Limera1n: Further iOS 1.4 untethered announced Jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPod touch, 4G and older devices Geohot

should iOS 2 Jailbreaks for the 4.1 version of Apple's operating system hit the market almost simultaneously. The hackers around the Cronic Dev Team announced for tomorrow, 10:10:10 at 10:00 a clock Jailbreak called green poison to which crack the iPhone iPod Touch 4 and the newest generation. Now also reports the hacker known Geohot of afresh jailbreak itself. Just a day later, on Monday, the hacker wants a iOS 1.4 Jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPod touch, 4G and Co. publish.

Just as green poison the jailbreak is untethered, it must not always be re-installed by personal computer when rebooting their mobile device. Limera1n how Geohot called his latest jailbreak is all IOS devices - even older generations of iPhone and iPod Touch - operate. This would make this jailbreak longer than the latest hack of Cronic.

Surprisingly, comes this news that Geohot via Twitter announced, therefore, above all, as it was announced only a few months to fully withdraw from the scene.

Many hackers, but also the community have with this news but not overly pleased. MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev Team said that the decision Geohot he can't understand, since Apple now has the opportunity to make both equal Jailbreaks via software update ineffective. This should, however, prove difficult, as green poison exploits a vulnerability of IOS with the newly A4-processors, which (according to current knowledge) can only be closed for hardware replacement.

iOS 4.1 isn't supposed to be geunlocked. All the hackers seem to wait for the release of IOS 4.2, before they'll submit an unlock is available. We'll keep this matter to date!

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