Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick Hit The Harry Potter Premiere With James Wilkie

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick scored some major cool parent points last night with the their son James Wilkie.  The celebrity parents let their 8-year-old make his “red carpet debut” last night at the NYC premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1“, but to James’ slight disappointment, the carpet was actually black.  

During the interviews they shared that they had read up to book 4 together, with James adding that he read book 5 by himself, but had stopped there.

I watched the entire livestream of the premiere and it was pretty good.  The London livestream last week had a few more of the cast members in attendance and there seemed to be quite a few more interviews on that one, but the NYC one was still worth watching.  I loved listening to James speak.  You know how with some kids you can just TELL that they are respectful, kind, and just “good kids”?  That’s exactly the vibe I got from watching him.  What a neat young man.


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