Mariah Carey has pet pooches and her lawyer dismissed the claim that was made saying that she had around 20,000 pounds to pay in medical fees with the vets for the ones that took care of her pooches.

Mariah Carey was sued by Veterinarian Cindy Bressler and the accused her of paying only 5,487 pounds when she actually owed 25,193 pounds and had the bill to prove of all of the services that she did for her dogs. Orin Snyder is Carey’s attorney and he feels that Mariah should fight the law suit. He feels that the lawsuit is just a stunt and feels that because of Mariah’s confident attitude that it's going to be dismissed.

People feel that it would also do Mariah good to fight it out more so if she really does not need to pay them and if it’s a stunt then those people need to be revealed and put to a stop of their work. Mariah Carey is willing to go along with it and her attorney is going to be helping her during the case. No one knows at this point what the outcome might be.


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