Revolt Against the TSA Body Scanners Leaves Racist Options

As a frequent flier the Transportation Safety Administration airport passenger search process gives comfort to this one. The latest part of a process from arrival to plane boarding has kept the American traveler largely safe from another 9-11 incident. The only thing bothersome was the view, for a time, that TSA workers singled out blacks for inspection more than whites or anyone else.

There was the time my then-74-year-old mom was singled out randomly by a large, unattractive loudmouth sista who I threatened to have fired from her job at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport for speaking inappropriately to her.

Come to think of it, I've not seen her since then.

More recently, the use of better machines, universally applied, like the TSA Body Scanner, have made concerns that passengers would be singled out by race far less. Only now, some passengers do not want to be the subject of a full-body scan.

According to The Washington Post, "A groundswell of anger has rippled through the nation's airports," by people who don't want their bodily attributes or lack thereof exposed, literally, by body scanners.  Such people probably aren't black, because if they were, they'd express joy over the knowledge that some white guy or gal's getting the same TSA scrutiny, rather than ask for it to stop.

That's why I say "Keep it going."  The TSA Body Scanner eliminates a racist option.  Everyone should be scanner before they go about the act of flying on a plane.

Posted by imran Saturday, November 13, 2010


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