Bedazzled 1967 Classic Movie Details,Story And Reviews Exclusive

Bedazzled Stanley Moon (Moore) is a dissatisfied introverted young man who works in a Wimpy's restaurant and admires, from afar, the waitress Margaret (Bron). Despairing of his unrequited infatuation, he's in the process of an incompetent suicide attempt, when he's interrupted by the Devil himself, incarnated as George Spiggott (Cook).

Spiggott is in a contest with God, trying to be the 1st to gather 100 billions souls. If he achieves this 1st, he will be readmitted to Heaven.

Bedazzled is the classic 1967 movie written and directed by peter cook and dudely moore it is a kind of a romantic movie and this movie also remade in 2000.

Bedazzled but now make the look of the film very dated. Fortunately, the themes are timeless (sin, temptation, etc.), making Bedazzled fair game for remakes (it's itself a sort of remake, of the Faust legend) like the 2000 Brendan Fraser/Liz Hurley version. Fraser and Hurley are both good sports, but the Cook/Moore version is much better, and worth revisiting.


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