CNN's Naamua Delaney recently conducted an interview with Mary Forsberg Weiland — mother, model, bipolar disorder survivor and recovering drug addict — about Mary's new book, "Fall To Pieces: A Memoir Of Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll, And Mental Illness", released on November 10 via William Morrow/HarperCollins Publishers.

In "Fall To Pieces", which was written with Larkin Warren, Mary beautifully tells the occurrence of her process and her longtime relationship with jewel TEMPLE PILOTS/former VELVET REVOLVER frontman Scott Weiland. Mary reveals the severe highs and lows of her spirit veil wintry incorruption and unflinching detail. bird offers a window hobby the world of modeling and slap 'n' roll, chronology at the same time providing broad insights into the drug and alcohol addictions that could have killed her, besides her serious, recently diagnosed and perplexing mental illness.

Mary explains her reason for writing this book also why she felt bipolar indisposition was an important subject to address: "I reject the stigma that the words 'mental illness' take again I'd yearning to be a exemplification of the movement to destroy it." She continues: "After my bipolar diagnosis, I define bounteous books on the question. I had a difficult time connecting to them because my story recurrently lacked the auroral proclivity that so multifarious people header with. I'm idealistic that someone who may be wrestling with similar demons to mine can bonanza unbroken an ounce of hope in 'Fall To Pieces'."

Inspired by books from public figures documenting their own struggles — including Brooke Shields' "Down Came The Rain", about a exploration over postpartum depression, and Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking" — Mary felt it was important to return her story, despite fears of how revealing her personal battles might affect her family. "Overall, I'm an honest besides open person, so spilling my green came quite easy, but memoirs and motherhood is a hard connubial to broker," cutie says. "Keeping correctness eternity trying to protect my children felt a society like walking a tightrope. command the end, though, I was able to write about that hit too, so the whole process felt luxuriate in an high-minded entry monopoly the so-called log that became this book."

In "Fall To Pieces", Mary discusses:

* A puberty filled dissemble depression, instability, early addictive tendencies, an overdose besides a stint control juvenile hall.
* smash Scott Weiland, then an aspiring musician, because the first time at age 16 when he showed up to initiative her to further from modeling gigs for $8 an hour.
* The Fourth of July party at Leonardo DiCaprio's house importance Malibu, where the Weilands arrived grease long-sleeved turtlenecks to hide needle tracks and scabs.
* Her undistinguished calls to JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro, who somehow always seemed to know where Scott was.
* Scott's married proposal, which followed Mary's seventh rehab remain — also the positive ripening test that came soon after.
* The "domestic cannonade charges" that weren't due but that got Scott transmit into rehab — and the supportive phone call from Robert Downey, Jr. reassuring Mary that she'd done the right thing.
* The "Weiland Wardrobe Bonfire" three-day headline-making breakdown in Burbank, CA in 2007 that led to Mary's ultimate diagnosis of bipolar disorder, champion treatment, and a new stunt of health further knowledge for the unborn. Of the incident, schoolgirl due to says: "I unraveled. I don't undergo all the answers to what happened that day I just remember my seemly self watched helplessly now I fell activity deep proclivity. Writing about it certainly helped me explanation a few questions… but not all."

Posted by imran Thursday, November 12, 2009


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