“You are your own Teacher” – The Navy Advancement Exam

The first step in preparing for the exam is to download your bibs or bibliography. Bibliography are references for the exam. There are many online references for which you can download. Some sources though, mostly classified and military manuals are not available for download.

After downloading the materials for the preparation, you will need to gather all Navy advancement material then enroll at the NETPDTC (stands for Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center) your NEVEDTRA (stands for Naval Education and Training Command) courses. When finished in enrolling in the course, a printed copy will be went to you.

The site called NavyAdvancement.com has an available bib, which is short for bibliography reference page, rate specific page and Professional Military page.

The enlisted exam contains 200 questions which basically includes (PMK) Professional Military Knowledge and Navy Occupational Standards (Occ).

Your occupational questions will be first, followed by the PMK questions.

The enlisted Navy Advancement Center provides a note that states that the exams differentiate among the fully qualified candidates for passing on the basis of who has the most knowledge on the context.

The way to differentiate yourself, you must seek the knowledge being said.


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