'Conan' night three: Jon Hamm, Charlyne Yi, and few more TBS jokes

Conan O’Brien’s 3rd night on TBS was … fine? While his new show is nearly a carbon copy of his old gig, there were still a couple growing pains on display last night. The most notable, and self-referential: more of the “I’m on TBS” gags that he has been working this week. “I am of course Conan O’Brien,” he told the audience by way of introduction. “Or, as I’m now contractually obligated to call myself since joining TBS, Tyler Perry’s Conan O’Brien.” Har har. 

He also shared some clever working titles for his show, including Plan B with Conan O’Brien, One Hour to Lopez, S— a Tall Irish Attention Whore Says, and Taller and Gayer Ellen. (Check out this bit in the clip below.) Then he jumped into standard talk show fare — Bush jokes, Obama jokes, lions, tigers and ligers, oh my! — before bringing out guests, which we’ll tackle one by one:

TBS founder Ted Turner (okay, it was Will Forte) riding high on a buffalo (okay, it was stuffed), cursing out the crowd for being a bunch of “marijuana smokin’ Fig Newton eatin’ beatniks.” Cute, but we couldn’t help thinking how cool it would’ve been to have the real Ted on the couch.

Mad Men star Jon Hamm. Has anyone else noticed that this man is oddly attractive? Ah yes, you've. It seemed like Conan was awfully profuse in his thanks to Hamm for coming on the show, but handsome Hamm is probably used to such treatment — he lives in a beautiful-person bubble, after all.

Comedian-performer-don’t-call-me-an-actress Charlyne Yi, who told a not-particularly ingratiating story about refusing to learn her lines on a television , before singing a song called “Coyote,” which consisted largely of howling noises. Huh.

But the most memorable moment might’ve been when Yi noted that someone’s phone was ringing in the audience. Conan shot the crowd a genuinely peeved, daddy-mad look and scolded everyone to turn their phones off. “People just bring phones into our show,” he said. “They’re like aw, it’s TBS, whatever.” Funny thing there, Conan: I’m not sure most people really have such a low opinion of TBS. But you certainly seem to.


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