2010 San Francisco Marathon

The thirty-second annual San Francisco Marathon is kicking off on July 25, 2010. It is expected to draw in over 24,000 runners on the other races taking place as well.

The 26.2 mile marathon is expected to disrupt traffic, but word from officials say that the routes will be open by 12:20 pm.

The fully marathon will start at 5:30 am, followed by the 1st half marathon at 6:32 am. The 5k/Progressive Marathon is starting at 7:45 am, and the second half marathon kicks off at 8:15 am.

The San Francisco Marathon is full of story since it’s start in 1977. On July 10, 1977, Athol Barton won the 1st San Francisco Marathon, and won a t-shirt for his feat. Now all participants are given a race t-shirt. The San Francisco Marathon is known for being one of the best marathons in the country. It is a Boston Marathon qualifier, and will take runners through many famous and historic areas.


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