Miley Cyrus also known as Hannah Montana is to the star in a brand new movie called “Wake” and during this film it looks like she will be cutting her clean cut image for good which does not surprise people but it does disappoint a few of her fans.

Miley Cyrus is only 17 years old but recently said that she wants to really focus with doing a lot of movies in the next few years. There's a new movie that's coming out known called The Paranormal Thriller and she's preparing for a very grown up role in this movie. The movie is about a teenage girl that gets sucked in people’s dreams and after that it ends up being a living nightmare.

Wake is part of a series of 3 books so it looks like Miley is going to be busy for awhile with the new role and part that she is doing because it looks like Cyrus is the favorite for the lead role and she's hoping for this chance because people might start looking at her as a adult instead of being a child. She might gain some new fans with the new role she could be taking on.


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