Celebrities are measured being federal property and media coverage of these celebrities is the apt of national also fans. Rumors are the object of the life of celebrities and at the time we are talking about the Sammy Sosa also his skin quality. Sammy Sosa, the retired well-timed fielder of Major bundle Baseball has captured the media priority for his, a little motion change, skin complexion.

Rumors are scattering around for Sammy Sosa that he has changed his scrape turn from dark to brilliant and he is being criticized in that treating his skin mind “Michael Jackson”.

Criticism instantaneously followed and now the photo of the slugger that has been circulating displays a more more appropriate and contrasted change besides it is through simulated that his skin was not that white before also he has undergone skin transformation process to make his complexion lighter.

The headlines about his canker rejuvenation started when one of Sammy’s friends tried to defend him by saying that in one of his picture he is looking dig on trudge 3 of “Michael Jackson’s record to Beauty”. This statement made the people suspicion about his canker transformation. Some kinsfolk began to concede on whether he has bleached his skin or not. Even some were saying perhaps he is suffering from a skin uphill like dermatological disorder that undertaking legend Michael Jackson also had.

Sammy Sosa didn’t misfortune any comment due to these rumors but some of his friends denied the misfortune that he is ball-buster to be MJ.


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