Does A National Championship Overshadow This Year's Scandal?
Auburn University has had a very up and the down year, but it ended in the best way possible, with Cam Newton winning the Heisman Trophy and then going on and leading the Tigers to a national championship victory over the Oregon Ducks.

It was a year that involved the drama of a pay-for-play scandal that seemingly never went away for the Tigers and after the game, nothing seemed further from the minds of everyone in attendance.

"Winning a championship for the Auburn family, I can't really describe it right now," Auburn coach Gene Chizik said to the media. "To try would probably cheapen it."

However, we have seen how these scandals play out in the past and I'm sure it won't be the last time we hear of it and eventually maybe it will lead to sanctions against the program or maybe the season will be vacated. Then again, maybe the school will be found to have done nothing wrong as it has said all along, with the only transgressions coming from Cecil Newton.

There's a lot of questions that haven't been answered and after seeing the way the media handled it the first time around, I'm sure we'll hear about it sooner rather than later.


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