Old Navy Flip Flop Sale 2010 – Old Navy Store Locator

Old Navy Store Locator, Are you also looking for the information behind the Old Navy Store that will be having the Flip Flop Sale 2010. Get to As the grand Flip Flop sale at the Oldd Navy store takes it in, most consumers are now looking forward to buy that inexpensive Flip Flop Sandals, Get to avail of the latest Design with the best affordable prices. For those who are getting ready, the 2010 flip flop sale by Old Navy will begin tomorrow at 7:30 a.m., this will be a whole day of Flip Flop Sale, so the closing time may depend on the local Old Navy outlets near you.

For the Old Navy Store Locator, here is the list of Old Navy Stores near you.

New York City (NYC)
1.Old Navy – BROADWAY/SPRING-SOHO, 503 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY 10012-4401 Phone: (212) 226-0838
2.Old Navy – 18TH & 6TH – N, Y610 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, NEW YORK, NY 10011-2018,Phone: (212) 645-0663
Los Angeles
1.Old Navy
CITADEL (THE) – CA, 100-150 CITADEL DR. COMMERCE, CA 90040, Phone: (323) 726-0432
2.Old Navy – GLENDALE MARKETPLACE, 106 S BRAND BLVD, GLENDALE, CA 91204 Phone: (818) 244-0635
1.Old Navy Flagship, STATE ST/WASHINGTON, 35 N STATE ST, CHICAGO, IL 60602 Phone: (312) 551-0522
2.Old Navy, NORTH & KINGSBURY, 1596 N KINGSBURY ST, CHICAGO, IL 60622-2532 Phone: (312) 397-0485

This Old Navy Flip Flop Sale is an annual celebration for Old Navy for the success of their lines in Flip Flop. Check out some of the coupons available here and some of the info for the Old Navy Flip Flop Sale 2010.
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