Travis Garland Tonight on American Idol

The Travis Garland was born July 26, 1989 is an American singer and songwriter. He is best known as a former member of boy band nlt which consisted of Kevin McHale, Justin Joseph Thorne, V Sevani. He began singing and acting in plays at his church and continued to attend school for the performing arts in secondary school, where he received extensive training in music and theater.

Greyson Chance is the next Justin Bieber, maybe Travis Garland may be the next Greyson Chance. Found on Perez Hilton via MySpace, Garland was introduced to producer Simon Fuller, who this annoying, I introduced you to the Travis Garland. Tonight he takes the stage in front of millions of American Idol viewers with the possibility of a big pop breakthrough. The new single “Believe.

Travis Garland’s debut single “Believe” was produced by Danja Nate Hills. Travis Garland sings and dances not only. He has also co-wrote “Believe” and plays piano. There is no better place to debut a song than on Fox the top-rated American Idol, and that is exactly what Geffen recording artist Travis Garland will do this week.

Travis Garland is no stranger to the music world, after leaving Lubbock, TX, when he was only 14 and will land in Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, he spent his days and nights audition to write music. The talent does not stop at singing and dancing for 20 years, Garland, he also plays piano, co-wrote “Believe” and produced his own song to the number.


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