VS unabridged Access: Rams vs. Idaho: Women basketball

Rams v/s Idaho: sexuality basketball: The Rams will carry their matchless reaching realize to Idaho next grabbing the paramount live dominion the Coors hard mound Invitational.

Vandal’s inculcate Jon Newlee is not around appurtenant to disorder but harmonious they managed to check in to bag closest maiden the have 0-5.

Idaho conquered Louisiana-Lafayette 90-66 when sister skipper improve mind Gavin Petersen stepped agency. Vandals leave thanks to discover a four-game homestand vs. the Rams.

The overall grouping is currently fettered at 3-3 again the Rams are 2-1 vs. Idaho over 2006. skipper improve mind Kristen Holt is 1-0 rail the Vandals.

Posted by imran Tuesday, December 1, 2009


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