VIDEO: Remembering Len Lesser aka Seinfelds Uncle Leo

The character actor Len Lesser has the passed away this week. You may not immediately know the name Len Lesser, but you should would recognize him. He was made famous with his role as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld.  How did he die?

He died at the age of 88 from complications from pneumonia. But he lived a long and very active life.

Although her is best known for that role on the most successful sitcom, like, ever. He did oodles of non-Seinfeld related. work.

Recently, he made a guest appearance on Castle and was a regular on Everybody Loves Raymond. Just looking at his IMDB profile will make you dizzy from Falcon Crest to Kojak to Dragnet, he had over 60 years of TV and film roles. Seriously, check his credits out, the man was in everything!

But to honor the role that made him famous, check out these clips of him as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld here.

Posted by imran Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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