Lady GaGa Reveals Her Musical Inspiration

To this day Lady GaGa said that her ex-lover was the main one who has helped her with the inspiration on most of her music and she gives full credit to him with inspiring her in almost all of her songs. Lady Gaga is known for many hits but the one that almost everyone remembers is “Poker Face” and her most recent hit includes “Telephone”.

Lady GaGa is convinced that the reason why she's able to write like she does is that it's because of her ex boyfriend Luke who was a heavy metal drummer. She said that after the break up she made a vow that she would never love anyone else again. She goes on further to say that she knows she wouldn't be successful without him. She really loved him and hasn't loved anyone like that since nor before him.

Lady GaGa goes on with saying that if she knew everything there was to know about love she feels that she wouldn’t be good at making music and that things happen for a reason. This break up was hard on her but has helped her in a lot of ways such as with music.


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