Valentines Day 2011: Happy Valentines Ideas, Facts and eCards

Valentines Day 2011: Happy Valentines Ideas and Facts and the eCards - Love is celebrated when the month of February comes. Here, there and everywhere, the aura of love spreads like a virus. And when the 14th of February came, there's no doubt, that your surrounding will turn into red and all things will be shaped as heart. This is the Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day ideas come in many ways. From hard thinking, smooth flow, funny ones and romantic moves are done. Valentines quotes, love messages and poems never missed our email and cellphone inboxes. I've give some ideas in my older post. Now, I'll give some Valentine’s day facts and anything around the perimeter of the Valentines day.

Valentine’s day symbols. It's obvious that the symbol of Valentine’s day is heart. The color is red to feel the love. And one thing that's cute, the figure of a little winged Cupid. Cupid is the Roman God of erotic love and beauty. The color red signifies the eternal love and romance. Valentines day is named after the Patron saint, Saint Valentine.

The Traditions and Gifts. Most of the time, the men are the one who prepares and plan for romantic dates and gifts for their partners. It's observed that around 70 percent of men buy Valentine’s day flowers for their partners. But did you know that men also wish to receive flowers? It's around 80 percent of men with ages 18-24 who really want it, and this percentage varies according to their age. The older the men, the less they expect but it's still around 30 percent who really want it considering their age at 65 years old. Luckily, 40 percent of men say that they've receive flowers during Valentines from a woman.

February 14 eCards are available online.  You can subscribe in some website in order to have their newest designs. Just be creative in giving your personalized message for your love ones! Have a happy Valentine’s day!


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