Leah Ignagni (photo) Steve McNair's other, other woman with him after Sahel Kazemi's DUI arrest
According to Nashville, Tenn., police, Leah Ignagni was dating the late NFL star Steve McNair at the time of his fourth July murder at the hands of lover Sahel Kazemi. The other other woman recalled seeing a woman in a black Cadillac Escalade parked outside his condo 2-3 weeks before his murder.

It is not clear who owns it. However, Leah Ignagni also said the woman followed her and that she later saw the Escalade circling her block or parked outside her apartment 1-2 weeks later. A 2007 black Escalad...

So Steve McNair went to Leah Ignagni's house after he got Sahel Kazemi out of jail - which seems to have set off the bells in Sahel Kazemi, who wound up murdering McNair then turning the gun on herself in a story that's just plain hard to blog about.

As for Leah Ignagni, she's still living in Nashville and started a new but not yet launched magazine called 61Five.

It's hard to think that Steve McNair went out this way, which is why we prefer to remember his deeds on the field and for those in need.


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