Debt Reduction, Nintendo 3DS: Hot Trends

"Debt reduction" is a hot search on Yahoo(YHOO_) today after 100s of consumers were victims of a fraudulent debt-relief program. Innovative Systems Technology, which was doing business under the name Briggs & Baker, claimed it could "drastically" reduce ones debt by directly dealing with creditors.

The Federal Trade Commission will mail refund checks for $104.09 to the 360 consumers who were involved with the deceptive operation. The Federal Trade Commission says Briggs & Baker's ads were "false and misleading," and that after dealing with the program some consumers' total debt actually increased.

Since the incident, new federal rules have been put in place to protect consumers. The amendments require for-profit debt-relief companies to disclose how long it will take to get results before consumers agree to sign up and can no longer charge upfront fees.

"Nintendo 3DS" is trending on the Internet today after it was announced that Nintendo's 3D portable game console will be available in Japan in Feb. The 3DS will roll out in the United States. and Europe starting in March.

The highly anticipated handheld videogame system is expected to cost around 25,000 yen, which is close to $300, but official pricing for the United States. will be announced later.

The new DS will be available in black and aqua blue and will come with a 2GB SD storage card, a charging cradle and 6AR cards. The device has 2 screens, one 3D screen and one touch-screen, and 2 cameras that take 3D pictures.


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