Final score for game one of the Phillies vs Dodgers - Phillies win 8-6. The Phillies Dodgers win came after Phillies’ Carlos Ruiz and Raul Ibanez hit 3 runs homers.

Dodgers Joe Torre said of Thursday night’s game - “It’s like a prize fight, we just came up a little short”.

Manny Ramirez homered. But that wasn’t enough for Los Angeles before the 56,000 full capacity crowd at Dodger Stadium last night.

In the 2nd, Loney gave the Dodgers an early lead with a homer to right. Ruiz delivered a 3 run homer in the 5th to put the Phillies up 3-1. A double to right for Howard in the 5th put the Phillies up 5-1. Ramirez’ homer in the 5th and a Ethier’s grounder brought Los Angeles closer trailing 5-4 in the 5th.

But Ibanez’s three run homer in the 8th expanded the lead again 8-4 for the Phillies in the 8th. Two more scores by the Dodgers in the 8th was the end of scoring - narrowing it to only 8-6.


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