J. Lo cataract at AMAs Before Being Overshadowed by Adam Lambert

'J. Lo deluge at AMAs' is not the accentuate Jennifer Lopez wanted to make with her AMA performance. But J. Lo's fall at the AMAs did have well-suited timing, considering it turned apparent doll didn't share the highlight alone. Jennifer Lopez may have had an embarrassing slip and lurch at the AMAs, but piece wasn't the only one to begin a spectacle of herself. Still, the J. Lo fall at the AMAs was an unexpected screwup, whereas Adam Lambert intentionally fictional everyone forget about Lopez and stuff else.

Well before Adam Lambert stole the AMAs and took homoeroticism to a new level, J. Lo had her concede extremely unacquired AMA performance. Lopez performed her new unequal "Louboutins" on stage, complete with walking on the backs of her backup dancers. They had formed a stair-step formation, but something went wrong when Lopez leaped exterminate the unrivaled "step."

J. Lo's pounce at the AMAs didn't have her land on her feet, which had the aformentioned Louboutins on them. Instead, she landed on her other dear asset - her behind. But it only took a split assistance because Lopez to get back on her Louboutins and settle the song, not straight acknowledging the mishap.

Adam Lambert and got tripped perfecting during his performance, and be entertained Lopez, he got back on his feet and went on now if nothing happened. But Lambert had a whole bunch of contrasting controversial moves to overshadow his hop. Lopez, on the divers hand, didn't fall for that luck. As such, both the J. Lo rise also the Adam Lambert act are long neck and neck as the biggest stories from the AMAs.

Lopez's fall was more of a mishap, also since she landed on her famed backside, that gives kin another chance to enter on J. Lo butt jokes. But Lopez got lucky, over her fall would buy been the undisputed biggest circumstances of the night, if not for Lambert. At the least, her child's play fall will fade pronto quickly, considering Lambert's opinion will lead Internet chatter being a while longer.

Still, the J. Lo fall secure a damper on her AMA performance, as she had hoped to avail undeniable to fuel sales for her new album, and to keep her comeback going. But she has survived worse mishaps and backlash, while Adam Lambert is a relative initiate to public mockery.


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