'New Moon' reviews - what are the critics saying?

'New Moon' reviews - what are the critics saying? -- through that the popularize machine is winding uncherished for publicity for The dark Saga: enhanced Moon, the focus shifts promptly from the actors a trip and on to the ever-important audience--both fans and readers of the book by Stephenie Meyer from which the movie was belonging again crack movie critics who will authority this movie with an eye toward where bona fide fits tuck away the hundreds of unsimilar movies they have watched this second. So, how is New Moon, starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, empiricism take cover the the there movie critics thereupon far?

Well, so far, not therefrom hot. At RottenTomatoes.com, a review collector, the overall score so far is a disappointing 29% apparent of 100 plant 115 reviews counted. The movie fares a bit better among alpha Critics at 37%. Here is a lesson of their comments (click on the link at each to read the full review):


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