There’s no doubt that currently, vampires are in, and it is not hard to see why: They are often fashionable, beautiful and mysteriously attractive at least, in the movies.For a look at the real thing, Comcast On Demand’s new series VAMPIRES REVEALED documents the lives of three practicioners of the lifestyle, and how the mainstream frequently misunderstands their beliefs, behavior and daily lives. The series plays through November 2 (find it in the Paranormal folder), and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

One of its subjects is actress Seregon O’Dassey, who has appeared in a number of horror features (see previous interview here) and tells Fango, “It’s about modern vampires. The majority of it is myself, Patrick from Dracula’s Ball and someone who goes by the name Sin. We each document ourselves and give the world a glimpse into our lives—into the modern-day Dracula. We show people that sometimes it’s a little bit like think it is, but mostly we’re just regular people who have fun, and this is our world, as opposed to what people are used to hearing and seeing.”

O’Dassey believes this in-depth exploration will open viewers’ eyes, and that they may be surprised by what they learn. “The Hollywood stereotype is very strong,” she says, “and a lot of people do get fangs made and yeah, we mostly wear black. But we don’t go around attacking people and biting their necks, and we don’t sleep in coffins. We might have them in our houses—I know people who do—but they’re just for decoration, and we don’t live the way people think we do. I believe they’ll be interested to find out that despite how they view us, they really just have no idea.”

Also interviewed in VAMPIRES REVEALED are those surrounding the subjects, including family and friends who, in O’Dassey’s case, have accepted her lifestyle. “There’s nobody at this point who doesn’t know, unless they’ve never met me before,” she says. “I act and model full time, so I have to keep a very mainstream and ‘normal’ look. There’s a really good interview with my mom, which will probably make you chuckle a little because she says she always thought I was a little weird. But my mom’s my best friend, she always has been.”

O’Dassey is right: If you weren’t aware of her lifestyle, her sweet, bubbly demeanor would never give it away, and the manner in which she discusses her life isn’t very unusual either. She even talks about horror and vampire movies the way most of us do: “Just stop remaking things, is my general attitude,” she says, though she doesn’t seem entirely miffed by the way Hollywood represents bloodsuckers. “As long as they keep the stereotype in the movies, that’s one thing. That’s why we’re all doing this show, to give people a little glimpse into the life.

Posted by imran Monday, October 19, 2009


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