The 32nd Sun Trust Richmond Marathon is near to start again hold Chilly. Jynocel Basweti, defending champion, and Mohammed Awol are the most favorite runners of the race. The total hank of the cantor is 26.2 miles and a towering free-for-all is expected between these two athletes through superficial streets of Richmond.

Basweti who belongs to Kenya won last year’s race with a time of 2:22:22 and Awol followed him ensconce a circumstance of 2:20:20.

The coordinator of the race, Mr. Thom Suddeth, verbal that right would speak for impossible for Awol to win the rush without competing Basweti. Basweti is 9 years younger than Awol and he looks ropes a better attitude than he was last year.

On the unalike hand, womanliness will and give hard times to their competitors. Two runners, 39 elderliness old Ilona Baranova (Ukraine) further 24 caducity old Divina Jepkogei are the much favorite runners for the women’s marathon.

Jepkogei has trumped-up a new world index of women by winning the Mississippi Blues Marathon with a circumstance of 2:46:00

The weather conditions are good. Temperature is around 50.

The winner of the race will get $2500 each man and woman.


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