college world series 2009 score

College world series 2009 score, Texas stays alive in College World series.
You almost knew it had to play out like this. When two teams dominate the College World Series tournament the way the LSU Tigers, and Texas Longhorns did, there was no chance one team or the other was going to sweep the best of three series. There just had to be a game three.
College World Series 2009 Score - We got the chance again of seeing the very best of college baseball in Omaha, Nebraska, at the College World Series. Here we will see crowned the champions of college baseball in America. The CWS began on June 13. Here are the scores.
Since 1947 the College World Series has crowned the champions of college baseball, and since 1950 the College World Series (CWS) has been played in Omaha, Nebraska. With a contract in place keeping the College World Series in Omaha through 2035, we will continue to see the greatest baseball from the college game in the classic Nebraska location.(College World Series 2009 Score) In addition to our great coverage of the NCAA Tournament and college bowl games, College Sports Fans now brings you coverage of the 2009 College Baseball World Series as well as historical College World Series winners. Catch the 2009 CWS schedule, scores & more online as we provide coverage of college baseball’s main event.

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bernadette peters

Today Bernadette Peters joins Regis as co-host on ‘Live with.’ Bernadette Peters is an actress and singer from New York City and has starred in musical theatre, films and television, as well as performing in solo concerts and recordings. She is one of the most critically-acclaimed Broadway performers.

Bernadette will be performing in San Francisco at the Davies Symphony Hall with the, on Saturday June 27, 2009.

In the wake of the 1906 earthquake, establishment of a permanent orchestra was high on the civic agenda, and in December 1911, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) gave its first concerts, revitalizing San Francisco’s cultural life.

The San Francisco Symphony is one of the only American orchestras to operate its own youth orchestra and chorus. Established in 1980, the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra has become recognized as one of the finest ensembles of its kind and which in 1985 won the world’s highest honor for a young musicians’ ensemble, the City of Vienna Prize.

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corpse flower

Earlier this week, B-Side Blog reader Sisofjash sent me an email urging me to go to the nearby Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena to check out the very rare and supposedly very malodorous blooming of a "corpse flower." This exciting event only happens once every few years, and apparently, it's been witnessed by humans less than a hundred times EVER. I'm not a big flower person, but I always like an adventure, and I hadn't been to the botanical gardens in several years; so I thought, why not? I wrangled my friend Lorie, and the two of us headed East to Pasadena.

Pics of our afternoon in the gardens, culminating with the corpse flower, after the jump...

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juneteenth celebration

Today is Juneteenth, which marks June 19, the date that Texas first learned of President Abraham Lincoln's declaration that slaves were to be freed.

It is now observed in Texas as a celebration of freedom and human rights.
On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers led by Gen. Gordon Granger landed at Galveston with news that the Civil War had ended and that all slaves were free.

The Juneteenth celebration in Tyler on Saturday will include a blood drive, parade, events in Woldert Park and a gospel music concert.

The Juneteenth Association of Tyler's blood drive, in conjunction with Carter BloodCare, will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 701 W. 32nd St., near Glass Recreation Center.

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shaelyn palmer

Palmer's Wife: Chad's Not Staying With Us,
Dayton Daily News - Shaelyn Palmer wasn't happy with rumors that Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco planned to stay with the family in July.

Ochocinco told the media that he would being staying at Carson Palmer's house while he worked out with the quarterback next month.

"As soon as I walked in the door from work the other day, she just gave me that look," Palmer said. "I'm like, 'Whoa, calm down. It's media stuff. It's Chad being Chad.'

"I told her, 'Don't worry. I haven't made any commitments to having to clear out the boxes in the (spare) room to make a bed for him. Don't worry about that. It's not going to happen.'

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iphone 3gs lines

iPhone 3G S didn’t convince people to sit in a line for it. Back when the iPhone was a hot new product in 2007, people were really anxious to get their hands on the new device but know the interest seems to have diminished. Is the most difficult economic times or the fact that the iPhone 3G S can not easily reach your home now? Or is it that people do not qualify for iPhone 3G S subsidized upgrade?
For the third consecutive summer, Apple released a new phone, and for the third consecutive summer, crowds flocked to buy it--though perhaps not in as large a number as they had in the past.
Still, people turned out at stores across the country to pick up an iPhone 3G S. In Arlington, Va., the crowds returned to the Clarendon Apple Store for the new iPhone's launch. Fifteen minutes before the 7 a.m. opening, a line extended about halfway along the back of the considerable length of the mall.

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melissa missy giove

this is very hot news, Missy Giove Was In Custody Drugs Case,

Former mountain biking world champion Melissa “Missy” Giove was in custody Thursday on federal drug charges after authorities said they seized more than 200 pounds of marijuana from a truck she was driving in upstate New York.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials said Wednesday that the 37-year-old Giove, of Chesapeake, Va., and 30-year-old Eric Canori of Wilton were charged Tuesday with conspiring to possess and distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana.

Authorities said they seized nearly 400 pounds of pot from the truck and from Canori’s home outside Saratoga Springs, 25 miles north of Albany.

Giove and Canori were in the custody of U.S. Marshals pending detention hearings Thursday afternoon in Albany.

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air force personnel center

The technical sergeant promotion list will be released publicly June 18 at 8 a.m. Central Standard Time on the Air Force Personnel Center's public Web site and on AFPC's "Ask" site at Spotlight and Enlisted Promotions. In 1997, the master sergeant and technical sergeant promotion release dates were combined to streamline the release procedure. However, since the inception of the virtual Enlisted Promotion Release Application, Air Force Personnel Center officials have made great strides to improve the promotion release process.
At 9 a.m. CST on June 18, Airmen can access their score notices on Virtual Military Personnel Flight and the AF Portal. Those selected for technical sergeant will be promoted according to their promotion sequence number beginning in August. As a reminder, the selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is no later than 10 days after the promotion release date. AFPC officials will notify Airmen, via military personnel flights and military personnel elements, if their selection is in question.

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austin daily herald

The Annual Mower County DFL Summer Picnic will be held Thursday, June 25 at 5 p.m. at the Austin Veteran’s Pavilion, located on the corner of Main Street and Ninth Place Southwest across the river from Marcusen Park.Hot dogs, chips, salads, desserts, and assorted sodas and water will be served.Local state representatives, Jeanne Poppe and Robin Brown, as well as state Sen. Dan Sparks, will be in attendance as well candidates who are running for governor in 2010.

Confirmed candidate speakers are: Former Rep. Matt Entenza, Rep. Paul Thissen, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Farmers Union President Doug Peterson and Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner.

Other candidates have expressed interest and are trying to arrange calendars to make it to Austin for the picnic. State DFL Party chairperson Brian Melendez and co-chairperson Donna Cassut will address the crowd as well.

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fedora hat

Celebrity trend: Stars love summer hats!

hats are ruling celebrities' heads this summer! Cropping up in all shapes and sizes, everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Hudson is sporting the trend.Not only do they look super-cool, they’re a great way of protecting your face from the harmful rays of the summer sun.

So what type of hat should you be plumping for to look bang-on-trend this season?

We’ve split into five key looks to help you get ahead:

Definitely the top of the hat pack, this style is the hottest headgear for summer 09. A host of stars have been spotted sporting this look, which usually comes in felt or straw, from Anne Hathaway and Kylie Minogue, to Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. You can team yours with practically any summer ensemble, but we particularly love Jess’s with her gorgeous turquoise maxidress and flats. So what characterises a trilby? An indented crown and a pinch at the front.

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hope financial

Hope Financial Issues Debt Consolidation Alert news.

Hope Financial, a leading provider of debt consolidation and credit card debt relief services has issued a consumer advisory alert warning consumers about unsolicited phone calls for debt consolidation services on behalf of Hope Financial.

In its Consumer Advisory Alert Hope Financial writes the following

Many consumers are receiving abusive and unsolicited phone calls from a company operating under the name Hope financial and offering credit card assistance to lower your interest rate. They are taking payments for those services by credit card. Hope Financial USA is not responsible for those calls.Hope Financial USA does not make phone calls, does not offer interest rate reductions and does not take payments of any kind by credit card and has no affiliation with the company making these calls.

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charles nenner

  • Charles Nenner is "a natural pattern recognizer." His analysis is not a science, it is an art, although it is as complicated as rocket science.
  • He uses three principal tools to analyze financial markets:
    1. A technical model based on about 200 indicators (such as moving averages, put-call ratios, advance-decline ratios, insider sales, up-down volume ratios). This tool generally prevails when his other tools disagree.
    2. Empirical cycles (distances between tops and bottoms) over multiple horizons, refined via Fourier analysis. Cycles are as reliable as airplanes, reflecting consistent human interpretations of events that are impervious to learning. Cycles will always work because politicians and economists do not want to believe that economies are deterministic (and constituents therefore not in need of their services). Longer cycles are generally more powerful than shorter ones. Cycles indicate direction, but not level. Other methods determine level via measuring upward and downward price momentum.

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iphone 3.0 update download

release time When is the release time of the Apple iPhone 3.0 update,Legions of iPhone junkies are hovering around their Macs and PCs this morning, with Apple set to unleash its 3.0 software upgrade for the iPhone as a free download on iTunes, making their popular smartphone more powerful than ever.

The update is set for 1 p.m. EST according to multiple reports.

If you've been living under a rock the last few months, here's a recap of some of what you get in 3.0:

  • Copy and paste: Cut, copy and paste comes to the iPhone - finally! - in the 3.0 upgrade, making e-mailing and taking notes a whole lot easier. The feature's arrival, after a long and embarassing absence, Landscape keyboard: A good compliment to the above. Now you can flip your phone on its side to get an extended keyboard throughout a wider range of applications. (Its availability was preveiously limited to the built-in Safari Web browser.)

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cmt awards

Country music's finest were out in force Tuesday night for the Country Music Television Awards in Nashville, and several "Dancing with the Stars" competitors joined them.

Ready for the night’s festivities, Taylor Swift hit the red carpet at the 2009 CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday (June 16).

Held at the Sommet Center, the annual country music extravaganza is being hosted by Bill Engvall, with numerous performers ready to take the stage.

With Taylor among the slated artists on-tap for the evening, she’ll join the likes of Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler, Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker and Sugarland.

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duggar family

Josh Duggar is the eldest son of the family that has 18 children.

Duggar family will welcome its first grandchild soon. Josh and Anna Duggars tell NBC's Today Show that another Duggar girl is on the way.

Duggar family's eldest son Joshua and his new wife Anna are expecting the first grandchild for the family. They revealed the sex of child. It's a girl.

“A little granddaughter, what a joy!” Michelle Duggar exclaimed on TODAY as her 21-year-old son Josh cut a cake to reveal pink layers live on Monday. Josh and wife Anna were married in September, and learned in February they were expecting their first child. They allowed TODAY to spring the news of the baby’s gender on them.

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amc liquidators

Lazzara discovered his new furnishings at AMC Liquidators _ "Value in Volume" is their slogan _ a South Florida company that hauled out 25 truckloads of luxury office goods from the disgraced businessman's Miami offices last week and put them on the market.

Stanford had adorned four floors in a downtown high-rise with Oriental rugs, regal marble-topped tables and leather couches. He had bronze eagles (the symbol of his company, Stanford Financial Group) and blown-up photos of Palm Beach County polo grounds that he sponsored.

There's even a tapestry of Louis XIV, France's legendary 17th Century "sun king."

The quality of this stuff is just really nice," said Lazzara, standing in the AMC showroom and patting the nearly new desk. He thinks he saved 70 percent off of retail. "I got a steal," he said.

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michelle obama gorilla

Then he added, "The comment was hers, not mine," claiming Michelle Obama made a recent remark about humans descending from apes. The Daily News could find no such comment.

"'Humor' like this is nothing new for South Carolina Republicans - even as the party claims to be focusing on 'outreach' efforts to minorities," said Folks, a former gubernatorial spokesman and widely read blogger. "The fact that Palmetto [State] Republicans don't get that this is a serious problem for them baffles us."

Columbia's mayor called on DePass to apologize properly. "The comment is reprehensible. There's nothing funny about it," said Democratic Mayor Bob Coble. "What he needs to do is simply apologize in a straightforward manner."

DePass, former chairman of the Richland County GOP, was an early backer of George W. Bush and co-chairman of Rudy Giuliani's 2008 campaign in Richland County, the state's largest.

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calvin klein billboard

Calvin Klein, the company that makes perfumes and fragrances, is under fire for it's new billboard in Soho, which people find too sexy. Indeed, Calvin Klein, you get an "F" for socially irresponsible marketing. Do you guys have children? Do you walk on the streets with your 6-8 years old children?

As you can see from the Calvin Klein Billboard in this story photo it's too sexy. The depicts a topless young woman lying on top of a barechested boy while kissing a second shirtless male.

Calvin Klein tells the New York Daily News that the intention of the billboard "was to create a very sexy campaign that speaks to our targeted demographic." People and those who pass by don't think so. This is simple a bad socially responsible marketing and should be removed immediately.

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statue cruises

The front of the Statue of Liberty in May. On July 4, 2009 the statue's crown will be reopened for the first time since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

“This Statue of Liberty really is about hope and optimism for America, it’s also about jobs that come with tourism all over this country, and it’s about President Obama’s agenda. So today we’re announcing that on the Fourth of July, we will open up the crown of the Statue of Liberty here in New York and New Jersey to the entire people of America in a way that we’ll be able to manage the crowds that come into this place,” Salazar said.
“We have conducted a very comprehensive life-safety review for the statue itself and for the pedestal and there are improvements that are gonna have to be put in place.

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wc fields

Shades of W.C. Fields. Jump to Comments · GreenwichRoundup has a marvelous tale of a man standing by his woman in a Port Chester Bar.
Fields, in, I think, “My Little Chickadee”, is one of two bartenders – while a mousy-looking barkeep polishes glasses in the background, Fields regales a customer with a tale of bravery when he beat up (”Chicago Lil? The beast of Philadelphia? I forget, but let’s go with the Beast). The customer is very impressed but finally the second bar keeper speaks up to protest: “I’m the one who knocked the beast to the floor.”Fields, outraged, splutters, “yeah, but I kicked her!”. Jamie Javier must be a fan.The bioreactor is a project designed to remove nitrates from field runoff before the water flows into the nearby Boone River. The first bioreactor was installed in Greene County last September. On Thursday, a field day was held for about two dozen onlookers, most of them media representatives, to witness the installation of Iowa's second of several planned bioreactors.

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bbc farsi

US Iranians show poll passion - BBC Farsi News. In a hotel corridor in west Los Angeles three teenage girls were singing a song in Farsi while at least 100 people stood in line nearby.

By Rajesh Mirchandani In a hotel corridor in west Los Angeles three teenage girls were singing a song in Farsi while at least 100 people stood in line nearby.

It was a patriotic song that many recognised.

But the singers were not the only ones keen to make their voices heard.

This was one of three impromptu polling stations in hotels in Southern California where Iranians living in the US could vote in their country's presidential election.

And vote they did.

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tulsa weather

Tulsa weather latest report,
A line of severe thunderstorms rolled across northeastern Oklahoma Friday morning. The storms moved rapidly to the east and produced heavy rain, hail, lightning with winds of 30 to 50 miles per hour.
Some viewers submitted their photos of the storms.
Tulsa Police and Fire responded to a number of reports of downed power lines and numerous traffic accidents as the storms passed over Tulsa.

PSO says intial reports indicated 2,300 customers without power in the metro Tulsa area.

Tulsa Fire responded to a tree into a house at 52nd and Riverside. The storms are caused a number of power outages in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Pryor, Tahlequah and Claremore.

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rapid lash

Eyelash Renewal Serum is the latest in the procession of eyelash renewal products to include harmful chemicals to help produce the desired effects.
Prostaglandins like Cloprostenate are used in drugs that treat glaucoma. The effect on the eyelashes was first noticed when glaucoma patients started developing full, bushy and elongated lashes - an effect eventually tied to Cloprostenate.
After a few products came out with the substance, many people using the products started to experience side effects such as:

  • Eye irritation
  • Loss of vision
  • Eye-Color change (as drastic as blue to brown)
The ingredient contained in Rapid Lash is a slightly altered version of the harmful chemical that caused a stir not long ago - the new compound is Isopropyl Cloprostenate. Is the chemical difference enough to deter the harmful side effects that are associated with the other form of the compound?

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norman brinker

Norman Brinker, the restaurant mogul who developed the salad bar and built a worldwide casual dining empire that includes Chili's Grill & Bar, has died at age 78.
Brinker died Tuesday at a hospital in Colorado, said Robin Rymer at Swan-Law Funeral Home in Colorado Springs. She did not know the cause of death.

Brinker retired as chairman of Dallas-based Brinker International in 2000. The company now has 1,700 restaurants in 27 countries, including the On the Border and Maggiano's chains, according to its Web site.
Brinker started with a coffee shop in Dallas in the 1960s. He developed the concept for Steak & Ale casual restaurants, with its popular salad bars. He also developed the Bennigan's chain.
e bought Chili's and expanded it, taking his company public in 1983.

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jon voight

Actor Jon Voight has filed a malicious prosecution suit against a New Zealand film company and its lawyers that claims they sued him and his manager's elderly parents solely to get a settlement from the manager.
Voight, along with Hank and Dorothy Paul, alleged in a Superior Court complaint that Daybreak Pacific, Ltd. and producers Paul and Mark Huljich had no reasonable grounds for suing them for millions of dollars in federal court in 2006.
"Defendants believed ... Steven Paul (Voight's manager) would act favorably toward the defendants herein in attempt to relieve Steven Paul's parents of the abuse, embarrassment, pressure, penalty, oppression, stress, and the like" caused by being sued. They allegedly had the same motive for suing Voight.According to the new suit, the plaintiffs won a summary judgment in the Daybreak Pacific federal suit last February.

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Common wisdom has it that this is the year of the mega flight deal. All the factors are in place: Fuel prices are holding, demand for seats has slumped and airlines are in dire financial need. Logic dictates that cheap flights should be raining down upon us like a spring shower.

Certainly, there are deals to be had. Except, that is, for the destination you had in mind. The last time you visited your favourite travel Web site, you may have found prices to be pretty standard and decided to bide your time until those fabled last-minute deals arrive.

You're not alone. "We're seeing a lot of inquiries, a lot of people waiting for the big deal ... But, we have less inventory than we had last year, less flights, less seats, less and less of these last-minute opportunities, unless you're incredibly flexible," says Allison Wallace, spokeswoman for Flight Centre, the travel agency chain.

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There may be good news for homeowners who are struggling to pay their monthly mortgage or who are already behind on their payments.

Many struggling borrowers may be eligible for a modification under the Obama administration's Making Home Affordable program. Although several conditions must be met, the program presents the most aggressive loan restructuring options to date.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Home Affordable Modification program courtesy of mortgage investor Freddie Mac:

Are all mortgage loans eligible for modification?

While millions of troubled borrowers are expected to qualify for Home Affordable Modifications, there are some restrictions. You must own and currently occupy the property, so real estate investors and some owners of vacation properties will not be eligible. Your mortgage must also have been originated on or before January 1, 2009.

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tara wilson

A 24-year-old Edwardsville man will have to lecture youth and serve four years of probation for driving drunk in a crash that killed his girlfriend and another young woman.

As part of a plea bargain Wednesday that was approved by the victims' families, Benjamin Nichols avoided jail time.

Nichols was driving drunk Nov. 30 in the crash in Collinsville which claimed the lives of his girlfriend, Tara Wilson, and Courtney Sherfy. The victims, 20-year-olds from Granite City, were passengers in Nichols' vehicle.

Nichols, standing before the bench of Circuit Judge Charles Romani Jr., was given an opportunity to address the women's families.

He turned to face the women's parents and said, "I cannot express to you, your family and friends how sorry I am."

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big rock fishing tournament

The fishing team of James Joyce II won the Lady Big Rock tournament Saturday. The team caught and released two blue marlin Saturday, when Joyce Tipton hooked their first at 9:16 a.m. Chelsey Williams netted the teams' second blue marlin at 11:52 a.m.

During the six-hour competition, the James Joyce II team caught and released 2-of-4 the blue marlin for the $6,481.25 first prize, according to

The lady angler event has been part of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament for 12 years. It was renamed this year as a tribute to Keli Wagner, who died in late 2008 after a battle with cancer. Wagner had fished in the lady angler event since its beginning and played a vital role in having 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the Raab Oncology Clinic in Morehead City.

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new iphone

As Apple kicks off a much-anticipated developers' conference Monday in San Francisco, California, much of the buzz is about the possibility of a new iPhone release.

The tech company says it will discuss a new version of software for the revolutionary smartphone, which will let users copy and paste messages, search their iPhones, and write e-mails and text messages from a wide-screen view.

Tech bloggers are hoping for something more: a 3.0 version of the iPhone hardware.An iPhone 3.0 could include new hardware like a video camera, a better photo camera and a new design.

The consensus prediction among tech journalists is that Apple will release an upgraded 3.0 operating system with a new iPhone, most likely in July.

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roger federer girlfriend

Roger Federer yesterday married long-time girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec in a small ceremony in his hometown.

The world No 2 announced the wedding on his website, saying the couple got married "surrounded by a small group of close friends and family."
"It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion," Federer said.
The couple announced last month that they are expecting their first child.
Federer is set to play in next week's Monte Carlo Masters after accepting a last-minute wild card invitation. Federer is a three-time finalist at the clay-court tournament but has never won.
After struggling with his form last year and losing his No 1 ranking to Rafael Nadal, Federer is aiming for his sixth Wimbledon title this summer. He lost to Nadal in the Australian Open final, the year's

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bluetooth hearing aid

Earful for the future: Bluetooth, hearing aids, iPods

And to think that some folks my age are self-conscious about hearing aids’ being visible to others.
How about the growing numbers who now have Bluetooth devices prominently clipped to their ears? Rather than disguise them, wearers flaunt them like status symbols.
It’s being in touch without touching.
So what’s the difference between the Bluetoothed and the hearing-aided?
As one of the latter, I offer that the former have a choice, the latter don’t. And while my hearing aids are of the discreet, hidden-behind-the-ear type, there are times when I wish they were Bluetooth obvious.“Hey, I wear hearing aids!” they would signal. That way folks might speak up without my having to ask them to.

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thai rath

Thai rath publisher disturbing photographs of Davi carradin
The family of the late David Carradine seem to be outraged over the pictures of David’s dead body that were published by the Thai newspaper Thai Rath.

The Thai Rath newspaper, which is a regional newspaper published in Bangkok in Thai language, ran disturbing pictures of Carradine’s corpse in the front and as well as in its inside pages. The pictures published on the Saturday cover of the newspaper Thai Rath shows a naked body of Carradine suspended from a clothes bar in a suite closet. The hands apparently bound together above the head and feet on the floor. While the face is blacked out, other more explicit parts of the picture are censored. And, the relatives of late Carradine do like any part of it.

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world cup qualifying

SEOUL, June 6 (Reuters) - North Korea spurned their chance of earning an early playoff place for next year's World Cup finals in South Africa when they were held to a goalless draw with Iran on Saturday.The draw was also a blow to three-times qualifiers Iran, who needed three points and now face an uphill struggle to reach the tournament.Playing before an impassioned crowed in Pyongyang, North Korea, second in Group Two behind rivals South Korea, were outclassed in the first half by a determined Iran side.

Vahid Hashemian could have put the visitors ahead four minutes into the match when he shot on the turn and drew a good save from Ri Myong-guk.

After prolonged spells of dangerous Iranian attacks, Hashemian came close again on 40 minutes when his half-volley from eight metres after Ali Karimi's perfect cross went just wide of the post.

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operation tiger wwii

Company of Heroes is often praised as a great step forward for the strategy genre that appeals to both casual gamers as well as the hardcore strategy fans. I don’t necessarily play a lot of strategy games, but I really enjoyed the original Company of Heroes and also viewed the Opposing Fronts expansion as a fairly good addition. I’ve downloaded many third-party maps, because I simply can’t get enough. It’s fun, you don’t have to spend an hour building up your base, gameplay is very simple, and great action begins very quickly. Most people seem to have the same impression. When I first heard of the Tales of Valor expansion, I was really excited to start playing again. After completing the campaigns and spending some time with multiplayer, though, I’m definitely not very pleased. When you look at the price point/gameplay time ratio, it’s apparent to me that THQ and Relic have turned on the milking machine, which seems much too soon.

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oz fox

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox and founder of Hookers for Jesus Annie Lobért are set to be married this evening, June 5. Fox and Lobért met in February 2008. The wedding will be broadcast live on The Church of Las Vegas website.

Christian music fans will recognize Oz Fox from his years with the iconic rock band Stryper.
Annie Lobért's founded the ministry Hookers for Jesus in 2005 as an "an international, faith-based organization that addresses the realities of human sex trafficking, sexual violence, and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry." The website says that while Hookers for Jesus is "committed to abolishing human sex trafficking on a global scale, our urban ministry outreach, community awareness, and transitional programs are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada." She knows of what she speaks; her bio on the website reads:

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penske automotive group

General Motors has signed a memorandum of understanding to sell its Saturn brand to former race car driver and auto dealer Roger Penske.

Penske, who owns the Penske Automotive Group [PAG Loading... () ] dealership chain, told reporters on Friday that he plans to offer all 350 Saturn dealerships new franchise agreements. He says Saturn's 13,000 employees will stay on with the company for at least the immediate future.

He declined to name the price for the deal.

Penske Automotive Group also distributes Daimler's Smart subcompacts in the U.S., but Smart has its own dealership network and Saturn dealers would not distribute the tiny cars, a preson familiar with deal said ahead of the announcment.

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krispy kreme

Krispy Kreme is giving customers a free doughnut on Friday, June 5 to celebrate National Doughnut Day.
There's a free doughnut with your name on it Friday at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts.Participating shops are giving away one doughnut per customer to celebrate National Doughnut Day. At Dunkin' Donuts you'll have to buy a drink to get the free doughnut. No purchase necessary at Krispy Kreme."Krispy Kreme is making life just a little sweeter for everyone on National Doughnut Day," says Ron Rupocinski, executive chef at Krispy Kreme. "So, on Friday head to a participating store with your friends and family to share the sweet joy of a free Krispy Kreme doughnut."

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so you think you can dance season 5 top 20

While driving in to work yesterday, I found myself on the phone (hands free, promise!) debating with my mother about whether Mia Michaels was (A) an insufferable and self-absorbed know-it-all or (B) an insufferable and self-absorbed know-it-all who makes for great TV and without whom So You Think You Can Dance would be a far less interesting show. In case it wasn't already completely clear, I was arguing in Mia's defense, and my basic point was this: Why broadcast a televised dancing competition show if you're not going to include one or two diva choreographers with wacky ''artistic'' hair, an imperious manner, and a tendency to regard auditioning dancers over one's glasses with a face that could easily lead a random passerby to think one was repressing flatulence? Without Mia, the show would be more pleasant and easy-going, sure, but it would also more ordinary.

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summit credit union

Finance ministers of the Group of Eight economic powers will meet in southern Italy on June 12-13 in the latest of series of high level summits on efforts to haul the world economy out of recession.
A meeting of the wider G20 group of industrialised and emerging market countries in April pledged more than $1 trillion in cash for the International Monetary Fund and other initiatives.
It also promised to give major emerging economies far more say in international policy-making and enable regulators to supervise hedge funds and credit ratings agencies, as well as crackdown on tax havens.Here is a summary of progress reported so far on pledges the leaders made in London in April.IMF says discretionary fiscal stimulus at G20 level amounts to around the desired 2.0 percent of GDP in 2009 and 1.5 percent in 2010. Sources say the IMF will tell euro zone leaders on Monday that governments have done enough this year, without ruling out the need for more stimulus later.

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minka kelly pics

The Gossip Girl spinoff remains marginally alive despite not getting a series pickup for fall. CW president Dawn Ostroff says, "It was the toughest year we've ever had, figuring out what to pick up, because [our pilots] were all really, really good. We do have room for another midseason show. We have some reality, and we'll probably have another scripted drama. We're just going to take a beat and see where we are. In all honesty, I think the Gossip Girl spinoff is the show that we would love to be able to find a place for as the season goes on." (There were no similarly encouraging words about Body Politic with Jason Dohring, Brian Austin Green, Minka Kelly and Gabrielle Union.)
Reaper, Privileged, The Game and Everybody Hates Chris are confirmed dead.
Like we told you yesterday, the CW schedule will be: Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill on Mondays, 90210

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david carradine kung fu

'Kung Fu' star David Carradine found dead in Thailand,

David carradine of "Kung Fu" fame and more recently "Kill Bill," has died. He was 72.

The actor was found dead Wednesday in a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where he had been shooting a movie, reports the AP. His body was discovered when he hadn't showed up for dinner and producer went to the actor's room.

So far, there's no word on a cause of death, although initial unfounded reports had said he had hung himself in an apparent suicide.

Carradine is best known for playing Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s series "Kung Fu," which was also subsequently revived in sequels in the '80s and '90s. He also starred in both of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films.

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david carradine

David Carradine, the star of the 1970s television series “Kung Fu” and the title villain of the “Kill Bill” movies, has died in Thailand, The Associated Press reported. The United States Embassy in Bangkok told The A.P. that Mr. Carradine had been found dead in his hotel suite in Bangkok, where he was working on a movie. He was 72.

Mr. Carradine was part of an acting family that included his father, John; his brother, Bruce, and half-brothers Keith and Robert; and his nieces Ever Carradine and Martha Plimpton.
After a short run as the title character in the 1966 television adaptation of the Western “Shane,” he found fame in the 1972 series “Kung Fu” as Kwai Chang Caine, a wanderer raised by Shaolin monks to be a martial arts master. He enjoyed a career resurgence in recent years when he was cast by Quentin Tarantino in the action movies “Kill Bill: Vol. 1″ and “Vol. 2.”

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brook hogan

Looks like Yannique Barker, or Stack$, may have rapped his way into the heart of bad girl Brooke Hogan and the pair may be getting Serious.

Stack$ is the nickname given to Yannique Barker by fellow rapper Brisco. Yannique and Brook Hogan were seen out for a stroll on a Florida beach recently where the pair are filming the video for Brooke’s new single. The pair were frolicking around together like lovebirds.Barker, 24, is no stranger to Brooke either. He’s been featured on My Number off Brooke’s debut album, Undiscovered so the pair have been around each other for a while.But don’t let the Stack$ tattooed up bad boy rapper image fool you. His father is the founder of a hugely successful aerospace company and Yannique himself attended Landon in Bethesda, MD, a prestigious all-boys prep school.Other than the obvious size difference between the two, Yannique Barker and Brooke Hogan could be right for each other, as long as he’s the one wearing the high heels.

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ortega henderson

Rapper Ortega Henderson, a friend of Nelly's St. Lunatics crew, died last week from complications from gun shot wounds. The 25-year-old was shot May 16 and later succumbed to his injuries at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

Although complete details revealing why Henderson was shot have yet to be released, fellow St. Lunatic's associate Kiyjuan Henderson confirmed the news. "He got mixed up in the streets, but he was so talented, we thought we could pull him out of it," said Henderson. "He was on the right path for a minute, but times are hard and he started getting around the wrong people."
Henderson, who performed under the name "Tega," was an up-and-coming rapper in St. Louis and had been featured on the same bill as rapper Nelly. He was a member of the rap group Da Camp and was working on their album prior to the shooting. The group was hoping gain more exposure through their affiliation with St. Lunatics member Murphy Lee.

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chimborazo day

The inactive stratovolcano Chimborazo (pronounced [tʃimboˈɾaso]) is Ecuador's highest summit. Its last eruption is thought to have occurred some time in the first millennium AD. Its summit is generally regarded as the spot on the surface farthest from the center of the Earth (since the Earth is not a perfect sphere), a distance of 6,384.4 km (3,968 mi).Chimborazo is located in the Cordillera Occidental of the Andes of central Ecuador, 150 km (93 mi) south-southwest of the capital Quito. It's neighbored by 5,018 m high Carihuairazo. Chimborazo's majestic summit rises 2,500 m above the surrounding highlands (~3,500 to 4,000 m) with a ~20 km wide base. Under clear conditions the summit of Chimborazo can be seen from the coastal city Guayaquil, ~140 km away. The nearest cities are Riobamba (~30km to the southeast), Ambato (~30km to the northeast) and Guaranda (~25km to the southwest).Chimborazo is surrounded by the "Reserva de Produccion Faunistica Chimborazo"

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john mchugh

WASHINGTON – The president will name a Republican congressman this morning to replace Army Secretary Pete Geren, who represented Fort Worth as a Democrat in Congress before joining the Bush team at the Pentagon.

An administration official confirmed that Barack Obama will name Rep. John McHugh, R-N.Y., to serve as the civilian Army chief. An announcement is scheduled just before 11 a.m. CDT.

Geren, 57, was elected to the U.S. House in 1989 to replace former House Speaker Jim Wright, and served there until 1997.

A conservative Democrat, he accepted President George W. Bush’s offer to work at as a special assistant to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and he started work one week before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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daniel schlereth

ESPN football analyst Mark Schlereth, the winner of three Super Bowl rings, might be making Major League Baseball history within the next few days. That's if his son Daniel Schlereth pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, if the younger Schlereth, a lefty, pitches for the D'backs, he and his father will become the sixth father-son combination to either played in the NFL or the MLB. If he pitches, it is expected to be in relief. Schlereth was the 26th overall pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks last June. In the Double-A ball this season, Schlereth has three saves with a 1.42 ERA. He also has 21 strikeouts in 19 innings.

The elder Schlereth, a lineman, won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos and one with the Washington Redskins. The other tandems include the likes of Baseball Hall of Famers Lou Brock and Yogi Berra. Here are the other father-son tandems:

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My 2002 Prius can't be beat for everyday driving. I regularly get 40-45 mpg, saving me hundreds of dollars every year on gas. It's got a lot of pep, so highway driving is a snap. And its terrific turning radius and compact size make it a dream to park, whether at the mall or on a city street.
But given its compact size (it seats four comfortably, five only if the person in the middle back seat has short legs), it's not the vehicle you'd willingly use to pick up your daughter -- and all her stuff -- from college, the challenge I faced recently.
Fortunately, I'm a member of ZipCar, the car company that lets you rent vehicles by the hour or the day. ZipCar, whose motto is "Wheels When You Want Them," is gaining in popularity because it makes using a car so cheap compared to owning one.

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who bought hummer

No body knows who bought Hummer. General Motors sold Hummer to mystery buyer just one day after?
GM says it has entered into a memorandum of understanding to sell Hummer. The deal will preserve HUMMER as global off-road brand and will secure 3000 jobs in the United States. However, General Motors' release has no word as to who bought Hummer.
General Motors had said in April (according to CNN) that it was considering three serious offers for Hummer. Reuters report doesn't know who bought Hummer either, but has some more information about bidders who were interested in Hummer in April. According to it, non of the bidders are automakers. One bidder is from USA and the other two are wealthy individuals from overseas.

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