McDonalds Monopoly Online was introduced by McDonalds in 2004 as an online compliment to the traditional McDonalds game. Here the McDonald’s given the participants an opportunity to play online in addition to the traditional game of McDonald’s through sticker.

There are different codes on the list in each piece of this game and these pieces are entered online.

There may be 10 maximum entries in a full day i.e. in 24 hours. Every code that is entered by the participant gives the participant 1 roll on the virtual board of the Monopoly game, similar to the game board. As in the case of real board’s game, it also enables the participant to repeat its move by rolling the doubles, i.e. the two dice which share same number.

In this case landing on the Income Tax, Electric Company, Just Visiting/Jail, Water Works, Go to the Jail as well as the Luxury Taxes do not conclude any prize. In case the player landed on the property un-owned by him, the participant will be able to collect the property. After all the properties of a set of color are being collected, the participant wins the prize and the prize value is similar to the prize value in case of “sticker game”. Apart from collection of property sets, the users or participants may win through landing on the various certain spaces called “instant win” which include, Chance, Go, Free Parking and Community Chest.

These categories enable the user to win various worthy and interesting items against each category or landing on these various categories. The value of prizes has been increasing with subsequent years making more attractive in recent years.


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