Lindsay Mac is well known singer, songwriter and cellist. Raised in Iowa City, she now lives and works out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lindsay began playing cello at a very young age and by the time she attended Dartmouth College, she was already an accomplished classical cellist.

The story goes that Lindsay started to play in the church choir at the age of 6 and had formal piano training soon after. After going to a local public high school, Lindsay later enrolled at Dartmouth College to study not music but medicine.

Because of her talents, she quickly got an opportunity to go abroad and moved to London and studied at the Royal College of Music and then returned briefly for a short stint at and then left again to study at The San Francisco Conservatory. By this time Lindsay had also become a decent skier and bike rider. It is in Dartmouth where she found her calling to be a cellist. Lindsay thrived in this environment and soon offers to appear as a cello player started to come.

Though Lindsay had wanted to be a singer or writer, her first love has always been the cello and she has done well. Over the years, she has performed many times as a solo act and also been a back up for artists like Catie Curtis, Michelle Shocked, KD Lang, Glen Phillips and Girlyman to name a few.

Lindsay does have a website where more news about her concerts and tours can be viewed. Linda Mac latest shows are to be performed at the Living Room on Oct 29, in New York city, on the Oct 30th at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlem, PA, on Nov 7, at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Ma, on 12th Nov at AS220 in Providence, Rhode island and Nov 21 at Driftwood café, Plymouth, Ma

Lindsay Mac continues to grace the covers of many newspapers and music magazines. She is most well known in the North East.

Posted by imran Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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