Anna Chapman on Maxim magazine cover - Is Playboy Next for Sexy Spy? (Photo)

From Russian with love! The super sexy spy Anna Chapman Maxim magazine cover and photo shoot is turning heads everywhere. Chapman is the infamous Russian spy who was apprehended and deported with 9 other spies in the United States' New York City back in July.

Now Chapman is continuing to cash in on her fame as a spy and sexy celebrity. Earlier this month she released the "Poker with Anna Chapman" app for iPods, iPhones and iPads. Now, she's posing for Russian Maxim, which gets her one step closer to Playboy. In the Russian Anna Chapman Maxim magazine, Chapman poses on the front cover in James Bond style, only she's wearing lingerie while holding a gun up.

A photo shoot video over at Maxim Russia website advertises the Oct 2010 issue by showing off Chapman's "assets" as a promotion while playing up the whole espionage theme. The sexy redhead has also been placed among the hundreds sexiest women in Russian Maxim's upcoming issue. Chapman, while in the U.S. as a spy, was unable to get any significant info or intelligence, making her mission a failure. It seems Russia has found other reasons to be proud of Anna Chapman now.

It also does not seem far-fetched to speculate that Chapman could receive a hefty offer from men's magazine Playboy (US or Russian) in exchange for appearing nude in their pages. She's controversial yet sexy. Hugh Heffner and company know that sells magazines, subscriptions to their VIP website and DVD's. How long before Playboy has Anna Chapman on the phone? Would they be charged with treason for putting a spy inside their American magazine pages?


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