Brooke Hundley facilitates viewers through her Myspace and Facebook to learn who caused Steve Phillips a double blow, Commentator and analyst Steve Phillips lost the dream job with ESPN as well as his family.

16-year-old Brooke Hundley was a production assistant with the same network.

In the first place if you are living a happy married life at the age of 46 years, you should have been away from ‘troubles’ Steve! Secondly, had you had learnt from the past experiences, you should have foresighted that your acts are going to put your career on the stake.

The ESPN authorities sent Steve on a leave of absence as soon as the senior campaigner considered it appropriate to open up about a dirty-secret before his superiors. Whereas the network considered it appropriate to ‘determine his future in the light of facts he revealed.

In other words we can say that neither poor Steve avoided ‘neither troubles’ nor he has learnt from the past. Being sent on leave was a visible sign or an indication that something is coming up.

Steve has been fired from ESPN and deprived off a dream-job, Steve’s physical relations with many more ‘friends revealed, Steve’s wife Marni Phillips has filed divorce, courtesy; “One admitted love affair with 22-year-old ESPN production assistant Brooke Huldley.”

Though Brooke Hundley retaliated in a furious manner and made the lives of both Steve Phillips and Marni Phillips upon being dumped by Steve, yet the blame is on Steve Phillips. Had Mets not backed their general manager well in 1998 when another mistress of Steve named ‘Rosa Rodriguez’ sued him for sexual harassment, he would never be able to win the suite and save his job alone.

Here again he puts his job on the stake by foreseeing some ‘threat’ from his dumped lover. The angry lady Brooke in retaliation, used to stalk his son, wrote letters to Marni about her joyous sexy moments with her husband and threatened her in many ways but would someone please Steve Phillips as to why did he cheat anyway?


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