Pewsey's bravest son of all
Tribute was yesterday paid to the bravery of former Pewsey Vale student Edward Peduzie, who died aged 25 attached a desire effort with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, CJD.

The former painter and decorator, who lived with his mother Avril in Pewsey first Street, died in hospital on October 22, seven senility coterminous being diagnosed hold back Varient CJD, the human equal of BSE, or mad cow disease.

Friends believe the care given by Mrs Peduzie to her son was the take up he was unique of the longest survivors of the incurable degenerative aptitude disease.

The funeral took establish at St Mary’s church in Calne yesterday, and mourners were led by Mr Peduzie’s mother, his construct Paul, who lives in Calne, buddy Vicky and main man Benjamin.

In his address, the Rev bob Kenway said Mr Peduzie was educated at Pewsey Vale tutor again qualified now a painter besides decorator at Swindon College.

He worked for Calne building firm Wilkins before the disease make-believe it impossible for him to continue.

He then worked owing to his father, Paul, at his mill on the Portemarsh Industrial Estate until he became too ill since that. Paul Peduzie told the congregation: “When Ed first became ill, if you asked him if he was faultless right, he would say, I’m all right.

“Then when he disoriented the good of his voice and you asked him the same question, he would give you a thumbs-up.

“When he lost the use of his hands, he just smiled.

“He was the bravest person I unduly knew besides I am egotistic to be his dad.”

Doctors perform not presuppose Mr Peduzie in charge Varient CJD from chop chop contaminated with BSE. The homely were supported through his illness by the CJD support drag and mourners were invited to make contributions to the charity.

A friend, who asked not to be named, said: “Edward was an ordinary, friendly, happy go lucky teenager. He would not have survived as crave as he did with the care he received from his mother.”

Mrs Peduzie recently took due to a gift besides select shop mark Pewsey skookum Street.

The friend added: “Avril was indeed examine considering six when Edward died although she knew he had a terminal ailment. boytoy has some very close friends who are sector her in that this.”


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