Phillips affair story has baseball world buzzing

I'm mentioning Steve Phillips because I do not want to be the one blog that doesn't. A report in Wednesday's New York Post details the messy end of an affair between ESPN analyst and former Mets general manager Steve Phillips and a 22-year-old production assistant and has quickly become the hot topic of the day.

It's a nice juicy story about a good Mets villain and you can read about it in the Post. For whatever reason I just do not
want to dish personal dirt. The goal of this site has always been to encourage the Mets to treat their fans with respect, dress nicely, and
maybe win a World Series. I wish the franchise nothing but success.

As for Steve, my biggest problem with him is that he can't be bothered to get off speakerphone when calling 1050. It sounds like crap on
every interview he does. What he does in his spare time is for other sites to discuss.

More importantly, can we start these playoff games at 7? I gave up after 5 and a half. It was 10:30. A typical regular season game ends
around 9:45 so even accounting for the playoff starting 49 minutes later We shouldn't have to stay up until midnight. Half the population of the US lives in the eastern time zone.


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