guess both deserve it, too).
However, I remind Laurie often and I am writing it here for all to see (and her to check if ever she has doubts). This trio is special, loving, smart and fun. None of that is happenstance. All of it goes right back to Laurie (a true sweetie in herself).
Laurie is so dedicated to Jake (not just as a mom, but as a friend...but not at the expense of being a mom). It's been great to be a part of this and to witness it all.
This post was supposed to run last April, on Laurie's birthday week. PC problems prevented that from happening. I thought today might be the next best time to run it.

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Missing pilot in F-16 crash identified, search on-going

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, SC (WIS) - Officials at Shaw Air Force Base have revealed the name of a missing pilots after two F-16 collided 40 miles off of Folly Beach.

Authorities say Capt. Nicholas Giglio collided with another Shaw F-16 in mid-air over the Atlantic Ocean around 8:30pm Thursday.

Air Force officials said the fighters were assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing. The aircraft were participating in night training maneuvers, officials said.

The aircraft carried one person each. One F-16 was able to land safely at Charleston AFB, and the pilot, identified as Capt. Lee Bryant, is being examined by Air Force medical personnel.

Search crews in a C-130 airplane and a cutter have been unable to spot either the missing plane or its pilot so far. The Coast Guard says rainy weather isn't helping.

Earlier this week, Shaw Air Force Base announced that pilots would be conducting nighttime exercises to allow pilots to fly with night vision equipment and practice tactics critical to surviving in combat.

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Final score for game one of the Phillies vs Dodgers - Phillies win 8-6. The Phillies Dodgers win came after Phillies’ Carlos Ruiz and Raul Ibanez hit 3 runs homers.

Dodgers Joe Torre said of Thursday night’s game - “It’s like a prize fight, we just came up a little short”.

Manny Ramirez homered. But that wasn’t enough for Los Angeles before the 56,000 full capacity crowd at Dodger Stadium last night.

In the 2nd, Loney gave the Dodgers an early lead with a homer to right. Ruiz delivered a 3 run homer in the 5th to put the Phillies up 3-1. A double to right for Howard in the 5th put the Phillies up 5-1. Ramirez’ homer in the 5th and a Ethier’s grounder brought Los Angeles closer trailing 5-4 in the 5th.

But Ibanez’s three run homer in the 8th expanded the lead again 8-4 for the Phillies in the 8th. Two more scores by the Dodgers in the 8th was the end of scoring - narrowing it to only 8-6.

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Al Martino, who died on Oct 13 aged 82, was a great postwar Italian-American crooner who rose to even further fame with his role as the singer Johnny Fontane in The Godfather, the 1972 blockbuster movie starring Marlon Brando; he also sang the UK first number one record.

The character of Fontane – a busted flush who seeks the intervention of the Mafia to revive his career – is often said to have been based on Frank Sinatra, who had long been known to have mob connections; but equally there were parallels with Martino's own life story.

Indeed, his friend Phyllis McGuire – one of the singing trio The McGuire Sisters and the girlfriend of the mobster Sam Giancana – told Martino before the film was made: "I just read a book, [Mario Puzo's] The Godfather. Al, Johnny Fontane is you – and I know you can play it in the movie."

Martino later claimed that he contacted the film's producer, Al Ruddy, who offered him the part, despite the fact that he had no acting experience. The crooner arranged to be released from a contract to sing at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas (costing him an estimated $250,000), but was then rejected for the Fontane role by the director, Francis Ford Coppola, in favour of Vic Damone.

According to Martino, Coppola was eventually outflanked, after the singer used mob connections to pressure the director in a manner that could have come from the film: "Didn't the Don send Tom Hagen to convince Jack Woltz that Johnny Fontane must be in the movie? Isn't it similar to what I did? Woltz didn't want Johnny, and Coppola didn't want me. There was no horse's head, but I had ammunition... I had to step on some toes to get people to realise that I was in the effing movie. I went to my godfather, [Mafia boss] Russ Bufalino."

Damone subsequently backed out of the project, leaving the way clear for Martino.

Whether Martino was actually the right man for the role is questionable. Johnny Fontane is the godson of Brando's Mafia boss character, Don Vito Corleone. As Fontane weeps because a movie producer refuses to give him a role, Brando barks at him: "You can act like a man!" and slaps him in the face. According to another member of the cast, the slap was Brando's attempt to extract some emotion from Martino's wooden expression.

Martino also sang the 1972 film's title score, I Have but One Heart (O Marenariello), also known as The Love Theme From The Godfather.

His appearance in the movie came at a time when, as a singer, he appeared to be past his peak. For two decades he had produced a string of hit records, starting in 1952 with Here In My Heart, which had the distinction of going to No 1 in the first ever UK singles chart (earning him a mention in The Guinness Book of Records), remaining in the top spot for nine weeks.

Before releasing the record Martino had heard that Mario Lanza – whom he had known since their childhood in Philadelphia – was planning to cut his own version of the song. Knowing that this would eclipse his debut single, he pleaded with his friend to leave the field clear. Lanza agreed.

The success of Here in My Heart brought Martino a contract with Capitol Records, and in 1953 he followed up with three more hits – Take My Heart, Rachel, and When You're Mine.

There was, however, a price to pay for his new stardom. In 1952, when Here in My Heart had been No 1 in America, two thugs turned up at the house of Martino's manager demanding to buy the young singer's contract. According to Martino, when they threatened his manager's life, "he just gave them my contract for free".

Martino claimed that when he cut up rough he was beaten up by two men at the 500 Club in Atlantic City. They produced a promissory note for $80,000 – "future earnings, the money we could've made off of you" – which he signed. He then fled to Britain.

Al Martino was born Alfred Cini in Philadelphia on October 7 1927, the son of Italian immigrants who ran a masonry business, and he began his working life as a bricklayer. Singing, however, was his passion from a young age, and he idolised Perry Como and Al Jolson. Another who inspired him was his friend Alfredo Cocozza, six years his senior, who as Mario Lanza was to become one of the biggest singing stars of his era.

During the Second World War Martino served with the US Marines, taking part in the invasion of the Pacific island of Iwo Jima, during which he was wounded. He then embarked on his showbusiness career, calling himself Martino (his mother's maiden name) and performing in Philadelphia nightspots. In 1948 he moved to New York, where he won a television talent show and a recording contract with the independent, Philadelphia-based label BBS.

Martino's hasty departure from the United States in 1952 was the start of six years "exile" in Britain, where he made a number of records and appeared at the London Palladium. On one occasion, after performing at the Palladium, Martino went to a party at the Dorchester hotel where he chatted to Winston Churchill.

In 1958 Martino was able to return to America thanks to the good offices of Angelo Bruno, the so-called "Gentle Don". By now the advent of rock and roll was denting enthusiasm for crooners, and Martino found success harder to come by. But he recorded albums such as The Exciting Voice of Al Martino (1962), which he financed himself, and The Italian Voice of Al Martino.

Then, in 1963, he came up with a hit single in I Love You Because, the first of a string of hits over the next 10 years. Among these was the single Spanish Eyes (1965, written by Bert Kaempfert), which reached No 5 in Britain when it was re-released in 1973 and is said to be one of the 50 most-played songs in the world. In 1976 his disco remix of the Italian pop song Volare was another huge hit, particularly in Europe.

Martino reprised his role as Johnny Fontane in The Godfather Parts II and III. In later years he was mostly occupied with performing at clubs and casinos, but in 2000 he released the album Style. In 2006 he returned to the screen as an ageing crooner in the film Cutout.

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That is a crushing beat of the 51 cents expected by analysts, who have been playing expectations catch-up for over a month, trying to get a handle on this quarter's earning.

JPM’s earnings are more exciting than GS’s earnings as JPM were supposed to be "dragged down" by Chase Banking. With $2Tn under management, the company put up $3.6Bn in quarterly profit, almost 10 times what they made last quarter (.09). "These results included the negative impact of the tightening of the firm’s credit spread, offset by the positive impact of counterparty spread tightening and gains on legacy leveraged lending and mortgage-related positions.

Of course we could nitpick and point out that last year they had competition from LEH and BSC and last year they didn’t have $25Bn in bailout money to play with and they didn’t have a Fed Discount window feeding them countless other Billions every month at 0.25% interest but we won’t, because we are trying to get more bullish! Not wanting the Government to get the idea that they don’t need any more free money, CEO Dimon said: "While we are seeing some initial signs of consumer credit stability, we are not yet certain that this trend will continue." Frankly, I think the company sandbagged the earnings as they put $4.967Bn aside as a provision for credit card losses against $5.159Bn in total sales so either their clients are MAJOR dead-beats, or there will be some more profits recognized down the road (assuming all this recovery stuff is real).

INTC also beat earnings expectations last night but they are underperforming last year by a wide margin so not in any way as exciting as JPM’s results. Our strategy for INTC yesterday was to short sell the Nov $20 puts and calls for a total of $1.95 so our upside break/even on INTC is $21.95 but even last night, on the announcement, I still said to members I thought they were a short at $22 but we’re not going to fight the market, not now that we’re over our breakout levels.

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ModCloth Honors National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Oct is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we know how much our readers would love to help in the fight against this disease that has affected millions of women worldwide.

That’s why ModCloth is making it easy for you to do your part in making a difference! When you make a purchase today, simply enter the code “MODPINK” at checkout, and we will donate 10% of your purchase price to the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition.

The mission of this non-profit organization is to represent and support survivors of breast cancer and their families through educational programming and the advocation of legislation that would grant more government funding to research, thus creating “the hope of a brighter tomorrow by providing action and information to women with breast cancer today.”

And in appreciation for your contribution in promoting continued research and awareness, and to celebrate the lives of those who have bravely battled this disease, today ModCloth is offering you a 30% discount on fifteen individual pink items in our catalog.

So, remember: Think pink, shop ModCloth, save money, and help save lives!

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Local Schools, Govt. Offices Open On Columbus Day
This Monday is Columbus Day in the United States, but in Bellingham do not expect to get out of school or get free parking.

Bellingham and Whatcom County government offices, libraries and public schools and colleges will be open Monday.

Meter maids will also be on duty in downtown Bellingham looking for illegally parked cars. Mail carriers will not be on duty. Many bank branches will be closed, but WTA buses are running on schedule.

Grocery stores, state liquor stores and the Bellis Fair Mall will all be open.

But it’s a different story on the other side of the border.

Most businesses in Canada will be closed as Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday.

Heavy traffic is expected near the border as many workers in B.C. have the day off.

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America is still the beautiful; go see for yourself
Recently, I interviewed an American author who lives in Amsterdam, After 15 years abroad, he has been missing the United States lately. What exactly does he miss?

"Americans are so optimistic," he said. "They're not cynical."

Meanwhile, filmmaker Ken Burns, whose six-part series "National Parks" just aired on PBS, says that audiences choke up when they see his documentary.

Why? Many Americans don't even know we all own these parks. They don't "realize how rich we actually are," he told the Farmers Almanac.

And the famed traveler Paul Theroux, who has written about the world's most exotic places, recently drove from Los Angeles to Cape Cod. He is not known for sentiment. And yet, he wrote in September's Smithsonian magazine:

"In the 3,380 miles I'd driven, in all that wonder, there wasn't a moment when I felt I didn't belong, not a day when I didn't rejoice in the knowledge that I was part of this beauty, not a moment of alienation or danger ... in the most beautiful country I'd ever seen."

Lately, it seems like TV talking heads who seethe with hate and sarcasm have boiled down our nation to whatever petty dispute is brewing in Washington.

How dare they? Washington is not the soul of the United States. Not even close.

My advice? Grab a suitcase, get in your car and drive. Drive to the Grand Canyon, maybe. Or to see Graceland. Stop by for lunch in a small town. See a museum. See a lake. See a mountain. Or just drive over to the next city.

Why? To count your blessings.

We have a vast country. A safe country. A free country. A very beautiful country. A country where you don't need permission to go someplace.

Even when economic times are tough, nobody can take those benefits away.

When you travel a lot, three things become apparent. First, compared with the rest of the world, there's still a lot of space to breathe in the United States. Two, I'd put our scenery up against anybody. Three, Americans do have a refreshing openness.

This month on an international flight, I met a Michigan woman who lives part time in Paris. When she goes out to dinner with French friends there, she says, she has to dial down her curiosity.

"The French don't ask too many questions," she says.

But in America, we do. In fact, curiosity and optimism are our best parts. And those are the parts, I fear, that are being snuffed out by the vitriol spewed on our airwaves, shrinking our image of our nation to a dark, shriveled-up, fearful place.

Don't let it happen to you. Travel our land. See for yourself. Let America's beauty restore your optimism.

More inrormation for: http://hotarmisticenews.blogspot.com/2009/10/beautiful.html

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Time for Another Vacation

The last time anyone saw the Griswold family they were headed to Las Vegas for the forgettable fourth installment, Vegas Vacation. THR reports that Warner Bros. acquisition New Line wants to get the Griswolds back on the road for another sequel, though this time son Rusty Griswold will take his family on a road trip, rather than his father, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase).

The fifth Vacation (sixth if you count Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure, but we don't) is planned as a sequel to the 1983 original and will not be a reboot. The sequel will reference the family's first Vacation, opening the door for appearances by Chase and Beverly D'Angelo should such cameos be written and should the actors want to appear.

New Line is meeting with writers this week to find a suitable screenwriter, but already have director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) attached to the project to produce and, possibly, direct. Originally a script from the late John Hughes, New Line is hoping to steer the franchise back in that direction and away from comedy flops such as, well, Vegas Vacation.

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Lollywood actress Meera makes peace with husband

Lahore, Oct. 10. 09 - ANI: Lollywood actress Meera has reportedly made peace with her husband Atiq-ur-Rehman, with both parties agreeing to withdraw the criminal cases filed against each other.

According to The News, Meera and Rehman signed the patch up deed before an investigation officer here on Friday.

Meera gave her thumb impression on the peace deed on Rehmans insistence, sources said.

On the question of returning Rehmans bungalow, Meera said: We will settle the issue with mutual understanding.

A civil case regarding the possession of Rehmans bungalow is still pending. - ANI

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Yap Lands Its LEC

One of the few remaining independent local exchange carriers, Cincinnati Bell, has selected Yap’s Voice2Text as the basis for its voicemail transcription service. According to this press release, Yap will be transcribing incoming voice mail messages for Cincinatti Bell’s wireless subscribers and delivering the messages as SMS-based text messages or as email. The service is fully-automated and Cincinnati Bell offers on a monthly subscription basis for 
 for 25
, or $5.99
 for “unlimited” conversions.

Cincinnati Bell has roughly 500,000 wireless subscribers in its metropolitan region.

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How The Photonic Thermos Works

There is science behind your thermos, but that is the old science. The new science says you can keep your coffee hot for a lot longer using photonic crystals, but that is only a part what this new material could do for us in the future. Keeping coffee hot is step one, using the sun’s heat as energy source is the next step.

So far, the vacuum was basically the only and the best insulator that a thermos could use to keep the liquid inside warm. It seems that is about to change as scientists have found another structure, called a photonic crystal, which can keep the heat from dissipating in a better and more effective way than the vacuum can.

The team that made this discovery published a fascinating article in the October issue of the “Physical Review B”, where they have explained thoroughly the phenomenon. It seems that these photonic crystals have a lot of potential in the computing and communications technologies and that their thermal properties could be used in the future for capturing the sun’s heat and transforming it into usable energy for everyone.

Your normal thermos keeps the liquid’s heat from dissipating by creating a vacuum between the two walls (one inner and one outer). The process is not perfect because the light that is radiated through the walls (all warm bodies radiate a range of infrared frequencies) will take some energy away with it. And by energy, this time we mean heat.

This was the starting point for the team led by Shanhui Fan from Stanford University in California. As photonic crystals are already known light frequency blockers, last year they have wondered if they could make these crystals block the infrared frequencies that a worm body radiates. And by studying different silicon and vacuum layer variations, they have found out that a 100 micron thick stack that alternated vacuum layers and 10 layers of silicon (those silicon layers are 1 micron thick) reduced the thermal conductance to half. This basically means your coffee will stay warm for longer that it does in the thermos you have today.

In the paper published this month, the same team took a different approach: rather that studying specific cases, they managed to complete a complete analysis of the matter. And while most scientist that study this problem usually focus on calculating the frequency ranges that are blocked by the crystals (also called band gaps), Fan and his colleagues used a method called statistical theory to calculate the percent of all the frequency that these photonic crystals allow to pass through. The result was highly unusual.

It seems that this percentage does not change depending on the thickness of the layers (which is unusual because the structure is very important when dealing with photonic crystals, as Fan states). Instead, it only depends on the speed of light in the solid layers (also called an index of refraction). This is a big discovery that also puts researchers in a dilemma as they can adjust the conductance only by varying the materials, and not the way the layers are placed.

Further on the team plans on studying photonic crystal that have irregular structures. If their assumptions are correct, these crystals can be even more effective insulators. Fan is highly convinced that studying the control of heat flow by using photonic crystal can lead to major breakthrough in the way we can use the sun’s heat as an energy source.

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Occidental Pete To Buy Phibro From Citigroup

In selling Phibro LLC, Citigroup Inc. (C) decided to exit one of its core businesses and sidestep a controversy over compensation that was virtually impossible to win.

Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY) will buy Citi's oil-and-gas trading unit at about "net asset value," both companies said. That value wasn't disclosed, although Occidental did say its investment will be about $250 million.

The reason for the sale appeared to be the annual compensation for Andrew Hall, the successful head of Phibro, of $100 million, which generated a firestorm of controversy for a bank getting extraordinary government support during the financial crisis.

Fox-Pitt Kelton analyst David Trone said Phibro???s profits were important to Citi to soak up losses from delinquent loans, but the pressure on limiting compensation left Citi little choice other than to sell it. In addition, the strong market for commodity trading makes it an opportune time to sell.

Citi has been shrinking at the urge of government regulators. Those operations that didn???t fit with its new focus on clients, instead of proprietary trading, were included in a newly created Citi Holdings division. Phibro, however, wasn't one of the units originally marked for sale; it remained in the investment banking business that is part of Citi???s core division, called Citicorp.

Citigroup Chief Executive Vikram Pandit conceded last month at a public discussion in New York City that Hall???s compensation was too high for a bank employee, and that Citi was in the process of restructuring Phibro.

In a press release, Citigroup said, ???The decision to sell Phibro was the outcome of an evaluation of a variety of alternatives and is consistent with Citi???s core strategy of a client-centered business model.???

Senior Phibro managers, whom Occidental plans to keep in place along with the rest of the workers, will make a large investment in the company and be paid returns on that investment, depending on how the company performs.

The acquisition combines one of the most hard-charging oil-trading teams with what had been one of the most conservative oil companies. Occidental was one of the rare oil producers that avoided using the futures market even to lock in the advance sale of its crude, a widespread practice known as hedging. Now, the company is an instant global leader in the trading world, alongside giant international oil companies like BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) and Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA, RDSB.LN), which have long played the market in addition to hedging.

"They never gambled before, and now they own the casino," said Fadel Gheit, an analyst at Oppenheimer & Co. in New York.

Phibro is escaping the banking sector just before U.S. regulators are set to release draft rules that could severely limit speculative trading in the oil market. As part of an oil producer, which can make a better claim to a business need to use oil derivatives, Phibro will potentially be able to sidestep new regulations.

Phibro's pretax earnings averaged $371 million in the past five years through 2008. The bank added the sale doesn't affect Citi's client-facing commodities business lines.

Having highly paid talent isn't new for Occidental. Chairman and Chief Executive Ray Irani received $49.9 million in direct compensation last year, according to a Wall Street Journal survey. He received more than $200 million in 2007 from long-term incentive awards and by exercising stock options granted in prior years.

Citigroup shares were down less than 0.4% in morning trading; Occidental shares rose 0.7%.

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Barack Obama's Nobel prize greeted with cynicism and surprise

For the crowd gathered for a second day of festivities at one of the Afghan capital garish wedding halls this afternoon there was widespread cynicism at the news of Obama Nobel peace prize win.

"I don't know how he can get this prize," said Najeeb, a 30-year-old shopkeeper attending a friend's wedding party. "Maybe it's been awarded for all the houses they are bombing, or perhaps it's for all his soldiers that are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Next to him a local staff member of a western NGO called Elyas wondered whether Obama will ever be able to bring peace to Afghanistan. "Obama and his favourite president [Karzai] haven't been able to do anything here. We used to be able to drive to Kunduz and Mazar-i-Sharif [two northern cities considered safe until recently] but now we can't because fighters are coming to the roads and looting people."

But a tribal elder from western Kabul called Shafi said Obama should be given a chance as he reviews his Afghanistan strategy. "If someone spent 20 years doing nothing for peace he shouldn't get the Nobel prize ‑ but if he does good things for peace even if it is just for three or four months then I am happy. He should send more troops to Afghanistan. If we don't have support of the world community we won't have one hour of peace, again it will be the fighting, civil war and misfortune."

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