Joey Foundation of Levittown ‘Rocks the Rainforest’ for Kiwanis

More than forty friends, family and the community members turned out in support of the fundraising efforts of Levittown’s Joey Foundation last week at Industry Nightclub.

The Foundation held a very special event called “Rock the Rainforest,” hoping to raise the final costs of a ProBotic America “Joey on a Schwinn” robotic bicycle to be donated to the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center (KPTC) at North Shore Hospital.

“The Joey Foundation has become a great friend to the KPTC Foundation. Its support of our Service Leadership Committee has enhanced the Key Clubbers and Circle K’ers Safe Kids workshops,” said Director and Service Leadership Liaison of KPTC Foundation Board Rich Santer. “The tele-tutor that was purchased by the Joey Foundation has already been incorporated into the curriculum and the Committee is looking forward to being trained to use the traffic signs and the robotic bicycle in their Safe Kids workshops.”

Tim Alderidge of Levittown donated his services as the guest disc jockey, playing ’70s and ’80s rock hits for everyone to dance to, even hosting a karaoke session. The Foundation also raffled a special trip to Costa Rica to a lucky winner from Massapequa Park.

To pair with the rainforest theme of the fundraising party, Ann Torcivia of the Joey Foundation, and friends, prepared Latin appetizers, rice, beans, fried plantains and roasted pork to share with special guests of the party.

Through several fundraising efforts, the purchase of the bicycle is still $800 short of the final price. Torcivia hopes that through several smaller fundraising efforts, the final costs can be raised and the bicycle can be delivered to the KPTC program as planned.

The Joey Foundation was started to honor the memory of a brave Levittown child who suffered from A-Plastic Anemia. Joey Torcivia spent much time in the hospital for treatment, nearly 6 months each year. He was a patient liaison to other kids in the hospital, even being dubbed by hospital employees at “the mayor of the playroom.” Even at a young age, Joey had a giving spirit, giving most of his own birthday gift to the hospital for other kids to play with.

When asked, Ann told the Tribune, “Joey helped so many kids in the hospital and now he’ll be helping kids forever.” She heard about the request for a robotic bicycle through her Kiwanis affiliation and knew the Joey Foundation could answer the call.

The Joey Foundation gives back to the community each year by honoring a person who's made a difference in the life of a child. Since Joey also loved to travel, in conjunction with Friends Travel in Levittown, the Foundation honors that special person with a trip for 2 to a selected location. Nominations for the 2011 award are now being accepted.


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