Dylan adds new life into old song at the Grammy Awards

Folk and Rock n' Roll legend, Bob Dylan, joined 2 high-energy jam bands, Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers, for the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, and the result was a picking party of sorts on the Dylan's 1965 classic song, "Maggie's Farm".

Dylan's performance along with the two bands, was a salute to the comeback of acoustical music.

The folk legend hopped out onto stage, like Charlie Chaplin, as both bands jammed to a rousing edition to Dylan's 1965 classic.

Numerous microphones were set up as Dylan band members Stu Kimball, Donnie Herron, and Tony Garnier joined the jam session that sounded a little bluegrass and a little rockabilly as Dylan took center stage without a guitar but only a mic and harmonica in hand.

The band members of Mumford and the Avetts seemed almost giddy with excitement, singing backup like teenagers in a garage band.


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