Which Chipmunk wears glasses? It is the search of the hour after airing of the Fox TV’s Quiz Show

The Chipmunks visited our living rooms on the TV show Million Dollar Money Drop? With that we could see huge flow of searches on the internet looking for the answer to the question asked on the popular quiz show and the question was “Which Chipmunk Wore Glasses?” The options given included the chipmunks Alvin, Simon or Theodore.

The people interested in knowing the answer just wanted to confirm their doubts as most of them knew it which Chipmunk wears glasses and the answer is quite easy! It’s of course Simon Chipmunk.

Of late the Chipmunks have been in limelight because of other reasons also as the owner of Alvin and Chipmunks franchise has sued EMI Music in controversy involving the failure of later in paying appropriate royalties to the franchise on a boxed set of Chipmunks music featuring 24 songs.

Chipmunks were developed in 1958 by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. and after him his son Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. is heading the company.


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