Luxurious Belize Real Estate as a Good Investment

Luxurious Belize Real Estate as a Good Investment Belize Real Estate, At present about 57 degrees and we haven't seen the sun in weeks. It was cloudy, misty and it feels nothing like the summer. While I run the heater, making an extra sweater and wish for just a little bit of sun, I dream of all the places where I could … as Belize.

Belize is getting much press these days as a destination. Not only to rest and relax, but to buy real estate. Our News and World Report recently published a story about a couple who retired to Belize and live comfortably for under 1500 and a month. Not bad, not bad. But for me, retirement is still far away. Just a little vacation from this gloomy weather, everything I need Right About Now. But the Central American Belize province a family friendly destination?

Belize real estate for sale just north of Placenica. Spectacular beach, river, marina properties for sale in Placencia. Just south of Ambergris Caye, Belize property for sale, lots, homesites, beach, river and lagoon homesites, lots and properties purchasable just north of Placencia and south of San Pedro real estate, Belize beach front lots for sale, Belize real estate company, Realtor in Placencia offering Belize real estate and development called Sanctuary Belize, a private and secluded eco development offering beautiful properties near beaches, tours, diving, snorkeling, coral reefs and also Belize islands and commercial real estate in jungle near blue hole and jungle near Caye Caulker.

Before you buy, visit our Belize islands, private beach for residential and commercial property owners, jungle, rainforest and jaguar preserve. Also our beachfront condominiums, villas and houses just south of beautiful Ambergris Caye. Development parcels, land and residential lots for sale in Belize. Contact Philip Walker – Sustainable Coordinator / Eco Broker 512-964-0655 for Belize real estate at

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It seems indeed it's. Here are six reasons

The official language of Belize is English! So you and your children will feel comfortable communicating with the locals.

There are great Mayan ruins, archaeological finds and some wonderful natural history discovery made. A perfect combination of education and vacation.


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