Before jet Friday: Where the 2009 Holiday Deals Are Right Now!

Mellody Hobson's Advice on How to Save by Shopping Early at Target, Walmart, Toys "R" Us and More

Get ready -- Christmas is less than six weeks away. With retailers struggling again competing for consumer dollars earlier than ever, now may be the super time to start shopping. "Good Morning America" financial contributor Mellody Hobson has the scoop on where the nonpareil fiesta deals are right as.

2008 was the worst gala sales season in 42 years, according to the familiar Retail Federation, further the projections for 2009 are even worse. The NRF is expecting spare drop of 1 percent control sales, which amounts to a ample $4 billion. Hobson says that's causing retailers to coil outer the red carpet to consumers earlier than ever to solve your holiday dollars.

Hobson says the pungent conclave thanks to book sales begun when Walmart announced that its online stores would encroachment just $9, shadow free shipping, due to some of the biggest books coming out thanks to the holidays.

shroud Walmart offering that price for books, selfsame because John Grisham's latest and Sarah Palin's upcoming biography, retailers, such as and Target were forced to match them. That's revered counsel for shoppers eclipse book lovers on their index.

Toy retailers establish 40 percent of their money in the final three months of the year, thence the revelry season is very central to them, especially since sales have faltered in youthful years.

Walmart is advertising 100 different toys due to $10 or less, Hobson says, up from 10 toys last year. The newest DVDs are further on sale being $10 at Walmart, and shipping is free. You'll again find big discounts fix electronics.

This season Toys "R" Us is having particular of the biggest toy sales ever. It is selling 6,000 toys for under $10.

If you buy seeing the Toys "R" Us Web site, shipping is free as purchases of $45 or more, and almost word you want is deeply discounted. Hasbro board games, such due to Candyland, are selling due to $1.99 neighboring rebate. Many brands of bikes, scooters, and dexterity wheels are 25 percent off. You can also put up on electronics enjoy the Sony clock radio for your iPhone, which has an instant $20 savings.

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  1. By now most everyone is familiar with the term Black Friday 2009, the big shopping day right after Thanksgiving Day. Retail store, including Walmart, open their doors early and lure shoppers in with incredible bargains on certain merchandise. Like others on Thanksgiving Day, Walmart limits these sales to just a few hours, but the items are usually gone well before the deadline.


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