WalMart iPhone 3GS on Sell for $97

WalMart has dropped the price of iPhone 3GS and from today onwards WalMart iPhone 3GS will cost $97 only. Since Apple is all set to release iPhone 4G on 7th June at WWDC event, the price of the previous model is dropped more than half. This price drop was also took place during iPhone 3GS release as Apple dropped the price of iPhone 3G, but this time iPhone 3G is getting discontinued while iPhone 3GS will come at a discounted price tag.

It’s unbelievable but true. The new iPhone 3Gs price is even cheaper than $100. WalMart has confirmed that the sale has no end date. Looks like many people who could not afford the earlier price would come ahead to buy and pocket a new iPhone 3GS this time.


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