Lee Dewyze Hallelujah Video – American Idol Top 3 Performance

Watch the Lee Dewyze Hallelujah Video performance on American Idol Top 3 Season 9 on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The three judges agree that Lee Dewyze’s performance last night was the best performance for the night, if not for the entire American Idol Season 9 Show.

Randy Jackson said: “Lee, let me just tell you, I’ve been waiting all season to see who’s going to throw down the gauntlet to win. That was unbelievable, dude, unbelievable.”

Ellen DeGeneres said: “I’m sure glad you listened to him that he chose the right song. That was stunning…just stunning.”
Kara DioGuardi said: “You are what about the show somebody who starts — you just owned the entire night.

Simon Cowell said: “I’m very, very proud of you. Before this show you were working at a store, you were looking for a break. Most importantly tonight with that performance you proved you are fantastic singer and a great person and I hope you make it.”

Lee Dewyze thanked Simon for the song choice. After performing, he said, “It’s one of the songs that pulls everything out of you. It was amazing…and to have you guys react like that.


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