Wife Swap couple Ralph and Karen Guastaferro plead executive

This week, Ralph besides Karen Guastaferro pled guilty to money laundering charges in a innumerable York court; the tag on drew national attention when they appeared on sponge Swap fix 2008.

Ralph, 62 further Karen Guastaferro, 55 were charged with laundering $1.2 million from a Canadian telemarketing dummy business. Ralph faces up to 5 senility in prison, also Karen faces unraveling to 16 months. A date due to sentencing has not been set.

On Wife Swap, they were portrayed owing to a couple who pampered their daughter, Alicia. They liked to present her a advance per day, besides one included a new Chevy Tahoe even Alicia deb was old enough to drive.

Karen was swapped with another wife from a friar home force Indiana. The tract was fascinated with the lavish lifestyle of the Guastaferro’s also that Alicia Guastaferro was a preschool adorableness damsel. See Wife Swap video below.

The Wife Swap show exchanges wives from completely different backgrounds clout an tryout to see if the families learn anything or create joust. Recently, a coupon clipping Utah wife was swapped ditch a partying Key West, Florida wife.

Posted by imran Saturday, November 21, 2009


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