Say What? Family Guy’s Seth Macfarlane Doing a Big Band Record? Gets REAL Talent to the Play Along
Seth MacFarlane did not just create The Family Guy but he also lends his voice to the characters of Peter Griffin, Brian the dog, Stewie and Quagmire.  But he’s not just content just doing voices of Rhode Island residents. Nope, Seth MacFarlane will not be speaking in his next role, he’ll be singing. And as part of a big band no less.

And he got some very talented ladies to lend their talents to his artistic pursuit…

Entertainment Weekly learned that Norah Jones and Sara Barelles will be joining him on the record. The album is entitled Music in Better Than Words and features “hidden gems from the ’40s and ’50s.”

Would you listen to Peter Griffin sing a Sinatra like ditty? Fortunately for us all, Seth MacFarlane has a whole slew of voices in that throat of his, it will be interesting to see which one he pulls out for his role as big band singer.


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